205438 – My wonderful heels destroy your beloved inflatables

You love these sexy high-heeled sandals, don’t you? And you love all these lovely inflatables I’ve got here, don’t you? Unfortunately, high heels are really dangerous for your beloved toys – and the fact that I love to crush things under my shoe soles doesn’t help your inflatables’ chances of survival either! One after the other is mercilessly crushed by my sexy heels … and I know it hurts you to see those big inflatables destroyed by me … but at the same time you can’t take your eyes off my sexy shoes, can you? I know they make you weak … and I enjoy seeing you suffer inside as your stupid toys get completely flattened. Shall I allow you to repair them afterwards? We’ll see… first you’ll kiss my high heels and thank me for taking such good care of your inflatables!
My wonderful heels destroy your beloved inflatables
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