191047 – AVRIL – How does it feel to be humiliated by a slave, an ex-mistress? (HD)

Avril enters the apartment and sees how iren dutifully cleans up .. Avril really liked it and she decided to make fun of her ex-mistress. "Why don’t you meet me, whore? I don’t get it.. kneel in front of me!" Avril said. iren at first did not understand such impudence .. but remembered the previous humiliations and decided that it was useless to argue .. she knelt down. Avril approached her and gave her some slaps. She ordered iren to bow to her, apologize and worship her dirty sneakers. iren felt like the lowest creature on this earth .. she bowed to her former slave and licked her dirty sneakers. This amused Avril even more. "Ugh.. your nasty tongue turned black from my sneakers! LOL! I love it! Now smell my socks. I haven’t changed them especially for you, ex-mistress!" – Avril continued to taunt and shoved her sweaty socks in iren’s face. She used the phrase "ex-mistress" to make iren even more ashamed and humiliating. After that, Avril’s smelly socks ended up in iren’s mouth. "Delicious socks? Now it’s time for my bare feet.. No, no, no.. not so fast! You think you deserve my clean feet even if they’re sweaty! I don’t think so! LOL!" – Avril had fun. She liked to humiliate iren. Avril thoroughly soiled her feet and returned to iren. "Now you can start, my ex-mistress!" – Avril grinned .. Her feet were black and soon iren’s tongue too .. iren felt a strong shame licking dirty feet of her former slave .. just a couple of days ago everything was reversed, but now nothing can be returned back!
AVRIL - How does it feel to be humiliated by a slave, an ex-mistress? (HD)
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191045 – RADA – Ex-mistress gets used to the slave life (HD)

Now, when Rada returns home, two slaves are already waiting for her. avril and iren rushed to lick the dusty boots of their Mistress as soon as she entered the room. Rada wrote idiots Bitch1 and Bitch2 on their foreheads. Bitch1 – avril. Bitch2 – iren. "Mmm bitch2.. you make me happy! You remember your place well! Now you will always worship me!" – Rada scoffed and watched both bitches lick the dust from her heavy boots. Rada took them off and ordered the slaves to sniff them inside. Idiots buried their noses in Rada’s boots while she humiliated them morally. After that, Rada decided to trample her slaves. She walked up and down their backs and jumped.. "Don’t forget about my feet.. I didn’t wear socks today. Do you have any idea how much my feet are sweating?" Rada asked. Bitch 1 and 2 started greedily and carefully licking Rada’s sweaty feet.. they tried to suck all the sweat between her toes and lick it off her soles. Rada stood and arrogantly watched the slaves. She likes how they humiliate themselves in front of her.. she especially liked that iren became even more submissive. She then sat down on the couch and both of her bitches put their heads under her feet. Rada used their heads and faces as a footstool. "Keep worshiping my feet, idiots.. until I tell you to stop! Well, ex-mistress! How do you like my sweaty feet? hahaha" – Rada said and continued to enjoy the humiliation of bitches 1 and 2.
RADA - Ex-mistress gets used to the slave life (HD)
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191068 – PAMELA and RADA – Worship us together with this bitch (4K)

Do you feel your insignificance, loser? You are kneeling in front of us with this bitch.. Watch how she worships us.. are you sure you can do better? We will humiliate you and her! Worship our beautiful feet and catch our spit in your mug! You are so pathetic that you will crawl before us on your knees for the rest of your miserable life!..Pamela and Rada..
PAMELA and RADA - Worship us together with this bitch (4K)

191065 – ALISA nad NELLY – Do you really want to kiss with us? LOL! (HD)

Do you want to kiss us, pathetic slaves? Are you seriously? You are not even worthy to be our slaves.. we are so kind that we allow you to serve us! Catch our spit, pigs! Hahaha! Look at each other! You are a great couple! Stupid loser and fat idiot! Lick each other’s mugs! Do it with pleasure! We will add more of our saliva to you, because you deserve nothing else!..Alisa..
ALISA nad NELLY - Do you really want to kiss with us? LOL! (HD)


How do you like your coffee? With cream? Well, there will be plenty of that today. Miss Deviant is going to publicly humiliate you by making you order a drink at your local coffee house, only for you to jerk off into it. You’ll be consuming the lot. But the hot jerk off instructions Miss Deviant gives you will definitely make it worthwhile. In fact, you’ll be desperate to do whatever she says!
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191203 – My ass worshipper home slave (small version)

I have my slave in my apartment and, of course, he is lucky to serve me. Get on your knees and start sweeping. Come on, faster! He is willing to do anything in order to bow down to my ass and kiss it. To motivate him I will first give him a little taster : 4 kisses then continue cleaning, dog! I’m going to squeeze you. Now it’s time for him to clean the throne, leave the toilet sparkling, kiss and lick, kiss and lick… over and over again. Everything I touch is sacred and he shows his utmost devotion. He will keep working until I consider it enough then he will have his reward if he has lived up to it!
My ass worshipper home slave (small version)
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The match has once again lurked outside my front door and listened to whether I have sex. Busted at his pathetic action, he had only two options: Either he proves he’s an alpha after all, or he ends up a cuckold idiot. The result was practically non-existent. For the first day of his new existence he got a nice line made of leftovers, so that he would realize what his future sex life would look like.To this day he does not know that this was not pure snow of my alpha lovers, but old rotten jizz and callus of my slaves, which I had already warmed up several times on the radiator. He will be happy when he reads this…
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGI have had my bitch on his knees waiting for me for a while. Hid head and neck are also in the yoke, with a tight cock ball gag in his mouth. He can?t move too much, and is extremely uncomfortable. Just the way I like it. I?m not too sure what to do with him today, so I will enjoy a cigarette while I make up my mind. I remove his yoke and get him to make himself useful. He has to get that tongue of his going and lick my beautiful tan leather boots. I then light my cigarette, and get my bitch to keep his mouth open. I?m going to enjoy using him as my human ashtray, and allow him the luxury of my Satin & Smoke?
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191022 – The Naked Bootlicker – Mistress Cloe

next phantastic clip with strict and cruel lady mistress cloe. with her sharp voice she orders her house slave to crawl over to her, of course naked and of course on all fours. my boots are dirty, i was outside, so you know what to do.the slave knows, but as usual he is pretty stupid when licking the boots of his owner. will he ever learn? it seems not. so he needs more strict orders where to lick and where to suck. he is also ordered to lighten up a cigarette to his owner and is also misused as her personal human ashtray. but he can try as hard as he can to follow the orders of the mistress, he always fails. and we are pretty sure that he earns his reward for this behaviour later by a good punishment. classic boot domination and human ashtray clip!
The Naked Bootlicker - Mistress Cloe
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191025 – NICOLE and RADA – Humiliation for two fat bitches (HD)

Nicole and Rada sit and chat while these two whore step-******s worship their feet. Sometimes they become very boring and the girls want to entertain themselves somehow. "Are you step-******s? Show us how much you love each other!" – The girls laughed and began to spit on emma and erika. They spat on the pathetic slaves and ordered them to lick their spit off each other.. The nasty, fat step-******s could not argue with their Mistresses and licked their spit off each other. And when they licked their drool Nicole and Rada continued to spit in them. A pitiful sight.. "You are the most insignificant step-******s losers that we have ever seen!" – Nicole and Rada continued to laugh at the idiots. After that, the girls decided to smoke and used the slaves as human ashtrays. The step-******s looked at each other and asked for help through their eyes, but they are only miserable slaves and are completely dependent on the will of Nicole and Rada.
NICOLE and RADA - Humiliation for two fat bitches (HD)
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGMy Mistress friend and I have a male and female slave in front of us. Both are very short and small, the exact opposite of me and my friend, two tall women with statuesque physiques. So we enjoy comparing their little bodies to ours, humiliating and lifting them. At the end they have to kiss our shoes, and then we pick them up and carry them away.
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190905 – NICOLE – Now you are a worm and not a pet! (HD)

Nicole walks her pet zoe. But Nicole is tired that zoe is her pet .. Now Nicole wants her slave to become a worm. Nicole wraps the idiot in tape and throws her to the ground. zoe looks as pathetic as possible and crawls after her Mistress like a worm. Nicole orders the worm to lick her dirty boots, but this is not so easy to do, because Nicole always walks away.. and to crawl at least one meter, zoe makes a lot of effort. Sometimes Nicole spits right on the ground and orders the worm to lick it off. When the slave gets on Nicole’s boots, more and more dirt accumulates on them every minute. Nicole jumps on the idiot like a trampoline and laughs at her insignificance. "We had a good walk today, worm.. Are you hungry?" – Nicole said and took out a pack of pet food. She dumped this vile food into a bowl and ordered the pathetic worm to eat it along with the sand. It’s humiliating..
NICOLE - Now you are a worm and not a pet! (HD)
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190805 – Orgasm without cum

You read correctly! How is that supposed to work? You will jerk your cock beautifully. You can’t help it anyway, because you’re horny all the time. I’ll give you a countdown. Watch out that you do not become a quick squirter at the sight of me! And when you come, I want you to keep your squirt hole closed! Not a drop of loser cum will run out of your cock, you got me?! The feeling will humiliate you so much and bring you down to earth who and what you are! A wank horny slave! Listen carefully to what is happening now in your dick….
Orgasm without cum
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190621 – Fuck and suck orgy (SD Video)

My two slaves have done well today get to use the latex doll however they want as a reward. The slut swallows both cocks in turn and the slaves jerk eachother off. Now the ass cunt of the fuck-piece is prepared and nicely fingered. The toyboy gets so horny that he wants to be fucked in the ass by his mistress with the strap-on again. Both slaves cum in eachother’s mouths.
Fuck and suck orgy (SD Video)
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190849 – ALISA – Always hungry fat pig! (HD)

My fat slave is always hungry! Look at her appearance and her huge belly and you will understand why she is always hungry. I am kind today and decided to feed my fat pig. Eat fat pig, eat a lot! But when you’re eating, look at me and yourself and compare our looks! I’m slim and pretty and you’re fat and ugly. Therefore, you will always be my slave and worship me!..Alisa..
ALISA - Always hungry fat pig! (HD)

190703 – Tortured With Cigarettes – Miss Jessica Wood

british pro dom and arrogant bitch miss jessica relaxes on a sofa. she orders her slave to come over and take his skirt of. next he has to give her a cigarette and enlighten it. today she has a cruel game in mind cuz she doesnt not only want to misuse the slave as her human ashtray, she also wants to inflict serious pain today with the cigarette by burning his skin. she puts the hot tip to his nipples and his chest. and she really enjoys this a lot as we can see in her smile.the slave moans, but she doesnt care. the more he moans the more he gets, a simple rule in the presence of a cruel mistress like miss jessica.and as its a long slim cigarette the pain will go on today for a few minutes. of course the slave has to eat the rest of the cigarette in the end. classic cruel femdom clip!
Tortured With Cigarettes - Miss Jessica Wood
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190704 – IREN, PAMELA and NELLY – Thank us for your humiliations! (4K)

Iren, Pamela and Nelly got together again .. What could be more fun than having fun with a live toy .. Pamela called her slave misha and she immediately came running. It seemed to Pamela that misha ran for a long time and that a hard day awaited the slave. The pathetic slave gets slapped by her Mistresses and thanks them for it. They spit in her face and on the floor and order her to lick up every drop of their saliva. "Bring our boots whore! They are dirty!" – The girls ordered. The slave brought the girls’ boots and they wiped them on her tongue. They used misha’s mouth as a human ashtray.. misha endured all the humiliations and only said words of gratitude.. What else can a miserable slave say?
IREN, PAMELA and NELLY - Thank us for your humiliations! (4K)
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190640 – Swallow slave sperm!

You are not just a beta! You are the last link of the hierarchy! And that’s why I let my sissy, who is already far below the betas, cum! The sperm collects Sissy for you in the condom and you have to do tasks with the loser cum and eat it afterwards! You are still below my Sissy in the ranking! You are a nothing! Whether I let you cum?! We will see!
Swallow slave sperm!
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190192 – The difference between alphas and betas (small version)

I think we’ve to clarify something – who you are and what sets you apart from real men. It’s quite simple actually … alpha men – tall, fit, successful, good looking and well hung – a man that really has something to offer for a woman on one side – and on the other side there’s something like you, a little beta who has none of these attributes! The only logical reason why any woman – especially a woman like me – would even notice you, is your money. Beta losers, like you, can only be used as pay slaves – drained, denied, humiliated and way down in the food chain – just like nature intended! Someone like you will never be recognized as a real man – and you should accept this fate!
The difference between alphas and betas (small version)
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