162749 – Smothered and humiliated under sweaty nylons (small version)

I’ve bound my slave’s hands to the legs of my office desk and rest my high heels on his chest – before taking them off and rubbing my sweaty nylon feet all over his face. Then I increase the pressure and smother him under my big feet. He starts to moan and struggle under my feet, but I only give him short recoveries before the smothering continues. After a while, I get up from my chair, sit on the desk and make a phone call – while continuing to smother the slave with my feet of course. I just love how he’s panicking more and more – and how completely helpless he is under my feet!
Smothered and humiliated under sweaty nylons (small version)
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162118 – Your face between her tits – small version

Big tits are making you feel weak at the knees. But this is very bad for you, because now you have to be strong… Goddess Yasemin takes your breath away with her big breasts! She presses your face firmly between her huge tits and squeezes your mouth and nose. You enjoy the best view of your life, but how long can you last without oxygen between her hot boobs?
Your face between her tits - small version
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162181 – Helpless slave smothered under my big feet (small version)

The slave’s face is my footstool while I relax on the couch and concentrate on my phone. I smother him under my nylon feet and only give him short pauses – in which he can smell my nylon feet – before I press my feet back down on his mouth and nose and continue to smother him! As he’s locked in the smotherbox and his hands are not only tied together, but also tied to his body, he can’t do anything to get my feet off his face and is completely helpless under my feet! I take a few photos of him under my feet as well – they might be fun to send around his friends … or maybe his boss? 😀 I notice he can still get tiny amounts of air from the corner of his mouth – so I grab some duct tape and seal his mouth shut! Then the smothering continues! I also stand up and press my foot firmly on his nose in this position!
Helpless slave smothered under my big feet (small version)
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162081 – So close to my tits

Be careful what you wish for! My slave learns this lesson the hard way today. I repeatedly caught him staring at my breasts and saw in his eyes that he would like to be close to them. Well, that he can have! Of course, the whole thing runs on MY terms and thus not quite as he imagined. I wonder if he will learn from his mistake?
So close to my tits
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I have my slave in a Zentai suit. He is also tightly gagged with a ball gag, and the hood zipped. His muffled gasps amuse me as he struggles to breathe and I leave him there for some hours until I decided what to do with him. Later I want to have some fun with my hooded bitch, so I unzip his hood and he lets out a huge gasp as I remove his tight ball gag. His relief will not last as I have other plans. I get some PVC tape, and quickly begin to tightly bind it around his face, and he struggles as each layer tightens around his head. Unfortunately, I can?t see those eyes of his bulge. All that is left is a tiny slot for him to breathe. Of course that?s not going to save him from suffering. With his silver shiny taped head firmly in my grasp, he desperately struggles as I tighten my grip around his mouth. With no escape, there?s an inevitability of the outcome as I continue to smother him, and he eventually succumbs to his fate in his Oxygen Blue?
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161517 – Facesitting 349

Double Blondie Leggins Smothering!VIDEO IN HUNGARIAN! Princess Kimberly and Lisa smother their slave Smirni with their sexy leggins and latex trouser. The two blonde beasts first press his face intensely against their leggins asses. Rub his nose and mouth against her latex asses. Then they sit down on his face with their horny asses in latex pants and leggins and take him the air to breath. They sit on his stomach, occasionally dominate him with their feet and ride on his face. They amuse themselves loudly and obviously have fun tormenting him
Facesitting 349
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160682 – SAV-034 Beating The Trainer!

Bella was in her home gym, working out. Chris who is her workout coach came in and decided to take over and try to show Bella how things were done. He was being very cocky, arrogant and putting her down. Bella had enough of listening to his nonsense, and threw him down on the workout bench. She began to scissor him while humiliating and verbally bashing him. She calls him skinny, a wimp etc all the while dominating him, his head trapped in her rock hard thighs. She decides to shut him up for a bit with some full weight facesitting, all the while he was trapped on the bench. The action then moves to the floor, as Bella pulls him off the bench onto the cement floor. From there Chris found out just how strong Bella was as she sits on his face mercilessly, showing no signs of letting up on him. With more head pounding and crushing scissors, full weight facesits, and verbal trashing, Bella was ready for Chris to give up. Clearly Chris was no match for the tougher more experienced Bella, having spent all his time being scissored out, or smothered, he finally gives up to her. Bella sits proudly in full weight on his throat, gloating her win.
SAV-034 Beating The Trainer!
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156360 – Scarlett’s Starflix Session – (High Quality Version)

Scarlett is a really sexy gothic lady who turns me on completely with her feet, and it seems she is totally aware of this situation! We were both in the room to watch a few episodes on the little Mac Book Air, and I was right on her back with her boots really close to my face! I am pretty sure that she knows she could easily take advantage of me in this position! At one point, she made me take off her boots, then the smell of her socks was so intense, that she wanted me to smell them! She takes pleasure in rubbing her sweaty black socks all over my face, and seeing her smile, I am pretty sure she felt my hard cock on her sweet little ass! I had an instant erection, right after a few deep breaths in her socks! She makes me take deep breaths in her socks, and makes lie lick the sweaty bottoms of her socks too! They were so tasty! Scarlett also wanted to give her feet some fresh air, so she makes me take her socks off with my teeth, then just shoves her dirty socks into my mouth with her cute little toes! It was so hot! She makes me sniff her feet while she makes me chew on her sweaty black socks at the same time, while she just relaxes and watches her Starflix! The smell of her feet was so strong! She takes pleasure in rubbing her smelly feet all over my face again, and makes me lick and clean the sweaty bottom of her soles! That was another amazing Starflix session! There is also an extended version of this clip, which is actually 20 minutes long! You will find it directly on the next page, or just below this version!
Scarlett's Starflix Session - (High Quality Version)
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160140 – C!hoke ON LEATHER GLOVES

Since your dad has marry to a dominatrix your life become a nightmare.She is not a loving kind stepmother how you have expected, she will never read you on fairy tales books become bed time.She is mean,posessive, manipulative, evil, powerful, weirds but so damn sexy.She has a crush on breathcontrol games wearing leather gloves .Every day, every hay, she is unstoppable.C!hoke on stepmother leather gloves!


The girl plans to take revenge on her girlfriends . First, she persuades one of her girlfriends to deal with the other herself, says that she will teach, and this is fine, and she agrees. When she comes to visit them, they put her to sleep, tie her up, and the girl deals with her, but she did not suspect that after that, the same thing would happen to her
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159933 – Neck seduction

She approaches her girlfriend to seduce her with her beautiful neck, she starts to unbutton her shirt showing and caressing her neck. But the mood of her girlfriend was different, of course she was tempted by her neck, but not for caresses. At one point, she grabs her by the throat, throws her to the floor and squeezes her neck with her hands, and then the whole thing ends with a wire around her neck. And only then does she caress her neck
Neck seduction
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160116 – Facesitting 346

Milf Domination TOTAL Smothering!The dominant milf bitch smother him first in her blue lingerie body. She also smother him with her big tits in the blue body. After this she take off her clothes and continue smother him with her big cellulitis ass. She destroy him under her curvy ass and give him with her mega boobs the rest, when she choke him between they.
Facesitting 346
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159338 – Facesitting 342

I riding my pussy on his face to orgasm!VIDEO IN EGLISH!Teen Princess Valerie abuses Smirni to get her orgasm on his face. Completely wrapped in foil, he has to lie defenseless and endure everything. The instinctual, dominant young mistress rides his face hard to her climax. In different positions she whets her pussy on his face in ryhtmic movements. At the end he has to watch her give herself the last kick with a vibrator, only to drown his wretched slave face in her pussy nectar. With ****** thrusts she doused his face with her cunt juice.
Facesitting 342
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158460 – Locked for foot smother and smelling (small version)

I’ve locked the slave in the smotherbox and bound his hands – and then also tape his mouth shut to make sure he can only breathe through his nose. I take off my high heels and reveal my moist nylon feet. I’ll now smother him under my feet – and when I let him breathe, he’ll have no chance, but to smell my stinky nylons! No matter how hard he struggles – there’s no escape – no escape from my powerful feet that smother him – and no escape from the smell either! He’s clearly disgusted by the smell and panics when I smother him for longer periods … just the way a slave deserves!
Locked for foot smother and smelling (small version)
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158442 – Strong Mistress in Pantyhose – Smother Femdom Using Her Feet, Butt and Hand Over Mouth

A smug, sexy and also very strong Mistress Sofi in an erotic blouse and red pantyhose practices smother female domination on her slave. The brutal Mistress began to torment her slave with her nylon feet. Sofi sat down on the slave’s belly and putting both feet on his face – cut off his breathing. But when the dominant beauty realized that the submissive still manages to breathe somehow, then she changed her feet to her hands. Young Mistress tightly grabbed the slave’s nose and mouth with her hands, completely blocking his access to air and the ability to breathe. And at that moment when the slave began to wave his arms hysterically and twist his head trying to free himself – Sofi realized that she really liked hom-smother femdom (hand over slave’s mouth). Therefore, further, the girl-tormentor in ram clothes smothers the slave with her hands, sometimes diluting the homsmother with facesitting (ass smothering) and footrest (foot-smothering).
Strong Mistress in Pantyhose - Smother Femdom Using Her Feet, Butt and Hand Over Mouth
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154584 – Bella’s First Foot Fetish Experience – Complete Version – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Bella is a wonderful dream girl I met a few weeks ago at a restaurant since working as a waitress, but it seems to me that she was really exhausted from work that night. She told me several times how much her feet hurt after her days at work, and she also told me also that she wished she could have a boyfriend to give her nice foot massages after work! I told her that I would be more than happy to give her a nice foot massage after work if she would give me the chance to do so, even though I am not her boyfriend, and it looks like she liked the idea! She said that she would be a little shy about it, since her feet are so sweaty, and so stinky after work, so I told her I would really not have a problem with that, since I am a little used to it. She said that she would be willing to give me the opportunity to give her a good foot massage after work, but with only two conditions. The first condition was that the foot massage should last at least sixty minutes, and the second condition was that I would have to deal with the consequences and the smell of her feet after work, even though they are extra stinky! We had a deal!Bella knocks at my door on a beautiful Friday summer night, after working a twelve hours double shift, and she said this foot massage would be the best thing in the world right now, since she has been working all day long in her sneakers! She also told me that she had heard of my website, and she would love to try this position where she could rest her sweaty feet on my face on the couch! I had an instant erection, just hearing her say that to me! We were about to start, so Bella remembers me that she wants me to do this for at least 60 minutes, and she wants me to try to go for two hours straight if I can! She makes me take her sneakers off, then immediately cover my face with her sweaty black socks! That was so intense! I was in paradise! Again, I got an instant erection from that strong smell from her socks, and I am pretty sure she could easily feel it right in between her legs! She smiles at it, makes me breathe deeply into her socks, and makes me lick the sweaty bottoms of her socks too! They were so sweaty, and so tasty! It seems like a really intense double-shift! Bella also gives me the honor of sniffing the insides of her sneakers, and they smelled like heaven too! Bella tells me that she would love to see me worship her feet, since she noticed that I was doing it in the videos, so she makes me take off her socks with my teeth, and just push them into my mouth with her toes! She covers my face with her sweaty bare feet, so I was actually chewing on her stinky socks, and breathing through her smelly bare feet at the same time! She seems to really enjoy having so much attention on her feet, so she makes me take a few deep breaths in her feet and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! I could see her beautiful smile and her beautiful eyes through her toes, and again I had to say that I was in Heaven! Bella makes me lick her smelly feet from heel to toe, and makes me lick all the dirt right between each of her toes! She told me that she would love to use my face like this every night. Hopefully I will have another chance to see her again! Bella is definitely one of the most beautiful thing I have seen this year! You will instantly fall in love with this dream girl! Hope you enjoy this sweaty socks challenge and first experience as much as I did! The complete version of this clip is actually 72 minutes long, and you will find it right on the next page, or just below this version! Bella is actually 22 years old, and she is foot size seven! This is just the challenge of the year!
Bella's First Foot Fetish Experience - Complete Version - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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