Too much of a wimp to take part in Locktober with an actual chastity cage? Then this should be perfect for you. This erotic audio puts you in financial chastity. This means that you won’t be able to cum unless you pay me. And you will pay me. You’ll pay me because not only do you want to cum, but that orgasm will feel much more amazing BECAUSE you have paid me!
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169321 – Sissyfied with e-stim chastity cage

Spread your legs and show me your misery. You know your cock will never be good enough right? That’s why we lock your clitoris in a chastity cage as quickly as possible and will make you the shape that suits you better.Perfectly sissyfied, you are for ced to ruin your orgasm for me. You have to work hard to achieve an orgasm!A clip for Electro chastity cage users
Sissyfied with e-stim chastity cage
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169526 – Freedom is expensive for chastity slaves

Come over here – and take off your clothes. I bet it’s getting pretty tight in your chastity belt when you see me in this sexy outfit, doesn’t it? After such a long time of chastity, your little cock wants to get hard whenever you just see a woman, doesn’t it? Well, too bad that you’re still locked up … should I set you free? Only for a little while? I know it’s mean to not tell you in advance, when I’ll unlock you again … will it be days, weeks or months?! And I know how badly you want to jerk off … but you know, for slaves like you, freedom can be pretty expensive! I’ll tell you how much it will cost you – but you better don’t expect mercy or compassion!
Freedom is expensive for chastity slaves
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I’m sure that cage around your useless dick is getting tighter and tighter by the day. And you still have such a long way to go until your dick finally gets its freedom. So, I’m sure you’ll crack when you see me taunting you about how badly you want to feel my big juicy tits around your dick. I mean I could let you fuck my tits while you’re in chastity. But let’s face it. You’re not going to feel a thing! Still, I’m cruel enough to tease you this way!
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169318 – Day 6 LOCKTOBER

Your cock twitches and throbs. I sprinkle "salt on the wound" nicely. The topic today: "Now a great fuck!" Oh yes, you are welcome to have such thoughts. But I make sure that these thoughts always end with humiliation and frustration. I’ve taken your manhood and locked it away. How much do you mean, how much value you still have as a so-called "man"?
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169264 – Day 4 LOCKTOBER

Today I’ll bring your blo od to a boil! It will simmer and flow right into your locked tail. The chastity belt presses and the balls scream. but you MUST follow my tasks and orders. The more you complain and suffer from the torment of pleasure, the hornier I get. So stimulate yourself just as I say and "suffer" for me!
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169263 – Day 3 LOCKTOBER

I want to play a game, chastity slave.I’m going to make a bet with you in this video. The bet is so bittersweet that you will get hot and cold at the same time. I’ll start right away to encourage you to lose! The mistress shows her most erotic side and your temptation will grow more and more! Do you get through it? Or will your chastity fail? The game begins …
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169262 – Day 2 LOCKTOBER

You made it 24 hours.The first night was almost unbearable and you have to think of me with every tweak and rattle that your KG utters. Good. VERY GOOD. It has started, slave! Do you want a praise? A medal that you managed 24 hours? Laughable. I will make your situation clear to you again and let your sausage swell in your prison.
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169260 – Day 1 Locktober

It is time for you, my dear little slave.You were allowed to run around freely for far too long and jerk off wildly like an uncontrolled animal! Chastity will do you good. That your thoughts will only revolve around me will do you good. That your balls will swell will do you good again. Yes, you’re already locked. You are already under my control. I already have your keys. And now you are my chaste
Day 1 Locktober
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A nice little audio file, which is perfect for Locktober! Just in case you get tempted to cheat during your month-long chastity experience, this file will cause your genitals to feel as though they are frozen and numb. You’ll still be mentally aroused, but your cock and balls will not respond. It will be as though they aren’t even there. No amount of stimulation will bring them back. And this includes masturbation, fucking, and using toys. Oh, and the effects are PERMANENT! No more release for you!
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The month you dread has finally arrived. That’s right, jerkers. We are in Locktober. And today, your dick gets locked in its cage where it belongs, for the whole month. But what of your keys? You might think you’re going to have easy access to them in case you weaken. And you’d be wrong. I have no intention of making things easy for you this Locktober, and that’s why we’re going to start by making sure your chastity keys are well out of reach.
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168801 – Locktober – pre-cum will be collected!

It’s that time again. In loctober each of my beta cunts has to stay chaste – including you! There is no exception! This works with and without chastity cage! This year we will work on your horniness, because I require you to always put on a condom when your cock starts to leak. Attention: The exact same condom is used every time! The condom will be edge-full at the end of the month, because I do not make it easy for you, you can believe me! Then you can finally cum again… in the same condom of course! And as rewards for a successful month, you will eat your own loser cum and slurp it out of your condom!
Locktober - pre-cum will be collected!
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168476 – CHASTE & FUCKED

This is a hot audio erotica file with the ultimate mind fuck. I know that sometimes, just as you’re about to get off, some intrusive thought pops into your head and you’re completely flaccid. Well, this file uses the three main ingredients for getting off – relaxation, stimulation, and focus. And with the help of being chastised and only thinking about anal or oral sex, you’ll get the ingredients right every single time. And ultimately, you’ll become my chaste slave, always eager to be fucked!
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The Church of Chastity welcomes obsessed wankers like you, not just for their chastity program but for their breeding program. You will be retrained into learning that your cock is only good for reproduction and therefore not to be jerked. Your reward will be to fuck the specially selected virgins for means of creating more members of the Church. Your punishment will be the jail your cock will remain in if you fail in your new role!
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