206743 – Stupid Oil Slave – Lady Iveta

Lady Iveta is back and she needs it slippery. Dressed up in her red and golden latex dress, she is a queen sitting on her throne of domination.Right to her feet she is asking one of her human toys for an oily massage. Not just her legs want to be anointed. But before her servant is allowed to touch her luxurious skin, he has to proof he is worthy. He has to bring her dress back to a gloomy shine which is appropriate to a queen. And so he starts his slippery work under her strict supervision. Be sure that she will not tolerate any single drop that gets lost and spoils the ground. For his punishment the last thing his tongue will touch is the hard but greasy floor.
Stupid Oil Slave - Lady Iveta
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206471 – I allow you to stare at me for 10 minutes

Today I’m being generous with you! You can stare at me for 10 minutes as I sit there in front of you and wear your favorite black gloves. Pay generously for it, that’s probably the minimum! You love it when I have leather on my body, like a second skin. Tight leather. And when I put on the gloves… your fantasies immediately run wild. Yes, what I can do with my hands… after all, I am so gracious and talk to you. Yes and not only that…
I allow you to stare at me for 10 minutes
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205501 – My First Latex Gloves

I wanted to get this pair of latex gloves for a very long time, and my dream finally came true! Watch as I try them on for the very first time, shine them, and then tease you with my beautiful hands and fingers. I stretch and intertwine my rubber-clad fingers up close for you to see, touch my arms, and rub my hands a lot! I couldn’t get enough of my shiny gloves, and I have to admit this is a much longer clip than I intended it to be. The truth is that latex looks so sexy, seductive yet powerful on my delicate hands, that you can’t take your eyes away.
My First Latex Gloves
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204225 – Make My Dress Shine Slave – Ezada Sinn

sometimes slave are in luck. okay, this happens maybe one time in ten years or so and today this is such a day. mistress ezada will of course inflict pain later on this poor victim today but before she will do the slave has the incredible honour to deal with the hot black rubber dress of his goddess and make it shiny with lotion. to be honest we were pretty surprised ezada wanted to do this and allow a low life creature to touch her, but she was in a really good mood today.and this shows also that even the cruelest ladies have a heart. okay, she wants it only to be rubbed with the lotion on to look perfect when deal with him later and of course she has a cruel strategy in mind, we all know.rare clip and short, but hot!
Make My Dress Shine Slave - Ezada Sinn
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202543 – Disciplinary Proceedings 7

Even after the Double Domme Strap On Pegging, the latex slave is still at the mercy of the FemDom Ladies! Destiny van Dawn uses him for her breath control and facesitting pleasure while orgasm control queen Lady Vampira fucks his cockhole with the vibrating dilator! Then he finally gets milked with a handjob and has to swallow his own sperm! A slap in the face as a reward, spit on and laughed at by the mistresses! Domina Lady Vampira has promised him the golden shower as a post cum torture and in return she puts herself above her servant. Her pee-soaked feet stuff his piss-filled mouth, Mistress Destiny watches with a laugh…
Disciplinary Proceedings 7
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201305 – Latex breath control

We came across a pretty rubber object. With foil, control is taken over in multiple layers. Tied to the slave chair, we now have plenty of space to use it. The gas mask is connected to the hose. Now that we let the rubber slave sniff everywhere… It’s a shame that he’s so defenseless. The teasing drives him crazy. He gets to smell our perfect butts and even the latex pussy* can be sniffed. His brain burns and so does YOURS at the sight.
Latex breath control
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201170 – Disciplinary Proceedings 4

Under the tight-fitting latex mask, the slave is allowed to continue licking and pampering Mistress Destiny van Dawn’s soles with his tongue. She enjoys the intense licking services between the toes and slides her feet under the slave’s foot fetish mask, which Lady Vampira closes on his head. Dominatrix Lady Vampira trains his attention through sadistic nipple play and breath control! While her servant is still struggling to breathe with his foot in his mouth, the experienced Mistress is jerking off the CBT slave’s cock! So submissively horny from the Tease and Denial disciplinary procedure, her rubber servant is about to eat the ashes while he serves as an ashtray for the FemDoms!
Disciplinary Proceedings 4
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201050 – Zippers of my leather jacket with close-up

My black leather jacket has 7 gold zippers. There are 2 zippers at the top of the collar, then at the front, then at the sleeves and at the bottom of the sides there are pocket zippers. I’ll show you all of them in detail today. Hear the sound of my zippers. I open and close it and you can see everything up close. I take off my jacket and hang it over my shoulder. I put the jacket back on.
Zippers of my leather jacket with close-up
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200880 – Disciplinary Proceedings 2

Your FemDom disciplinary proceedings are subject to the bizarre whims of Mistress Destiny van Dawn and Dominatrix Lady Vampira! They assess, punish, discipline and educate you! According to their dominant wishes and ideas, they shape you into an obedient slave and their personal latex doll, their hot rubberdoll! You will become a feminine rubber object, a horny fuck mare, a latex slave and an obedient foot servant for the mistresses! Born to serve female domination!
Disciplinary Proceedings 2
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200704 – Be my spittoon and leather ass kisser

Today I’ll fill you with my mistress spit all day long! Open your mouth! You’ll have a lot to swallow today! And in between you celebrate ass worship! You should spoil my leather butt with your loving kisses! And when I turn my butt away, you immediately have to open your mouth wide, spittoon! Today you will be filled with spit from me so much that later it will run out of your ears! Yes, it will be a real spit booster so that the kissing function of your lips continues to work and nothing gets rusty! Of course you can also sniff my leather butt. The black leather of my strict riding breeches naturally smells particularly intensely of wonderful, soft luxury leather…
Be my spittoon and leather ass kisser
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199616 – Lady Ayse moan my name!

I love when slaves moan my name while you jerk off nicely for me. Generally I don’t like to be called mistress, there are many mistresses, but Lady Ayse only exists once. Therefore call me LadyAyse, more importantly moan my name so that it is burnt deep into your slave brain, my divine name. The hornier you get, the louder you will moan LADY AYSE also more and more passionate, that makes me very horny. Your cock is controlled so that it only needs Lady Ayse, and you will only get your satisfaction through LadyAyse. I am very good at permanently binding slaves to me, and really horny to brain fuck, with this video your path to addiction Lady Ayse is brought a bit closer. Now let your horniness run free and moan my name LADY AYSE with deep passion!
Lady Ayse moan my name!
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199056 – The power of leather ass!

The power of the leather ass is so great, especially if there is still my magnificent ass inside. Beautifully wrapped in leather and shiny I wiggle it back and forth, that clouds your senses. You see only LadyAyse in horny shiny tight leggings, and do not know what is happening around you, you are getting hornier and hornier. My shiny ass will tie you up again in this video, and rob you of the last mind. After the video you will know that you will now be forever addicted to my leather ass. I appreciate how great the power of leather ass is, and use it properly. I have the perfect ass, with or without leggings, but the perfect shine and the final touch is given by the horny leather on my splendor butt. At the end you splash horny the warm cream on my shine ass!
The power of leather ass!
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198332 – Worship Me, Leather Slave!

(This clip was filmed with my smartphone) Do you like what you see? Do you like my long leather boots, that I’ve worn countless times? Do you like my studded motorcycle jacket? I will let you kiss my jacket’s sleeve because I know leather clothing is your weakness. Go on: worship your Goddess. Stare at these beautiful pieces of fashion. Buy Me MORE. Do you have what it takes to be my leather slave?
Worship Me, Leather Slave!
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194051 – Clara’s Interview – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Clara just spent the day interviewing for new candidates for her new company, and it looks like you’re the last candidate for the day. You seem so desperate to find a new job, but Clara doesn’t seem too impressed with your past experiences. She really wonders what you could do in this office. She seems to notice you with both eyes completely on her boots, and begins to wonder if maybe you have a foot fetish! She starts asking you a few questions about it, but you seem really embarrassed to answer them since you really want this job! Clara has spent the whole day doing these interviews with her boots on, so she decides to take them off, in order to put her two feet on her desk. The smell of her black socks was very strong, and she asks you at some point if you mind. As she is the boss, she has the right to do what she wants! You seem to be concentrating on both of her feet again at the time of the interview, and that’s when she decides to bring her feet closer and closer to your face! At some point, she still asks you a few questions for this interview but, her two feet in socks with this very strong smell practically touches your face! It is at this precise moment that she decides to make you smell her feet, and also asks you to lick the underside of her very wet socks! Clara wants to know what you are willing to do to get this job! She also asks you to take off her dirty black socks, so you can smell her feet, and clean them well with your tongue! You have to take into consideration that taking care of her feet daily will probably be part of your job! Clara also asks you to suck her toes, and to clean all the little foam between her toes, so that it’s really clean! Be sure to do what she asks of you if you want to have a small chance of getting this job! She alone will make the final decision!
Clara's Interview - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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197513 – Latextasy

Lady Lexi and I now transform the slave into a latex object, which we then use as a plaything. His whole body is wrapped: latex catsuit, mask, latex socks and gloves and, in addition his hands and legs are restrained. Afterwards, our latex toy is allowed to watch how Lady Lexi and I oil each other and make our sexy rubber asses shine. Hmmm such a nice round ass… we can’t stop touching ourselves! The feeling on our skin is simply irresistible!
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197365 – 11. Bi Slave Gang Bang 3 – Double Penetration

Every slave wants to be used and inseminated, so Lady Vampira has the ideal position for it! While a 2-hole mare gives in to the lust of other men in a sling, the rubber doll underneath lets herself be pampered anally by the fucking machine! With a view of the bi slave gang bang, his hot latex cock is milked by the Venus2000 and cummed on orally by the sissy whore! The mistress dominates the perverse group sex as a strict strap-on dominatrix and will fuck all submissive holes during femdom pegging!
11. Bi Slave Gang Bang 3 - Double Penetration
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