196108 – 4 boots to destroy your inflatables

We’ve taken some of your beloved inflatables once again … and you know what’s the only thing more dangerous for your inflatables than a lady wearing high heels? Right, 2 ladies with high heels! Lady Nora will help me destroy your most favorite pieces today. One inflatable after another is crushed and covered in holes by our heels. With Nora’s chunky heels, she needs to kick them even harder, but that has the benefit of leaving behind even bigger holes – holes that are so big, you’re definitely not going to be able to fix them. We’re having fun and messing around with your inflatables – and knowing how much you’re suffering while watching this, only makes it more fun for us!
4 boots to destroy your inflatables
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195702 – My heels are fatal for your inflatables

Such lovely inflatables … and I brought just the right boots for them – lacquer over-knee boots with thin metal heels … absolutely fatal for your beloved inflatables! Mercilessly the sharp heels slide into the thin plastic and destroy your big beloved inflatables with ease. Does it turn you on to see me sitting on your inflatables, carefully resting my heels on your favorite inflatables and then pierce through them mercilessly?! Not one of your inflatables will survive this day – in the end they’re all going to be flat and covered in holes!
My heels are fatal for your inflatables
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195123 – I’ll destroy all of your pool inflatables!

Looks like you’ve prepared yourself for summer already … an inflatable pool, air matresses and so many inflatable toys and balls … everything one needs for a nice summer day, isn’t it? But you won’t have fun with these inflatables anymore … but I will! For me, there’s nothing more fun than to destroy your precious inflatables! And I’ll not only use my sexy high heels with these thin, sharp heels, but also a screwdriver and my cigarette. All of these tools are terribly dangerous for your delicate inflatables and their thin plastic walls! And you will watch me closely! And don’t get any false hopes … not one of these inflatables will be reparable when I’m done with them!
I'll destroy all of your pool inflatables!
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190274 – I’ll solve your inflatable addiction

Today I’ll end your inflatable addiction once and for all – and crush all of your remaining inflatables under my sexy boots! And don’t even think you’d get the chance to repair them – I’ll personally put them in trash bags and take them to the dump to make sure they’re gone forever! I know, some of these are your very favorites … but to make sure, your addiction ends here, they all have to be destroyed! I know, it’s painful for you to watch the sharp heels mercilessly piercing through the thin plastic again and again – but there’s no way around it – watch closely and endure it! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
I'll solve your inflatable addiction
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189916 – 2 ladies destroy all of your inflatables

Today I brought a little help – Lady Nora will help me taking care of your inflatables! The thin heels of our sexy shoes will make short work of your beloved inflatables – and you’ll watch us closely. One after another is covered in holes – and with that many heel holes and many holes that are ripped wide open – I don’t think you’ll be able to repair even a single one of these! And while you’re watching us startled, we’re both having a lot of fun! What do you think is meaner? When we’re going fast and immediately drive our heels through your inflas? Or when we start slow and slowly increase the pressure until the infla pops?!
2 ladies destroy all of your inflatables
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188933 – Beloved inflatables destroyed with high heels and cigarette

So, are you already afraid when you see what I brought with me? This cigarette and these high heels can be pretty dangerous for your beloved inflatables as you know … and you also know how much I love to play with your fear and watch you suffer, when I destroy your inflatables! You love these big animals the most, don’t you? Should I start with the balls, the swim rings or the air mattresses? In the end it doesn’t really matters – the unicorn, the giant wolf and the fish will also be either crushed under my high heels or covered in holes by my burning cigarette. None of your beloved inflatables will survive!
Beloved inflatables destroyed with high heels and cigarette
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188439 – Rare inflatables popped by high heels and screwdriver (small version)

So many nice inflatables … but I don’t think any will survive this day! If I can make this big ball pop by sitting on it? No, I think it is too sturdy for that … but I’ve brought a little tool too. With the electric pump it will be easy to put so much pressure on it, that it will burst! And for your other inflatables I’ll simply use the sharp heels of my sexy high heels – and a screwdriver! Your beloved and rare inflatables will be covered in holes – each and every one of them destroyed by me and ready for the trashcan! You didn’t think I’ll allow you to repair them, did you?!
Rare inflatables popped by high heels and screwdriver (small version)
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