162726 – Worship and Lick My Pussy In Leather Shorts! With Mistress Kira in Stockings

Hot and young Princess Kira in black nylon stockings, leather shorts and leather boots tests the strength of the tongue and lips of her slave. Oral slave obediently lies on the bench and beholds Queen Kira’s beautiful pussy covered with black leather. A young dominant girl straddled the submissive guy’s mouth and tongue, ordering him to lick and kiss her pussy through leather shorts, because the slave had not yet earned the opportunity to do cunnilingus to the Goddess. Mistress Kira grabs the slave by the hair and presses his lips to her divine pussy. Then Kira clasps the slave’s neck with her legs with a scissor grip, pressing his face even harder into her pussy (pussy smother femdom). Also, sexy Goddess Kira came closer to the lens so that you can enjoy her pussy and ass in leather close-up.
Worship and Lick My Pussy In Leather Shorts! With Mistress Kira in Stockings
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162398 – Cunt Servant 2

Only your Fuckface sticks out of the latex bondage and your hard cock arches towards me in the sauna bag. We masturbate together and I ride you with the vibrator until you can’t help but cum! My big tits and my plump ass rub wet against the shiny latex, my femdom lust drives you crazy! First I get the hot juice out of you, then I fill your wet cunt with my divine pee again!
Cunt Servant 2
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161075 – The Voyeur

This is not a trampling clip. But you can enjoy watching the stunning Mistress Krush while smoking a cigarette dressed in some very beuatiful black high heeled ponted toe leather boots, black leather trousers and some blue shirt. She looks hot again.So she sits in her chair smoking a cigarette and looks straight to the camera from time to time. It’s a POV clip and you can enjoy very nice moments if you are like being a voyeur. You can see the soles of her boots very well. There is a moment when the smoke made Mistress Krush sneeze while smoking a cigarette, but she laught for a few seconds and keep looking at the camera. To be fair is very nice moment. She doesn’t talk in the clip. Actually she says just a few words to the slave while he was filming.You can see pretty much while watching the GIF what’s the clip all about. Enjoy
The Voyeur
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161975 – ASMR The magic of latex

Let yourself be taken on a journey. Maybe it goes into the unknown for you, but maybe the world into which I want to bring you is already known to you and not strange. The delicate noises of my latex outfits crawl into your ear and take you to distant galaxies. My fingers slide over shiny rubber, fingernails scratch lightly over my fishnet tights. Do you feel a slight tingling sensation in your neck?
ASMR The magic of latex
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158695 – Leather goddess

Do you smell the finest leather and the warm skin of your mistress?Mixed with the scent of expensive perfume, it really pops in our head.You want to lose your useless juice and you will look for the redeeming words in this video."You can ejaculate" Should you find her too?The finest teasing mixed with humiliation.Wich help from me – For your "THANK YOU Mistress"
Leather goddess
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159389 – Leather mistress

Your leather mistress is enthroned proud and sublime in her long black leather coat, matching her leather gloves and leather overknee boots in front of you.With a long leather strap, your leather mistress ties off your slave hangings, tightly closes the leather collar with chain leash around your slave neck and directs you to her personal leather boot worshipper. Inject on command to the countdown of your leather mistress your slave sperm out of your slave bag.
Leather mistress
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159365 – Gorgeous Goddess Sofi In Hessian Boots and Latex Bodysuit – Pussy Worship Femdom

Every time the hot Mistress Sofi comes and a slave meets her, he is obliged to kneel down and worship to her pussy. When the devilish tattooed Goddess entered the apartment, she opened her raincoat under which she was dressed in a latex bodysuit, and hessian boots. Domineering Mistress appreciates how diligently the slave kisses her pussy and licks it right through the latex. Then she takes the slave by the hair and leads him into the room so that it would be more convenient for her to watch him oral serve her. Horny Princess Sofi takes off her coat and gets up, ordering a submissive pussyeater to lick her divine pussy. The slave must do as his Goddess says every time, and today she wants to pussy worship femdom the most. Squishy licks while sexy Mistress Sofi enjoys.
Gorgeous Goddess Sofi In Hessian Boots and Latex Bodysuit - Pussy Worship Femdom
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