199317 – Dangling 40

Arrogant Princess Mirror Session with Dangling! The self-absorbed, conceited princess marvels at herself in the mirror as she dangling and dipping decadently with her pink stockinged feet in pink slippers. She has nothing but ignorance for you and if her royal eyes happen to meet you, then only with super arrogant looks and gestures. She looks haughty in the mirror and fans capriciously. Affectedly she stretches her stockinged legs up on the golden mirror as she looks down at you worm.
Dangling 40
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199000 – Fetish slave gets teased! 3

I know how to get you ready, my addicted fetish slave! Each of my sensual movements let your brain become poorer by one brain cell…you can’t help but masturbate morbidly to my divine sight! Again and again I tease you, I call you names and motivate you to keep going hard…PUMP HARDER! It’s a real addiction, isn’t it!? Every word I say is true and makes your cock twitch incessantly, urging you…JERK OFF! My face drives you crazy and drives you to give it to you even harder…PUMP! Don’t wait any longer, get started now, we both know that you can’t last long without…Jerking Off!
Fetish slave gets teased! 3
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