207585 – Chastity for advanced users

Missy Van Licks and I will keep you chaste for several weeks in different cock cages! From mean to extremely mean, you will endure everything for us and resist your compulsion to jerk-off. But don’t start moaning, because then we’ll make you even hornier than you already are! We’ll loll around in front of you showing you our pussies. Then we’ll almost make you cum but then send you home again – without an orgasm, of course! Have you been through everything for us? Then we’ve got a little surprise for you…
Chastity for advanced users
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207555 – Chastity slave training: increasing frustration

Chastity slave today I want to make it clear that we are just at the beginning of your frustration! I’m going to improve it even more! Now I want you to promise me that you will carry every weight for me, no matter how small. Of course the chastity cages are now getting smaller and smaller! And you will constantly think of me. But now let’s play an awesome game. No, you shouldn’t take the cage out now! Get your vibrator, try to excite your cock in the chastity! To do this, put on a silk scarf from me, tie it tightly around your neck and sniff it. I change the silk scarf because I’m just trying on silk scarves again. You get a certain amount of time from me to fiddle around with the vibrator on the cock cage. Then I’ll count you down to 0. Oh, it didn’t work even though you begged for an orgasm. Well opportunity wasted! Now you confess to me that you have fallen for me. Say it loud and clear…
Chastity slave training: increasing frustration
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207211 – Chastity slave now gets jerked off!

I am trying on silk scarves and am calling you to me. After many weeks in the chastity cage, you can now open it and masturbate. I want to know if your cock still works! Touch him, jerk your cock! Watch me tie pretty silk scarves around my neck as a scarf. But one thing must be clear to you, I can say stop at any time! Then your cock has to go back into its cock cage immediately! This will increase your frustration! Only when you are frustrated are you obedient and willing! Whether I allow you to have an orgasm today?
Chastity slave now gets jerked off!
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206915 – Just watch, don’t jerk off

Do you think you can resist the temptation to wank your cock? I don’t know if you really deserve to wank. I decide whether you can masturbate until you come or not. I want to make you suffer, humiliate you and make you horny. I want all your attention to be focused on my arse… it’s big and round, just the way you like it! But always remember that I’m the one who decides. I love seeing you as a loser who can’t hold back without wanking for a minute. My arse, my movements, they fucked your brain. A goddess like me in front of you is one of the hottest dreams you can have. You’re a filthy financial slave who can’t wait to pay me a tribute while I make you horny and will-less and forbidden to wank. You want me to hold my arse closer to your face? Of course and I’ll make your cock really hard but you won’t touch it and you won’t jerk off. Send me a message now and tell me that you really want to jerk off. Do you think you can if you beg for it?
Just watch, don't jerk off
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206799 – It’s Locktober – Miss Yuna

In the past, things like this were always a matter of closure. But things like that always belong behind bars. It is only important that you check the functionality from time to time. After all, it should still serve its purpose. in principle we would like to tell you that we had to make a two-piece out of it due to the length of his dick, but that would of course be a lie. Rather, it is the fascinating story of a little prick who regained his freedom only to stretch his neck far too curiously into the sky. Of course, that doesn’t go down well with our Miss Yuna. We don’t know if she has an aversion or a weakness for erect penises per se, but she has very precise ideas about her slaves. The slave only has to have a hard on when she orders it. Basta! Our douchebag here apparently ate too much celery before the session. So, our Yuna has no choice then to lock up the nasty little rascal again because once again she doesn’t get what she wants. It could be so easy if men had a button.
It's Locktober - Miss Yuna
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Get ready to have your world rocked! After listening to this erotic audio, your cock and balls will be useless, while your ass becomes the ultimate pleasure zone. Your manhood will be a ghost, a mere memory of what it used to be. It’s like they never existed in the first place. Your nipples shall forever endure the agony of pain, never to feel the tender caress they desire. No pleasure, only torment. All roads lead to your ass for pleasure. Toys, fingers, or a pulsating cock – that’s the only way to feel good now. Say goodbye to your redundant manhood, as it fades into insignificance.
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206070 – Custom Clip – Chastity Locktober Wanking

Heiko, you cripple-cocked loser. It’s the middle of Locktober and you’re chaste for me. Chaste and horny. Your horniness pulsates in the chastity cage when you are at the mercy of my verbal humiliations, may sniff my leather, lick my boots and thereby come into the agonizing pleasure of a chaste Locktober wanking. This sweet torment will intensify your dependence on me and your addiction to me, fuck your brain and make your weak flesh will-less for me.
Custom Clip - Chastity Locktober Wanking
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Lock up your desires and brace yourself for a spine-chilling custom clip that will haunt your dreams! If you’re a fan of chastity, this one’s for you! Miss Deviant has made her decision, and you shall remain locked and denied. This fierce queen knows how to keep you on your toes with her daily dose of Viagra, late-night porn sessions, and irresistible foot teasing. Witnessing her other slave’s pleasure, while denied your own, is a tantalizing reminder of your submissive journey. Indulge in the exquisite torment of Miss Deviant’s teasing, as she skillfully denies you the release you crave. Embrace the beauty of surrendering to her power and discovering new limits.
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No more chances left to redeem yourself. You’ve disobeyed the rules of chastity one too many times. The purpose of a chastity sentence is to teach obedience. But you failed to learn the lesson. The purpose of a chastity sentence is to teach obedience. But you failed to learn the lesson. Now you must suffer the ultimate punishment of spending the rest of your life locked in chastity. Locked away, forever denied. The ultimate punishment of chastity awaits, leaving desires unfulfilled. Can you handle the sentence?
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Unleash the power of your imagination with erotic audio! Feel the tantalizing pleasure as your mind keeps you on the edge for 30 days, building up to the most mind-blowing climax. The thrill never ends! After the climax, it’s time to stay on edge for another 30 days. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of pleasure and anticipation!
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202110 – Chastity – Disclosure, Jerk Off Trial & Closure

Einstein said that time is relative. That’s right. My slave feels his previous duration of chastity is long. I, on the other hand, perceive it as short. At least, considering that the rest of his life in chastity still lies ahead of him. Well, as is well known, hope perishes last. By allowing him an disclosure and jerk-off trial, I push this hope. Of course under aggravated condition. Only to stifle it directly again in the (germ) chastity cage!
Chastity - Disclosure, Jerk Off Trial & Closure
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201379 – Small dicks stay chaste!

You have a small cock and therefore you are not useful for women! You’ll never be able to satisfy a pussy! That’s why I’m going to lock up your dick and keep it chaste – forever! You will remain pussyfree – forever! At least you’ll be willing and submissive to serve women like me! I won’t make it easy for you, I promise you that! I will torment you by making you horny again and again! (Language: EN)
Small dicks stay chaste!
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201239 – Look without jerking off – that’s your job! – small version

Mistress Jane is quite in love with her new outfit. This dress is very sexy and the pantyhose that she wears with it is especially effective on you. Mistress Jane pulls up her dress and shows you her sexy ass in these nylon tights! Too bad your little cock is still trapped in its cage and not allowed to come out. Look at her horny nylon ass and practice self-denial. You are not allowed to do anything except look!
Look without jerking off - that's your job! - small version
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201156 – You want to worship my ass? Then I’ll keep you chaste!

Look how perfect I am. Look at my hot ass in these tight jeans and now look at this loser of a slave. Do you think a loser like him deserves to wank his cock or even decide when he can cum? Do you think he can worship my ass whenever he wants without my permission? No! Of course he can’t! I decide when he can jerk off his cock and when he worships my ass. I want absolute control over his slave cock and that’s exactly why the slave will now pull down his pants, take the chastity device and put it on. He can hand over the keys to me and only then can he worship my hot ass. He is dependent on my ass and will do anything for it. If I want him to be chaste, then chaste he will be! There’s no more wanking now. I like this loser so much better this way and I’m sure you can imagine what I have in store for you too. All my slaves are kept chaste after a while and you will be too! (Clip language: English/Spanish)
You want to worship my ass? Then I'll keep you chaste!
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199614 – No Nut November – The Challenge 2023

No Nut November promises to be one of the most demanding months of your year. While Locktober provided the security of a chastity belt that shielded you from temptations, it is now entirely up to your will. No Nut November, abbreviated as NNN, stands for complete abstinence. No masturbating, no climaxing, not even a gentle touch is allowed. But rest assured, I will tease and challenge you daily! My weekly videos are just the beginning. Every day, I will release images and short clips that will tempt you constantly. Your arousal will grow, and the challenge will become more significant. I thoroughly enjoy making you squirm, seducing you, and putting your endurance to the test. No Nut November will be a test of your willpower and self-discipline like never before. Are you ready to take on this challenge?
No Nut November - The Challenge 2023
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Embrace the sweet torment of Locktober, where the pillow becomes your sanctuary and humiliation becomes your liberation. Humping through life for Miss Deviant’s pleasure, because being a loser in the game of amusement is the most entertaining path to take! Denied and locked in chastity, you will surrender to the addictive power of submission, embracing your role as a devoted slave.
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