ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy beautiful mistress friend has joined me here ar Dungeon Roma, and we have two slave that we are going to enjoy using for our pleasure. As we both relax with a cigarette, we have our bitches on their knees where they belong, and they are going to worship our beautiful shoes. Of course having them as our human ashtrays at the same time goes without saying. It’s such a pleasurable way to inflict suffering on our little Pets…
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The time has come for Miss Deviant to test the strength of your devotion to her. For your complete submission and obedience doesn’t just take place behind closed doors. It doesn’t just take place when you are in her presence. It is carried through to your everyday life. So while Miss Deviant teases you with a slow-motion montage of her hottest clips, she spells out your mantra. This mantra is not just for your ears. It’s far-reaching. Because you’ll be saying this mantra every single time you’re out in public.
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160380 – Didn’t you clean the apartment? It’s in vain! (HD)

Why do I always need to remind this idiot to clean the apartment? I came home with my friend Kira.. and this is such a mess! This whore can’t be trusted with anything! All she can do is crawl on her knees in front of us and apologize pitifully. No, sorry! This isn’t enough. We’ll make her ass red! Maybe next time she’ll think hard with her little, goofy brain and start cleaning the apartment while I’m away….Nicole..
Didn't you clean the apartment? It's in vain! (HD)

160276 – CUM DISGUSTING TRAINING – 5 hours!

You love it disgust because that suits you! Disgusting is your passion. In addition, you are already thinking about what the 5 hours will mean… hahaha, find out, wanker! I’ve come up with another great challenge for you! You can do it more often and it will be a little different each time – sometimes easier, sometimes harder! One thing is certain: you will be ridiculous and disgusting! And that’s exactly what makes me laugh! Show me the result with a proof picture!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI’m with two of my beautiful mistresses in Milan, and we are having a relaxing cigarette. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to have our slave beneath our feet. He’s being used as our human ashtray. We take turns at making sure his mouth is full, and he must swallow all of it. I’m sure he’ll enjoy every mouthful of our Sexy Ash…
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160133 – Slave mouth fucked so hard

My sissy bitch ‘Violetta’ receives her blowjob training today. I push him my big black cock into her slave mouth. I know no mercy and no limit! I want to fuck her hard and she Will really feel it. Brutally fucking her mouth makes me horny and I decide to finish with my foot! Yes, you heard correctly, I fuck her mouth with my foot until she almost pukes! The little sissy loser must suffer and that’s good!
Slave mouth fucked so hard
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160109 – ALISA – You were made to serve me – Female domination and humiliation (wmv)

Alisa likes to humiliate this stupid slave. All that she orders he will do. For example, lick dirty sneakers .. or use him as an ashtray .. All this Alisa decided to do today. She sits on a chair and communicates with her audience while simultaneously humiliating this idiot. She wipes the soles of her dirty sneakers on his tongue and spits in his mouth. "You are a pathetic nonentity! You were created to serve me" – Alisa says to her slave and lights a cigarette. She shakes the ash into his mouth and morally humiliates him. Alisa often gives him strong slaps and pushes her sneakers into his mouth. After which she decides to relax and orders him to worship her bare feet. But before that, he must cleanse his tongue of dirt and ash. This is how everyday life for slaves goes by..
ALISA - You were made to serve me - Female domination and humiliation (wmv)
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158345 – Porn Ruined Your Dick

You get so hard and stupid for hot girls and porn, you don’t even want to fuck a real woman ever again. Humping your handpussy and gooning to porn for hours is what your cock really wants. You are a born again virgin for hot porn girls who only want you to pump your cock to our huge tits, gorgeous round asses, and hot bodies! You’d rather stroke to porn than fuck, I’m going to make sure you spend so much time jerking to porn that your cock will be ruined and you’ll never get hard for pussy again.
Porn Ruined Your Dick
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159771 – Serve me when I came back after party, because you aren’t capable of anything else – FULL (wmv)

Custom.How I got this stupid idiot always crawling at my feet .. It’s good that I have a boyfriend with whom I will now go to the party! We’ll go to a restaurant, dance, talk and have a drink! And let this freak lie in the hallway and wait for my arrival .. at least stop .. he will just lie down and do nothing? will not work! let him lick my shoes while I’m gone! AFTER 7 HOURS – Ohh .. I think I drank a lot .. Okay, I have to go home .. where is that fucking key? I went into the apartment and saw that this moron fell asleep! Can you imagine? He fell asleep! Now he’ll get it from me .. I have a headache from ****** .. I’ll call my boyfriend and talk to him while this pet licks the soles of my shoes .. lol .. what a nonentity! While I’m talking to my boyfriend, this wretched creature is serving me .. he carries me drinks, massages my feet, etc. .. Perhaps I will take off my pantyhose and shove it into his mouth. After all, they smell very sweat, I can feel it from here .. haha. I’ve been dancing all this time. My feet are just as tired.. so be it .. let them worship them. It’s good that my boyfriend relieves my stress by talking on the phone, otherwise I would have thrown this pathetic piece of idiot on the street! (English subtitles)..Nicole..
Serve me when I came back after party, because you aren't capable of anything else - FULL (wmv)

159726 – NICOLE and SELENA – You forgot to clean the toilet! – Human ashtray and toilet humiliation – PART5 (HD)

Nicole went to the toilet and saw that it was dirty .. She immediately called the slave girl and ordered her to lick the rim from the toilet. The slave girl understands her guilt and begins to clean the toilet with her tongue. Nicole ran her feet over the entire surface of the toilet bowl and from the inside too .. where all the slag from using the toilet by people collects. "Do you even represent how many microbes there are? Stupid idiot! Haha" – Nicole laughed and shoved her foot into christina’s mouth. At that moment, the slave girl realized that the next time she would definitely wash the toilet first, so that this humiliation wouldn’t happen again. "Ok. I think you licked the toilet well .. crawl after me" – Nicole ordered and went into the room where Selena was sitting. "Well, how? She cleaned it? Let’s smoke some cigarettes?" Selena asked. The girls started smoking cigarettes and used christina as a human ashtray. They shook the ashes into her mouth and her tongue quickly turned black .. To clear it up a bit, the girls began to spit in her mouth and morally insult her. When the girls finished smoking their cigarettes, they extinguished them on the tongue of the slave girl and ordered to chew them. "Get out of here! We’re tired of you! That’s enough for today!" – The girls ordered the slave girl and continued to talk on various topics. On this hard day for christina ended, but it won’t be the last. Unfortunately for christina.. (5 PART OF 5)
NICOLE and SELENA - You forgot to clean the toilet! - Human ashtray and toilet humiliation - PART5 (HD)
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159641 – Trash can slave

Move into your new home you little trash slut!! My dirty tiny trash can is the perfect spot for you! I will feet you with really nasty things like rotten food, period stuff, used toilet paper and so much more disgusting things!! Every now and then you will get to taste my delicipus spit!! And of course you gonna have to fuck my trash and cum all over it!!!!
Trash can slave
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159587 – Princess Clarissa and Princess Nikki 01

Take a look at our new star: Princess Clarissa. What a dam sexy chick. Its a kind of girl wich can do with a man whatever she wants. What an honor to lick the dirt from the soles of her sexy shoes, to get slapped really hard in your pathetic loser face? How good it is to be beaten relly hard by such a sexy girl? What a lucky slave! watch it and if you would like to be treted like this contact us:
Princess Clarissa and Princess Nikki 01
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It is I who choose for you, every time you want to go with a trans it is I who choose for you, I make you choose three ugly shemales and I choose the ugliest one for you, for you to get fucked does not have to be a complete pleasure but even a humiliation, getting fucked by a trans toilet doesn’t have to be nice but at least so you learn to give importance only to the cock. (speaking italian)
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159545 – You will get what you deserve! No more and no less! (4K)

Custom.In my opinion, I again cleaned the apartment badly .. I understand that now I will receive a punishment .. Yes, it is. My Mistresses came and were dissatisfied with me. For this I received a punishment. I admit my mistake! I deserve it .. I hope this will not happen again and henceforth I will try better .. Forgive me, my Mistresses…Zoe..
You will get what you deserve! No more and no less! (4K)

158053 – Humiliation 158

Sodom and Gomorrah 1Dirty Games with Princess Nicoletta!Sadistic Princess Nicoletta abused her slave in the bathroom for all kinds of perversions. He is spat upon by her, he must eat their snot and bogger eat and her earwax. he must eat their pedicured feet and manicured fingernails . and the whole time is insulted over her and humiliated verbally.
Humiliation 158
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