This clip contain taboo elements like relations , cock tease/ jerk offinstructions/ leg tease/ass worship /family forbidden relations/ drinking ejaculation/ ass humiliation/ dirty talk/strip tease games/ ass shaking/ blackmail fantasy.This clip could ba called pervert turned slave sex toy by mean big This is your lucky day, pervet bro ! But whats the price you pay for this privilege being teased by your sexy dominant Lets find out…

117437 – Latextreme FemDom 1/2 – Filling with the Funnel Gag

The inflatable latex mask and the inflatable enema plug you have already got to know in the clinic, slave. What follows now is the consistent filling through the funnel fog, matching the latex system mask. A perfidious game with my divine spit and you as my slave. You suspect why I stop you the inflatable gag in the mouth? Your moan, when I fuck you with the same strapon in the ass sounds hornier, if you drool it … [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]
Latextreme FemDom 1/2 – Filling with the Funnel Gag
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116905 – Pay attention slave! – Part 1

Includes – female domination – interracial domination – triple domination – sensual domination – femdom – latex fetish – rubber fetish – oiling latex – slave tasks – slave training Mistresses can be so demanding. The slave knows this, and he loves that they instruct him precisely on how they wish their rubber outfits to be oiled ready for their sessions.The slave must try very hard not to miss a spot, going by feel alone this makes it the hardest task he has had to perform for his Mistresses so far.First he must start with Mistress Ava Black’s dress. It has so many details and pleats. They are not so easy for him to work the oil into. Will he satisfy his demanding Dommes? Find out…
Pay attention slave! - Part 1
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116707 – Beta males need My Pussy Teasing

This clip will be hard for a beta male like you. You get a pussy teasing that makes you crazy and horny. Your cock will love these cameltoe views and also the sound of my shiny leggings, when I am moving my sexy body. Of course you will never touch my wonderful body, just because you are a weak loser! But you have my permission to wank your cock to this incredible clip.You will always be my little wanker and you will always need those clips of me! So, don’t think about it, buy and watch it, my property!
Beta males need My Pussy Teasing

116548 – Hardcore Chastity Game: Pussy Teasing

So, my chastity-boy we are going to play a game today. A hardcore chastity game. I will tease you with my incredible Pussy, that you will never see in your life. You’ll never be so close to a pussy again, my little wanker. But only the thought of it will drive you crazy. Can you resist? You better do! It’s getting harder and harder. But you still not allowed to touch your slave dick – no matter what I do! Pay and play!
Hardcore Chastity Game: Pussy Teasing