118168 – Mein Hodenopfer!

Du Loserfotze und ich in einem Hotel? Was denkst du, was ich dort wohl mit dir anstellen werde? Mich mit dir unterhalten, nett sein oder dir gar einen Gefallen tun? Hahaha ja diesen tue ich dir ganz gewiss, denn: Ich nagel deine scheiß Hoden fest und verstümmel deine widerliche Vorhaut! Denn, wenn du Loserfotze leidest, bin ich glücklich! 😉
Mein Hodenopfer!
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Custom clip request “”Ty for patience, I would love a pov where u are a secret tranny therapist who love to trick and seduce men for future domination and blackmail. Here is the text i prepared, tell me if its ok for you, my Goddess “Im a Married men, and we are in your office talking about my sleep problem. I am not attracted sexualy to my wofe..but Im not gay…the truth is Im thinking to shemale cock all the timwe… Im addicted to tranny cock…(I.Quickly u can grab my head and start fuck me. all while laugh and talk dirty about how im now helpless before you and that u will make me your next dirty whore forever. (During the domination part i would love if u can use a camera to take photon and pix of while u humiliate me). Then u will want to fuck my ass too, to signate with your cum your new tricked men. U fuck me harder and harder until we both cum while u fuck my ass and stroke my cock lost in lust. At the end of the video u would threat with for the evidence u recorded, imnnow ur sexual slave and im screwed

117864 – REAL LOSER

I curious,… Who hates you more. Is it me? Or do you hate yourself more then i do hate you? Everythings about you is just so pathetic and boring. No wonder that you turned out that way that you are today. You will be forever that unfuckable, ugly moron without any hope for change. You know that you deserve all the humiliation and that you will be a human punchingball forever. Funny enough thats the only way for you to get hard anymore. You need my abuse and you even have to pay for it.How fucking pathetic. Go on stroke that disgusting losercock while i flip you off over and over again.
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117811 – My slave – my property!

Slave … from now on I own you – you’re my property! I’ll do with you whatever I desire – and as my slave you’ll need to proof yourself worthy first. Get down on the floor, your ugly face will be my foot rest now. Listen closely what I tell you – I’ll use you to my taste from now on. And right now, you’re only my footrest. But I’ll see what I can do with you!
My slave - my property!
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117639 – The smallest dick in the world (SD Video)

I’m looking for the world’s smallest dick and you seem to be a pretty good contester for that. I want a photo of your dick – one limp and one hard. In each state you’ll measure it and photograph it for me – because I want to have something to laugh at! Humiliate yourself and amuse me – by showing me your tiny dick – possibly the smallest dick in the world!
The smallest dick in the world (SD Video)
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117598 – The smallest dick in the world

I’m looking for the world’s smallest dick and you seem to be a pretty good contester for that. I want a photo of your dick – one limp and one hard. In each state you’ll measure it and photograph it for me – because I want to have something to laugh at! Humiliate yourself and amuse me – by showing me your tiny dick – possibly the smallest dick in the world!
The smallest dick in the world
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117499 – You are Trash

Oh god how pathetic can someone be? Back again for even more abuse? Of course you are. Do you know whats even more pathetic then just crawling back for more humiliation? Paying for getting humiliated. I would not even talk one word with you if you wouldnt pay me before. I would not even call you a loser if you dont get out that wallet first. And there is even another point what makes all of this even more pathetic and laughable. What a fucking freak must you be that this kind of clips get you off? Reading all of this with a boner already, dont you pathetic? Well ok i will take the time and did this clip but only to rub some more salt into your wound. But you dont cry, ok? haha
You are Trash
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117409 – While smell the soles of your dreams.

Order: Mistress I am a son of a bi..ch and a failure mistress. I want my mo..her to serve you as well, Mistress. It would make me horny if you humiliate my mother mistress. While I smell the in soles of your sneakers mistress. And also to your socks mistress.Mistress inter in room in jeans sneakers and very worthy of you socks,??? say what you are full loser and have to stay down near her soles ???? put soles near to you show sneakers and dirty socks it excites you my humiliation and yes even when I’m talking about your mother…Look perfect soles of Mistress…looseer!!!!!!
While smell the soles of your dreams.
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117340 – Pillow Fucker

I know your secret Loser. Only a true Loser would even consider fucking his own pillow. Pathetic and disgusting. Today you will do it again in front of me. So grab your pillow and get ready to be naughty. Lets start with some romantic foreplay just pretend that there is a real person instead of your fluffy pillow. Some kissing and massaging will get you really horny. Well now look at that pillow. I want you to make it your bitch. Grind your hips and fuck it. Fuck it good and fuck it hard. Hump it, Hump it. haha Yes do it Loser. haha Its so fucking pathetic but atleast i have something to laugh today. You just need my humiliation dont you you stupid boy. You will do this forever. No one every will want a pillow fucking freak like you. haha Go on keep on fucking it while i tease and torment you with my hot body. I will have a surprise for you at the end. Dont worry i will let you cum but there will be something you will have to do for me.Excited? Grab your pillow and get ready you fucking freak.
Pillow Fucker
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117260 – Today my kisses will tell the truth.

The husband of my friend today is here with me! He really likes me( we meet for (role game), but my X -girlfriend does not know about our secret games together … it often happens between girlfriends, but today she said that my lipstick does not go to me, it made me angry, I decided to play and poured something into a drink, he fell asleep and I brought him to my house to make secret photos for my girlfriend ?? will send fotos to her like me make many kisses on her husband’s breast by lipstick which she did not like, let her know her place , she never kiss him like me! He’s happy when I kiss him! Yes, you were all afraid to tell your wife that you have a mistress with red sexy lipstick , but today everything is mixed up! Today my kisses will tell the truth!Your Sexy Girl is here play game.
Today my kisses will tell the truth.
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117246 – The meeting is not with you

You watch how she’s going on a meeting , but the meeting is not with you! She seductively dresses her black pantyhose, tells you that you are not a lucky person,loser, and you do not have a meeting with someone like her, you get the middle finger, many times, and once again her middle finger sticks out beside your face! You are still watching and maybe hotly jerk! She paints her lips, wears pantyhose, earrings, puts perfume, puts on shoes! It is beautiful,her long legs not for you , meeting and her sexy look not for you … because you’re loser , yes is you!
The meeting is not with you
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117207 – Scissorhold choking with spit and vaping (Mobile)

I grab my slave`s head and put it beneath my sexy feet in pantyhose. It`s relax time with nice humiliating. I forced him to inhale my vape smoke. He tried to move so I squeeze his head with my thighs. He`s nowhere to run. I put my hands over his mouth and wait. When he start to strangle I give him a nice and big vape cloud. Slave start to choke so I must slapping his stupid head. He always try to ruined my fun. He deserve only for my saliva all over his face.
Scissorhold choking with spit and vaping (Mobile)
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116971 – Cruel and Bratty Ripoff

Not matter what i price i make you pay per minute you must have every Clip. You know you cant live if you miss anything your beautyful Princess uploads. You are such a pathetic loser even if i tell you i will rip you off and destroy you mentally you must give in. Just look at you right now trying to squeeze out your last dollars so you can pay this fantastic ripoff clip. While i live in luxury and throw your hard earnd money out of the window. Its just to easy to take it all and make you feel what a little bitch boy you are for me. I just love my Life.
Cruel and Bratty Ripoff
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116923 – Vicious Circle

It seems hopeless… You are a loser, it does not stop. You’re a worthless, a complete mistake of fuck! You feel like a hamster in a wheel … fucking? That has long been a foreign word for you !! The only thing you still fuck is your fist !! In women you fail! Actually normal sex turns you on anyway no more, because you will only be hard if you insulted you, your little stupid brain fucks and treated you like dirt! Already poor or ?? !! You are constantly torn! You want to be the victim, the little coward, the washcloth, the one who is spit on by dominant women like me, is kicked and in front of all things brain-fucked to the immeasurable! And I can, very well even !! 😉 because you know my loserporn to the smallest detail! Well, and then you want to get away from being a loser, be a MAN (if you even know how it works at all, haha) … You want sex, just normal sex, without failing and actually you just want to after ……. – I’ll tell you in my clip, loser!!
Vicious Circle
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116914 – No more pussy for you – paypigs won’t get banged!

I hope you were a diligent, productive slogger and did not browse weird pornsites the whole day, because my slaves aren’t allowed to even watch other sluts! Pussys, tits, asses, sex – it’s all over for you and never think I would please you bastard wearing sexy fetish stuff _ I can do without that! I fuck yor life, your head, your wallet in leggins and sweatshirt and you sucker are forbidden to look at me upside my feet. See off to stick your cock into whatever – it belongs to me just like the rest of you shitface and you’re not permittet to use it for any sexual purpose without my order! Become aware of it: Loser won’t get banged – they get cashed out!
No more pussy for you - paypigs won't get banged!
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116569 – Your dick is too small (SD Video)

You want me to tell you how small your dick is?! Well, then listen carefully and watch closely! Your loser dick is so damn small – you can’t really use it to jerk off or even pee. It’s so small one might overlook it. I’ll check with the measuring tape – just a few centimeters … just like I thought, loser. That’s nothing to be proud off. Look at my ass … no woman with an ass like that would ever let you fuck her! Did any women actually let you fuck her? Or couldn’t you get it in at all?!
Your dick is too small (SD Video)
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116673 – Alternative tattoed girl Beth ignores you while playing xbox LQ

Beth comes home and turns on her xbox, she humilates you on how you wouldn’t even understand what game she’s playing but she teases you on what game it is. she’s nice enough to show you her socks before slowly removing them and showing off her lovely soles and counts down the time you have left before she gets bored of showing you her feet.
Alternative tattoed girl Beth ignores you while playing xbox LQ
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116604 – Wanny buy my delicious Panties?

You pathetic Losers are all the same! You all dream about my delicious panties and their addictive smell. For a reason! My divine scent will turn you completely into a addicted pay-puppet, begging for more of my waste! So stop dreaming about it and once in your life, make something happen! Buy this Clip, fall on your knees, kiss your computerscreen with my ass on it and then take a deep breath, send me a decent tribute and ask politely for permission to be my personal little pantysniffing clean-up-bitch!
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