182744 – Two Girls Humiliation Loser Slave (Dirty Boot and Shoe) by Sabrynna and Bruna # 1080 HD

Dirty Boot and Shoe Cruel, the girls walked all over trampled everything that is disgusting on the downtown street and grass containing filthy bacteria and dirt, while the loser slave licked the soles of his shoes the girls made a lot of disgusted face, they humiliated the slave, they spat in his mouth and ordered him to swallow the dirt, they also kicked punch and slappeds in the face
Two Girls Humiliation Loser Slave (Dirty Boot and Shoe) by Sabrynna and Bruna # 1080 HD
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182493 – Bootlicking After Shopping – Mistress Nemesis & Mistress Cloe

here is the next clip with gorgeous rich girls mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. arrogant as usual they come home after a good shopping session finding their houseslaves waiting in the hall nearly naked as they always have to be.as they found one of the slaves has his socks still on they decide to give him some sharp slaps with their leather gloves. more sharp commands come as the idiotic slaves are even not able to lick their boots well. well, even the ladies were in a good mood after shopping and now this experience with the lousy slaves. as they are still not satisfied with the licking of the slaves one gets more harsh and full swinging faceslaps on his palms. as cruel bitch nemesis is no longer in the mood to waster her power on the slaves in the end one is even ordered to slap himself. and the ladies have now a lot of fun and again a good mood!
Bootlicking After Shopping - Mistress Nemesis & Mistress Cloe
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181518 – Miss Patricia and Mistress Alexandra Wildfire – Human Carpet for Our Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

Hello My Dear Customers. This is a continuation from the first clip we have filmed while ago ‘Having Fun with Human Footstool’.Miss Patricia and Mistress Alexandra Wildfire love seeing this particular slave suffering. That’s why they just have changed their outfits and went straight for the action. Dressed very casually this time the Mistresses will be trampling the slave just how they see fit. Miss Patricia is in her beautiful black leather Dr Martens and Mistress Alexandra is in her black leather ankle cowboy boots. You can enjoy head standing, hands trampling, a little bit of penis trampling, trampling on the slave’s front and back (basically half of the clip is trampling on his back). The ladies have fun while the slave is moaning beneath their boots. Some small jumping and bouncing on the slave’s back are also taking place during the clip. Obviously the ladies have a lot of fun as they laugh from time to time.
Miss Patricia and Mistress Alexandra Wildfire - Human Carpet for Our Leather Boots (1080p MP4)
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182681 – BIANCA, JANE and RADA – Run whore and hide! (HD)

One two three four five we’re going to look for a whore! LOL. Run and hide you stupid idiot.. you still have a chance! We’ll give you five minutes to hide and we’ll go looking for you.. and if we find you, you’ll get severe punishment! Me, Jane and Rada decided to have fun today and took our slave rose to an abandoned house. We wanted to play hide and seek! Isn’t that funny?? She has an excellent head start – a full five minutes to hide. But when time runs out and we find her, then do not expect mercy! LOL! Five minutes have passed .. We are in search! Hope you hid well!..Rada..
BIANCA, JANE and RADA - Run whore and hide! (HD)

182465 – Outdoor Bootworship – Empress Victoria

today we have the next clip starring elegant and arrogant blonde mistress empress victoria. we shot this in the garden and her butler slave is on a leash and is brought into the garden by his goddess.there she sits down on a cool garden chair and her butler is ordered to lick her long leather boots. empress victoria watches the poor butler if he perform well… and he better should cuz as we all know this mistress, any lack of effort will be punished severely… note: this was one of the first clips we made with a new camera, so we had some difficulties with it. this clip looks a lil bit dreamy, but otherwise it looks somehow special and the content is so great, that we decided to publish it…
Outdoor Bootworship - Empress Victoria
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182489 – LIKA and LILY – Get your tongue out and clean our shoes and sneakers (4K)

After rose became Lika and Lily’s slave, she has been doing all the dirty work ever since. This Asian step-family decided to use a pathetic slave for any job. They noticed that their shoes were dusty and dirty and ordered rose to clean them. First, the slave took the rag.. "Stupid whore! Put the rag back! Get your tongue out and clean our shoes!" Asians shouted. The slave licked the dust and dirt from the sneakers and shoes of her Mistresses while they humiliated her morally and spat on her. The tough Asian step-family enjoyed humiliating and using rose and she realizes that this is only the beginning..
LIKA and LILY - Get your tongue out and clean our shoes and sneakers (4K)
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182384 – Anne Is Back

In this video the one and only gorgeous Anne roughly dominates, humiliates and tramples the poor Ibiza with 3 pairs of her beloved boots. We warn you : you have never seen a so extreme facestanding action in high heel boots on a girl on the hard ground. Simply incredible! After more than two years the beautiful and classy Anne is back more sadistic and cruel than ever. A really great girl/girl domination and trample video for the boots fans!
Anne Is Back
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181403 – Lady Annabelle – Human Footstool for Fun (1080p MP4)

Lady Annabelle is looking so hot again and she’s absolutely ready to have some more fun the same slave from the previous two clips which you can find on our store.The slave is just a human footstool for her. Lady Annabelle will use his mouth to rest her high heels, doing some CBT, because she knows that the slave is very vulnerable regarding his cock and balls. The slave is also like a little doggy for her. Lady Annabelle wants to hear him barking a few times, makes him lick the sole of her boots, such the heels and just having fun with him as she sees fit. Lady Annabelle loves making pictures of him while he’s been told what to do, so she can them to her friends.
Lady Annabelle - Human Footstool for Fun (1080p MP4)
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182186 – We Are Disappointed – Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood

i am really disappointed about the condition of my boots. they look disgusting. bootslave! come on! this is how this new clip with mistress whiplash and miss jessica started. after they call him, he his bound to the door with a leash, his arms also bound behind his back.now the mistresses will show them how to lick them properly. mistress whiplash straight out her designer boots, while miss jessica pressing his head down to it with her heels. then its time to change position and mistress whiplash has the idea to make it even harder for him by shorten the leash, so its harder for him to reach the dirt on the boots. but he tries and he even breaks the leash when both ladies pressing their dirty soles into him. but he has not finished yet. they will release him only, if the boots are spotless clean.
We Are Disappointed - Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m with two of my mistress friends, and we are enjoying a relaxing cigarette. Our slave is where he belongs, underneath our beautiful designer boots. As we have a chat, we use him as our human ashtray. He is also allowed to play with his micro cock, it?s useless for anything else except as his wanking tool. To give him some incentive to cum, I give his balls a good kick with my boots. What a lucky slut he is to be allowed the luxury of squirting he mess underneath our beautiful designer boots?
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182095 – Worship My Long Boots Slave – Mistress Akella

next clip today is for our fans of boot domination. starring beautiful blonde mistress akella she is wearing a white blouse, a red leather corset, shiny leather trousers and expensive long leather boots. she orders her slave to come over, but its quite difficult for him as he is blindfolded. then she encolars him before she orders him to lick those super hot boots. as a goddess she demands to be worshipped all day long. and brave slaves will do?obviously mistress akella enjoys herself a lot when she watches the slave licking her soles, her heels and all the rest of her boots?
Worship My Long Boots Slave - Mistress Akella
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181515 – Introducing to You Lady Diosa (720p MP4)

We want to introduce you the the Amazon and beautiful Lady Diosa today. Dressed very casually in her black leather boots, black jeans and white shirt the clip starts with her making her boots muddy and dirty. She’s instructed the slave to wait for her ready to lick her dirty boots clean.Lady Diosa has really nice punishment in mind for that slave. He is not aware of it, but he doesn’t have a choice of course. His head will be put in the smother box so the Mistress can smother him with her big beautiful juicy ass, because she feels like it. But that slave is pretty useless as he can’t hold his breath very long time. Only for about 10-15 seconds. Lady Diosa is not happy at all and some verbal humiliation takes place while the slave is still being smothered.At some point during half of the clip she wasn’t satisfied at all with him being beneath her ass, so he must be good at licking her muddy soles clean instead. He is allowed to lick only the soles of the boots, a little bit on the sides and sucking the thick heel into his mouth despite the fact how difficult that is for him. And he is absolutely useless at doing his task as well. The boots are still muddy. Of course he swallowed everything, but he is so pathetic.Basically half of the clip is smothering and the other half is soles licking and a little bit of heels sucking along with some boots resting on the slave’s face. Lady Diosa is absolutely merciless lady and her laugh is so sadistic. You can enjoy really nice full body angles and close ups the entire clip.
Introducing to You Lady Diosa (720p MP4)
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181768 – Lick My Leather Boots – Ella Kros

"hi slave, are you ready to worship my boots" asked fully dressed in leather mistress ella kros her slave who is tied in a very incomfortable position with his legs fixed on the wall.his goddess is standing above him. then she sits down on his crotch putting her long leather boots aside his head. then he is ordered to worship. and when ella kros demands worship she really means it. the slave has to lick everything, the soles the sides and the shaft of the boots. she gets very harsh to him also when she ramms her heel into his throat as far as it goes… class a domination clip.
Lick My Leather Boots - Ella Kros
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181514 – Lady Dark Angel – Hot Cup of Coffee (720p MP4)

This is a continuation from the previous clips you can see below:- Merciless Hands Trampling by Lady Dark Angel- Trampoline for Lady Dark Angel – Lady Dark Angel – Human Floor for my Arollo BootsThat slave is already in pain but Lady Dark Angel wants more and more. She is not done with him yet. The Goddess told the useless slave to make her a cup of coffee, but he is so stupid because the coffee he prepared is so hot and Lady Dark Angel wasn’t able to drink it. Oh my days this is such a big mistake. He will be trampled on hard with absolute no mercy. There will be trampling on his front for about 2 minutes and more trampling on his back for another approximately 3 minutes. Of course it’s full weight trampling including some beautiful jumping on his back. The slave makes some noises Lady Dark Angel doesn’t like at all, so he is told to be absolutely quiet while suffering in pain beneath her brown leather over knee boots. And he is very quiet but Lady Dark Angel is absolutely merciless. Stomping and jumping on his pathetic back. Very beautiful trampling and very painful for the slave.She is so sadistic again. What else can we say ? Just enjoy it.
Lady Dark Angel - Hot Cup of Coffee (720p MP4)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my friend Master. We are both wearing our Dr. Marten boots and before we go for a walk and a coffee break. We decided to test them on our bitch of a slave. He has a boot fetish, so we allow him the luxury of worshiping our leather boots. If he performs well, he?ll be allowed to enjoy playing with his tiny cock. That?s if he can find it first. We also enjoy having a cigarette, and use our bitch as our human ashtray. When playing with his apology for a cock, I finally give him permission to cum on our leather boots. Of course, the filthy slut has to clean up his mess with his tongue?
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181876 – SARAH and SKYLAR – Clean our shoes and lick our spits off the floor, bitch (HD)

Sarah and Skylar are returning home from a walk. avril is faithfully kneeling by the door. Sarah and Skylar should clean their shoes before entering the room. When the girls came in, the slave lay on her stomach and pulled out her tongue, so she became a rag for the girls’ shoes. Girls wipe their dusty shoes on avril’s tongue until they are clean. "LOL you look like a worm! Of course you missed us! Crawl after us!" – The girls ordered. Sarah and Skylar went into the room and pulled the slave by the leash. The girls started spitting on the floor and ordered avril to lick off their spits. The slave kissed the floor on which the girls walked and faithfully licked their spits. They tied the pathetic slave girl and ordered her to crawl towards each other like a worm. avril crawled up to Sarah, then to Skylar and worshiped their shoes. The girls made it difficult for her to move and from time to time pulled her by the leash. Nasty worm..
SARAH and SKYLAR - Clean our shoes and lick our spits off the floor, bitch (HD)
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