169584 – ALSU, JANE and TEQUILA – Spit on me Mistresses (HD)

Alsu, Jane and Tequila pass by and notice a slave girl tied to a tree. In the hands of the slave girl is a sign with the inscription "Spit on me, Mistresses." Hmm .. The girls decided that they would fulfill the request of this brainless idiot and approached her. They spat all over her face .. drool flowed like a river from the nasty face of the slave girl. Alsu and Jane lit cigarettes, shaking off the ashes on the face and mouth of the slave girl. Pathetic sight.
ALSU, JANE and TEQUILA - Spit on me Mistresses (HD)
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169142 – Humiliation 215

Totally perverted erotic domination! Princess Kirstin makes her slave horny by pressing her red-stocked feet all the time on his balls and his cock. In increasing horniness, however, he has to hold still to let the sexy, horny teen Mistress humiliate him with terrible perversions. He has to eat her ear wax and her nostrils. Again and again she cleans her ears with the ear swabs and lets him lick everything off. She digs hard in her nose and lets him lick the ****** off her fingers. Then she spits a lot in his mouth and face while she jerks his cock horny and then stops again and continues to spit on him and feed him with snot and ear wax.
Humiliation 215
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168325 – POV Double Spitting and Armpits Femdom With Mistresses Sofi and Kira

Young Princesses Kira and Sofi humiliate you with saliva and sweaty armpits. The impudent girls took a glass goblet to fill it with their saliva and then order you to drink all of its contents. The Mistresses alternately spit into the glass, gradually filling it, but so that you don’t get bored, Kira and Sofi also spit in your face. But before you have to drink a full glass of their saliva, you have to lick their armpits in the same way. Kira shows her armpit in close-up and orders you to lick, then Sofi does the same. When the glass is almost full, Kira orders you to kneel down and open your mouth and Sofi pours the contents of the glass into your mouth.
POV Double Spitting and Armpits Femdom With Mistresses Sofi and Kira
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167978 – ALSU and NICOLE – Don’t worry if your face gets wet we will dry it (HD)

How I like to have fun with this stupid idiot christina. My friend Alsu is with me today, it’s more fun together. Sometimes we miss a lot and want to somehow cheer ourselves up. We decided to spit all over the face of this pathetic slave .. and when her face is completely covered with our saliva, we wipe it off and spit on it again. haha .. We spit in her eyes, mouth and push toilet paper into her mouth .. let her eat it! We wrap her head in toilet paper and when it breaks and gets wet with our saliva, we wrap her again. Isn’t it fun? lol..Nicole..
ALSU and NICOLE - Don't worry if your face gets wet we will dry it (HD)

167665 – Spitting 106

Spit right in your face and mouth! POV spit from source with abuse! VIDEO IN GERMAN! Lady Amber spits straight into the camera. While she insults you vulgarly. The sexy blonde heartily spits the camera gradually and completely. Littered the whole area with her spit. Until hardly a spot remains free. Experience how you get spat and spit full of verbal humiliations from this horny blonde lady.
Spitting 106
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167046 – VALERIA and SELENA – I’m glad to see you – PART2 (HD)

But this whore quickly bored me and I called my friend Valeria to have fun together. We jumped on this idiot zoe like on a trampoline. She crawled and worshiped our feet … a pathetic creature. I like kissing Valeria, she has soft lips and a warm mouth .. when we kissed, this whore kissed our feet and whined and we spat in her face because she no longer deserves anything. (2PART of 2)..Selena..
VALERIA and SELENA - I'm glad to see you - PART2 (HD)

166773 – VALERIA and SARAH – Let’s have some fun with these two pathetic bitches – PART1 (HD)

Valeria and Sarah often meet to have fun with their slaves .. Today they decided to have fun with anna and betty. When Valeria entered the room, anna began to thoroughly lick her shoes .. while betty was busy with Sarah’s feet. After anna cleaned Valeria’s shoes with her tongue, Valeria took off her shoes, took out the insoles from there and ordered anna to sniff them loudly and lick them .. they really smelled very strongly of sweat. The slave girls licked the feet of their Mistresses while they laughed at them and humiliated them in every possible way. After that, the girls came up with a fun game in their opinion. "Let these two whores spit at each other! It’ll be fun." It was offered by Valeria and Sarah gladly supported her idea. anna and betty started spitting at each other at the girls’ orders while they laughed at them. Sometimes Valeria and Sarah showed them how to spit, at the same time spitting in anna’s face and in betty’s face. "Haha, you pathetic spat whores! Keep worshiping our feet" – Valeria and Sarah continued to have fun. The slave girls, with their faces wet with drooling, continued to lick the girls’ feet and amuse them. (1 PART of 2)
VALERIA and SARAH - Let's have some fun with these two pathetic bitches - PART1 (HD)
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165867 – Eat her spit with all the dirt! – small version

Mistress Roxana wears sneakers with the dirtiest soles she could find. She just ran through the stable with them and YOU will now make them clean again! Yes, that’s right, you got that correctly. But before you are allowed to get to work, Mistress Roxana spits on the soles of her shoes. Her spit helps dissolve the dirt so much better and helps you do a good job! Now get your tongue out and clean it all up. Lick her sole all over and eat her spit with all the dirt in it!
Eat her spit with all the dirt! - small version
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