113538 – The Shoeplay Inferno (HDTVMOV) – Cassandra

Next clip this month is for our shoeplay fans! starring gorgeous adorable lady cassandra she is wearing a wonderful yellow summer robe and on her cute sexy feet some tiger print high heel mules with a metal heel. and when it comes to shoeplay this lady is a very experienced player!!! lots of danglings when she sits down on a chair, tons of dipping actions when she is standing… lots of closeups in all situations and she is smiling at YOU when exposing her sexy feet. also she plays with a strap sometimes smiling at YOU… for the ones who have the imagination to get punished by her… so its a multi theme clip! clip duration: 08.13 mins.
The Shoeplay Inferno (HDTVMOV) - Cassandra
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113536 – Dipping With Pumps And Nylons (FULL HD) – Iveta

Next clip is one for our fans of shoeplay starring gorgeous footbeauty IVETA! she is wearing a classic secretary outfit with black nylons and classic plateau pumps with a mini plateau. iveta really loves to tease footboys like you and she knows that any footlover is after her adorable feet. so she gets into action pretty fast by slipping our her nyloned foot out of her pumps slowly…she rubs her arches next… and she also relaxes while smoking a cigarette…but of course with more shoeplay by dipping the pumps and rubbing her foot over the shoe – of course great closeups included here and often in this clip! more dippings are ahead, more shoeplay, she even is walking around on tiptoes and for the smoking fans also great sequences are into this clip!!! clip duration: 8.29 mins
Dipping With Pumps And Nylons (FULL HD) - Iveta
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114939 – London’s Dangling Shoes – (Full HD 1080p Version)

London really likes to tease you with her smelly feet all the time, but especially since she had find out about the fact that you have a severe foot fetish. That was a very long day with her nylon feet inside her high heels shoes, so she is just showing them to the camera, and balancing her lovely legs as a total teaser. The view is just amazing. She is balancing her feet in front of the camera, and she just opened one of her shoe to give some fresh air to her sweaty nylon heel and toes. She knows that you are probably dying to see her takes her shoes off, so she just keeps teasing you, and dangling her shoes in front of the camera. At a certain point, she actually drops one of her shoe on the floor by accident, but that was probably not an accident. She knows that you are watching. London actually takes both of her shoes off to reveal her amazing legs and her sweaty nylon feet! She makes you take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes you lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! It seems like she just loves to make fun at you, and humiliate you! You will have to listen and obey all of her instructions, until she gets total satisfaction of her slave.
London's Dangling Shoes - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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113497 – Dangling And Dipping (FULL HD) – Lady Alexia

Next with latest beautiful mistress lady alexia! this one is perfect for all lover of feet and shoeplay! but first have a look at this superbeauty! doesnt she look absolutely stunning in that white dress with personal light brown modern suede pumps? yes…she does… but wait til she starts to tease you with great dipping scenes on the window… she is really very playful and she loves to teas foot fans for sure as we can see in her smiling…also perfect when she sits down on a chair next taking off her shoes slowly… this clip doesnt need much more description, just watch the preview images and gifs and you know that this one is the right for you if you are into gorgeous woman and high heels! clip duration: 8 mins.
Dangling And Dipping (FULL HD) - Lady Alexia
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113482 – Elegant Lady Shoeplaying (FULL HD) – Dominika

Today we have the next clip with voloptous lady dominika and its a wonderful for the lovers of shoeplay. dominika is dressed in an elegant secretary outfit with a jacket and a skirt. on her sexy feet are shiny classic black high heel pumps. she first stands on the window and lighten herself a cigarette on as she already starts nervously to play with her shoes with phantastic dipping scenes. her shoes make some loud noises when rubbing over the floor… she walks also over a lil bit to the wall for more shoeplay there. we have even some very cool closeups also when she takes of the shoes toetally… and we also included closeups of her beautiful face when smoking. so this clip is a classic clip with a cool combination of shoeplay and smoking with a very beautiful lady! clip duration: 06.59 mins.
Elegant Lady Shoeplaying (FULL HD) - Dominika
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113476 – A Walk In The Park (HDTVMOV) – Cassandra

This new outdoor feature is a cool one for foot fetish, shoe fetish or voyeuristic fans. we see gorgeous blonde lady cassandra here in a public park walking around first on stones with high heel mules… then she walks to wooden planks around a small lake performing some wonderful shoeplay with her mules, showing the soles of her feet, her toes and everything else. phantastic closeups included here! next more walking, now to the gras and more dipping and heel slapping there…as you noticed cassandra is wearing sunglases and is looking really cool… so we are pretty sure, if you would see her in a park you would also be after her, hidden behind a tree or so and watch her all the time… nor? 🙂 clip duration: 06.21 mins.
A Walk In The Park (HDTVMOV) - Cassandra
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108669 – Your personal teacher.

Your personal teacher comes from the outdoor ( she stay out of door), cold weather, she is not dressed for the weather! She goes to your room and takes outfrom the bag a lecture that you have to learn, she knows that you are a bad student, and you dream all time about girls and to sexy legs, your mind understands that you do not well…you do not need another teacher! She came without panties, oooh God what she does she start flash her pussy, you’re young you get hard cock but dont say to her , she touches herself you look at her foot you look at her shoes, the teacher leaves you to lecture and leaves you with a large penis that Now cum ! Will you change your personal teacher to another?))) She will come to check the assignment …AVI
Your personal teacher.
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104983 – Dangerously Dangling

I can see it those perfect shiny feet and those heels dangerously dangling make your dick hard. There is nothing more mesmerizing, sexy and seductive then you beneath me and my beautyful soles. It arouses you seeing those heels dangerously dangling only on my big toe. You feel truly devotet down there, your cock hard, mesmerized, lusting, aching you truly are in your dreamworld right now. All you want and need are MY feet. I know you cant resist with that drooling cock and those dangling heels. You need to have this, you must buy this now. You are a foot addict and truly a foot bitch for me.
Dangerously Dangling
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