196327 – Lady Scarlet – Ingested cigarettes

We are sitting outside on the veranda of this beautiful villa. It’s cold and to warm up we decide to smoke a cigarette. Our servants, kneeling at our side, will serve as human ashtrays. We fill their mouths with ashes and spit, amused by the situation and the humiliation we are inflicting on them. We throw smoke in their faces, obliging them to inhale secondhand smoke. We put out the cigarettes on their tongues and, to top it off, we make them swallow the butts.
Lady Scarlet - Ingested cigarettes
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196242 – NICOLE and RADA – Today you’re only worthy of being slapped! (HD)

Me and Rada once again have fun with our slaves. These two idiots are kneeling in front of us and begging us to kiss our feet. I don’t think they deserve our feet today. We want to beat those stupid whores. Rada and I give them a lot of slaps.. their cheeks quickly turn red. Look at their stupid faces! LOL! They are on their knees and faithfully waiting for another slap in the face .. losers!..Nicole..
NICOLE and RADA - Today you're only worthy of being slapped! (HD)

196236 – AURORA – Dirt, spits, ashes are all for you, slave! (HD)

Aurora is a rather strict Mistress and today her slave will have a hard time. Aurora does not allow olivia to go to the toilet at home and she has to walk her outside as a pet. Aurora deliberately stepped into the mud and soiled her boots. "Can’t you see that my boots are dirty? Your Mistress must not walk around with dirty boots!" Aurora shouted. The slave realized what she needed to do and began to lick the dirt from Aurora’s boots. olivia’s face and tongue immediately turned black with dirt, and Aurora moistened it from time to time with her spits. Aurora wiped dirt on olivia’s face and the slave looked like a pig. "I want to smoke! You will be my human ashtray!" – Said Aurora and smoke a cigarette. She spat in olivia’s face, shook ashes into her mouth and humiliated her morally. Hard day for a slave..
AURORA - Dirt, spits, ashes are all for you, slave! (HD)
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196233 – PAMELA and NELLY – Smell the sweaty socks of your Mistresses and enjoy! (4K)

"What could be better for you than the smell of your Mistress’s sweat?" Pamela chuckled. She and Nelly decided to have some fun with their old slave monica. The girls did not change their socks for a long time on purpose.. they went for walks and on various matters for three whole days. Their socks were soaked with sweat from their feet quite strongly. Pathetic monica sniffs Pamela and Nelly’s socks while they laugh at her. "LOL! That stupid old woman loves the smell of our sweaty socks! It smells like the sweat of young! Smell and enjoy!" Nelly laughed.
PAMELA and NELLY - Smell the sweaty socks of your Mistresses and enjoy! (4K)
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196239 – MELISSA – This stupid bitch is annoying me! (4K)

I’m really annoyed by that stupid slave gwen. She is loyal and pathetic in front of me, but she still annoys me! You have a place on the floor, nonentity! I will trample you and you will kiss my feet! You understood? I’ll slaps your stupid face and you’ll thank me and worship me! You have to try hard so I don’t hit you again!..Melissa..
MELISSA - This stupid bitch is annoying me! (4K)


ITALIAN SPEAKINGI am in the company of two of my Mistress friends, and we are relaxing drinking a fresh drink and smoking a cigarette. We have two slaves at our disposal: they can taste what we are drinking from our spits, and one we also use as a human ashtray. For fun we decide to make them masturbate and make them cum in a glass. They’ll have to toast and drink their own sperm, and wipe the glass clean with their fingers.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I have my slave on his knees, and I?m going to allow him to join in a little pleasure with me. I was given some chocolates, and I have decided to share them with my bitch. As I chew them and spit them onto the floor, I then wipe my beautiful feet on them. My slave has to lick the chocolate from my feet. As we progress with his training, I know he desperately want to cum. So I caress his throbbing cock with my feet. Unfortunately for him, just as he?s about to cum I let go of his cock. He groans as his throbbing cock pulsates, and I laugh at his Sweet Orgasm?
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196230 – Your old lady is a stranger!

You are a fuck failure, that’s why your old lady is cheating. You just do not bring it anymore, you yourself know exactly that it is so, haha, you know for a long time that, what is wrong with your old, you know, she is cheating. But you do not dare to say anything and accept it, because you are a slave cunt, and let her have her fun, because you are not good enough haha. When you come home, really messed up, you know exactly that you have let yourself be fucked horny, nicely sucked the cock and have every hole stuffed. It makes you even horny when you think about it and jerks still to the humiliation your cock to it! Listen to what I tell in the video that your old woman goes foreign and all the details about it, beautifully humiliated you will feel after this clip, but also the slave cock is so horny thereby!
Your old lady is a stranger!
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196159 – BEATRICE and DORI – Now you understand that you’re not our friend! (4K)

It’s so funny that this whore considered us her friend! We always treated her like a loser.. she hung out with us but because she cleaned our shoes and carried our bags. Fulfilled all our whims. Now we have made her finally understand that she is nobody .. our slave. We will do whatever we want with her. She lies on the table while we smoke and chat.. Hahaha. Look into her pet eyes! She is only our interior!..Beatrice and Dori..
BEATRICE and DORI - Now you understand that you're not our friend! (4K)

196150 – ALISA and NICOLE – Great time to play football! – FULL (HD)

Football is a great game. Alisa and Nicole wanted to go out of town and kick the ball. "You will come with us, whore! Have you ever played football? Today we will give you such an opportunity." – The girls said to their slave olivia and they laughed. At first, the slave was delighted, but when they arrived at the place, she realized that only humiliation awaited her. Alisa and Nicole kicked the ball and olivia had to catch it with her face. She beat the ball with her forehead, nose, mouth to the laughter of the girls. "I think you’re too mobile!" – Nicole said and stepped on the miserable slave’s head. Meanwhile, Alisa kept kicking the ball in olivia’s face. The girls had fun and chased the ball around the territory while the task of the slave was to take it away from them. She crawled after the girls but she did not succeed. Nicole kicked the ball far into the puddle and it got dirty. There is someone to clean it .. olivia began to lick the dirt from the ball while the girls had a good rest and having fun. After a great football game, Alisa and Nicole are a little tired. They decided to rest and ordered olivia to lick the dust off their sneakers. The slave is also tired of chasing the ball, but Alisa and Nicole don’t care. "Do you want to smell our sneakers after the game? Mmm.. yummy! LOL!" – Nicole chuckled, took off her sneakers and stepped on the slave’s head. olivia buried her nose in the girls’ sneakers and breathed in the smell of sweat. After that, Alisa and Nicole ordered the slave to sniff their sweaty long socks. The girls wiped their sweaty socks on olivia’s nose and face and laughed at her. "And now the most delicious for you! LOL! Take off our socks!" – Alisa said. The slave took off the girls’ socks and began to lick their salty feet. The girls decided to complicate the task of the slave and got their feet dirty. olivia had to lick the dirt from the feet of Alisa and Nicole mixed with sweat. Great break after playing football!
ALISA and NICOLE - Great time to play football! - FULL (HD)
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196136 – In Goddess Ayse’s Blackmail Trap!

The next blackmail victim in my trap, I know all the data of the slave pig, where he works, all about his family friends and horny clip recordings as he serves me! Nice and dirty and perverted I will publish him if he does not do what I demand of him. He has been in my trap for 1 year now, and now forever!With me there is no end, if you are in my trap, then what I demand will be done, every payment where I demand will be dutifully squeezed. In the clip the blackmail victim is still lucky that he can hide his slaves under a blanket, I demonstrate my power and if he contradicts me even once and does not do what Goddess Ayse demands, I will, without ifs and buts, pull the blanket away and a few thousand people plus his family, friends and his old lady will see him in one fell swoop.Look at how horny I use my power, and can play with the victim as I want, hahaha, at the clip your blackmail cock becomes directly hard, you have been dreaming of such an honour for a long time. Look where you will soon end up too!
In Goddess Ayse's Blackmail Trap!
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196079 – JANE and SARAH – You’re one of our most pathetic slaves! (HD)

Jane and Sarah despise their slave zoe. In their opinion, she is one of the most pathetic slaves. "Crawl to us ugly!" – Ordered Jane and stretched out her leg in pantyhose. The slave began to sniff Jane’s sweaty pantyhose deeply. "Don’t forget my feet!" Sarah said and zoe sniffed Sarah’s sweaty bare feet too. After that, the slave brought the girls cigarettes. Jane and Sarah both smoke cigarettes and used the pathetic zoe as a human ashtray. They shook the ashes into her mouth and spit on her face. Their saliva dripped down zoe’s face.. a pitiful sight. Jane and Sarah blew their noses into tissues and ordered the slave girl to chew them. The slave chewed on snotty napkins while the girls continued to spit in her face. It’s so humiliating..
JANE and SARAH - You're one of our most pathetic slaves! (HD)
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196084 – PAMELA – You are nothing compared to me! (4K)

I like to remind my slaves of their place! I like to see the fear in their eyes.. This whore must remember that she is not even worthy of my attention and I do her a great favor that I let her serve me. She mumbles compliments but only gets slapped in return. You nasty idiot, I’ll spit in your face and you’ll thank me! Never forget that you are nothing compared to me!..Pamela..
PAMELA - You are nothing compared to me! (4K)

195079 – Electrical experiments (SD Video)

The patient is helplessly at our mercy and fixed to the gynaecological chair. Nurse Vegas, Dr Carmen Rivera check the patient’s vital signs with our current and shockwave equipment. His penis receives special attention and examination. Needles in his nipples conduct the current particularly well and causes the patient pain. Further experiments follow as we insert the current device anally into the patient. And now: Tongue out!
Electrical experiments (SD Video)
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THIS FULL CLIP INCLUDES THREE CLIPS:BRUTAL EIGHT MISTRESSES AND SIXTEEN FEET – Best Foot Party Ever! (HD)Today is a great day to have fun with a slave.. Alisa, Dori, Cindy, Nicole, Nelly, Pamela, Rada and Sarah decided to get together and have fun with their common slave avril. Can you imagine what is waiting for the slave now? Sixteen feet.. SIXTEEN! That’s a real party feet! But first, the sweaty socks of the girls are waiting for the slave. They call her and she faithfully crawls towards them, realizing that now there will be humiliation for her. The girls are in a great mood and laugh at the pathetic slave.. they are looking forward to a great evening! They put a collar on avril and stick their sweaty socks up her nose. The slave frowns from the smell of many socks to the outrageous laughter of the girls. She understands that her Mistresses will not let her go so easily. They take off their socks and throw it on her face.. Loser lies at the feet of the girls with a pile of socks on her face. Alisa, Dori, Cindy, Nicole, Nelly, Pamela, Rada and Sarah are not going to stop there.. they are in a great mood and having fun! They wipe all their feet on the face and tongue of the slave, laughing at her insignificance. Can you imagine how avril feels right now? When eight beautiful Mistresses wipe their feet on your face and tongue, what do you feel? The slave has already forgotten how to breathe fresh air.. the smell of their feet is deeply embedded in her nose and the taste of their sweaty feet will be in her mouth for a long time to come! This is the best foot party ever! DON’T MISS!BRUTAL EIGHT MISTRESSES – We want to play with you, bitch! (HD)The humiliation for avril is not yet over. The girls came up with another fun game for her. Now the pathetic slave has to guess the taste and smell of the girls feet. "You must have memorized the taste and smell of each of our feet!" – The girls laughed. Alisa, Dori, Cindy, Nicole, Nelly, Pamela, Rada and Sarah took turns bringing their sweaty feet to the slaves nose. Pathetic avril tried to guess who each foot belongs to, but of course she didnt always succeed. Sometimes the girls switched places to further complicate the task for the slave. Would you be up to this task? A fun game after which avrils face for a long time left to smell like the feet of girls.BRUTAL EIGHT MISTRESSES – Hard spitting humiliation (HD)Pamela is having a girls night out with her friends. The doorbell rings. Pamela opens the door and is angry with the slave. She pushes the slave to the ground and spits in his face with power. Then she brings the slave to her friends. The slave has to kneel down in front of the girls. Pamela tells her friends that she spit in the slaves face and shows them the spit on his face. She suggests that all girls should now spit on him all over his face and hair. The girls stand in front of the slave and begin to alternately spit in his face and hair.The girls can insult the slave, laugh at him and scold him. The girls are allowed to smoke on the side to collect more slimy spit. What would be great if the girls pull the slime deep from their throats and noses and spit on the slave. The girls can take turns spitting all over the slaves face. Of course, 4 or all 8 of them can spit on the slave at the same time. After a while, they can put 4 girls on the couch and 4 girls stand around the kneeling slave.The spitting continues. The girls grab the slaves hair to spit in his face. The whole head and face may be completely covered with slimy spit. Slimy threads of spit are allowed to hang anywhere on the slaves face and head. The girls can also spit all over their mouths until they overflow. The slave is not allowed to swallow for the time being, because the girls also spit a few times in the face while the mouth is full of spit. After that he has permission to swallow. The girls make it their business to spit all over the slaves. Extreme humiliation by spitting on the face and on the head (hair), laughing at. The whole head including the face is allowed to drip full of spit. The girls can also spit in the open eyes and up their noses.The girls stand around the slave who is kneeling in front of the girls. The slave has to put his head back. Each girl now spits into the holes in her nose. The slave now has to suck up the spit from each girl into her nose. When the first load of spit has been sucked up by the slave, the next portion of spit from another girl follows as a reward, which must also be sucked up the nose until the slave has sucked up the spit from all 8 girls once.
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