157981 – Naked Facesitting 144

Hanna and her friend Jacky have for their slaves was considered special. While he was under the ass of the Hanna facesitting no air gets, he will still feel the pee in the face of Jacky here. Joschi must lay on the ground in the forest. Hanna sits on his face and almost suffocated him with her voluptuous naked ass. Then Jacky is straddling her and pisses on Hannah’s chest Joschi lying under her ass. Thus, all what them. Jacky leave to enjoy their piss. Hanna is feeling the warm piss from her on her body. And slave Joschi suffers twice.
Naked Facesitting 144
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158329 – You’re just a seat pad, loser!

You like it, don’t you? My hot ass fucks your brain! Unfortunately, you’re just a loser – and the only way you’ll experience this ass is, when your face is used as a seat pad! The hard jeans flatten your nose, and the smothering makes you panic – but you’ll endure that for the pleasure of seeing my ass up close, won’t you?! Real men would obviously experience different pleasures with this butt, but for losers like you, it only brings pain and humiliation. Let’s see how long you can take it, loser!
You're just a seat pad, loser!
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158301 – Hot Petite Girl Facesitting In Fishnet Pantyhose and Head Trample Femdom

A petite dominant girlfriend in a sexy blouse and black fishnet tights practices various facesitting positions, sometimes diluting it with a hard fullweight trampling on the head of a slave. Kira does not spare her obedient servant at all, therefore she sits on his face with all her weight, thus the slave holds his Empress only with his neck. But when such a beautiful ass in fishnet pantyhose sits on your face, you do not think at all about how difficult it is for you, but only about how lucky you are to be worthy of giving your face instead of a chair for such a Goddess that you are not worthy. It can be seen that it is very difficult for the slave to breathe because the ass of the Goddess sits right on his nose and tightly closes his mouth, yes this is fullweight ass smothering femdom to. But if the human-furniture slave thought that this was the best thing that happened to him, then he was wrong, because Mistress Kira suddenly decided to lower her pantyhose and sit on the slave’s face in only panties. Only thin thongs separate the nose of the slave from the fragrant anal hole of the young Goddess during facesitting in panties. But the slave should not receive only such undeserved pleasure and the demolition of the Queen, therefore, lastly, Kira arranged for him a hardcore head trampling. The Mistress ordered the slave to lie on the bare parquet floor and with both feet stood on his head with all her weight, absolutely no soft pillow or rug under the slave’s head gives its effect – you will see from the slave’s face and emotions that he is in unbearable pain, but the Mistress does not care. Because Kira very loves head standing trampling fullweight.
Hot Petite Girl Facesitting In Fishnet Pantyhose and Head Trample Femdom
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157979 – Naked Facesitting 145

MOVIE IN ENGISH!Facesitting-Tyranny with Goddess Perfecta and Princess Crystal!The two cruel and sadistic Glamour-Girls love to make their victim Bobby suffering extremely. They take turns sitting with their gorgeous asses on his face to take his breath away. Bobby tries to free himself by moving his head again and again but without any success. The merciless, young ladies give him no chance to take breath. They get their rocks off tormenting poor Bobby. With jigging movements they hop with their shapely asses up and down on his face.
Naked Facesitting 145
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158276 – Business Woman In Glasses and Formal Clothes Uses Human Furniture While Working On a Macbook

Sexy red-haired Mistress Sofi is dressed as a business woman in a formal outfit with a short skirt, nylon black stockings and very high heels. And also the hot business lady is wearing reading glasses. Of course, while Sofi deals with business papers and works with a MacBook, she sits on her human furniture slave (human chair slave). The slave knelt right under the table, assuming a comfortable chair shape for the priceless ass of the strict Mistress. Sofi sits on the shoulders of the slave while the slave lowered his head down so that she does not interfere with the Queen who sits on him. The office Lady was very carried away by the work completely ignoring the tired and stamina of the slave, she often forgets that next to her is a live guy, and not just a piece of furniture such as a chair. At the end of the video, dominant girl Sofi turned boring living furniture into a human-chair slave for full weight facesitting on the already familiar and warm face of her humble servant for Mistresse’s divine ass in skirt.
Business Woman In Glasses and Formal Clothes Uses Human Furniture While Working On a Macbook
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157975 – Naked Facesitting 123

Ulf’s head as a Facesitting cushion uses Bizarr Lady Jessica and she feels this while she is taking a seat with her round ass on its face she must pee. But she does not think at all to get up now but she simply lets it flow. The face and mouth of her toilet slave only is. She shouts it "drink everything!" to and Ulf already does not follow with swallowing any more, the yellow juice runs down from her pissing waterfall so.
Naked Facesitting 123
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157974 – Naked Facesitting 68

Richie must serve the fair-haired Fetishlady Lucilla as a seat cushion to hot techno rhythms with his face. It must the head on a stool very put carry its whole weight, with its face. And no air has to be breathed between her buttocks for Richie there. He can breathe only it or put his tongue into its asshole to bear the burden. Then Lucilla of it gets up, the side changes and puts itself the other way round on him. In between times before it is called again, this means a small breathing time for Richie again: Hold breath under her ass
Naked Facesitting 68
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157924 – Trying out my new yoga leggings on his face (small version)

I’ve got myself a new yoga leggings – it’s extremely sexy and has a nice pattern on it. I’ll now try it out on the loser’s face and smother him under my gorgeous ass – and see if the pattern imprints into his face when my full weight sits on it! His nose is getting flattened under my sexy butt and soon the pattern is visible on his skin as well. He struggles and squirms under me – but he doesn’t help himself with that – it only makes it even more fun for me! In the end I simply grab some gaffer tape, bind his hands together and then the facesitting continues!
Trying out my new yoga leggings on his face (small version)
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157367 – Facesitting Butt Drops

Bratty Jenny-Nina gives the slave a proper butt drop session in the middle of his face! In tight leather pants she sits on his face and orders the slave to count diligently. Butt drop after butt drop, he counts because he has no other choice. But can Bratty Jenny-Nina understand him at all? Or will he have to start all over again because of his bad pronunciation? *nasty grin*
Facesitting Butt Drops
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157971 – Naked Facesitting 48

"Made in Slovakia"- Milena gets with its arse and orders it to lick its Poloch on Richie’s face. Your friend Iveta still gives it the gane time in Slovakian about orders like it as a bonus to do this is closed. Milena in her randy one white-wash, stocking rides on its tongue until it comes to its anal orgasm. Whether Richie gets air it does not care anyway!
Naked Facesitting 48
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157969 – Naked Facesitting 32

Alida changes into the squatting position with her naked arse over Richie’s face; Her asshole must it clean leaky and then it catches it its nose between its buttocks; Richie gets no more air at all, he can only breathe it; Then it turns round over him and goes from the other side over his face into the squatting position again; He must lick its pussy now although he cannot breathe any more; But Alida does not know any mercy; Already she gets up again and Richie springs up after air and believes it is up then over? But her naked arse falls on his face once again there.
Naked Facesitting 32
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