ENGLISH LANGUAGEI stuck my slave in the bodybag. This position is perfect for smothering him and tormenting him with my legs. In fact, I want to subject him to a lethal scissorhold treatment. This slave loves my thighs and legs very much, who knows if after this last breath treatment he will continue to love them so much. The last few minutes, where the strength of my legs also join my hands over his mouth to smother him, are truly lethal. In fact, I knock him out, leaving him breathless on the ground.
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ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy slave broke a pair of my new pantyhose. Of course, it won’t be enough for him to buy a new pair, but he must be severely punished. I decide to smother him, and tied to the easel he cannot escape the power of my hands. I love to torment him like this, until I feel his breath getting weaker and fainter as the power with which I push my hands over his mouth and nose increases. I only stop when I feel that has reached the limit. Who knows, if the lack of oxygen will have made him understand the mistake he made!
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ENGLISH LANGUAGEEven today my slave will be subjected to harsh treatment. I love tormenting him, controlling his breathing. I sit on top of him and after having blocked his breath with my hands, I start doing it with a latex cloth. In this way he can understand how much I am stronger than him and that his life depends only on me. I take it to the limit several times, only stopping when I feel it is close to my last breath. The last one countdown is really beautiful, and since he came out safe and sound I also allow him to kiss my feet.
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ENGLISH LANGUAGEI have my slave stuck in the bodybag and blindfolded. This combination is perfect because he cannot move and has no way of resist me. So, thanks to my latex sheet, I can control her breathing perfectly. His suffering is maximum, I give him very little time to breathe. I love to see him squirm to catch his breath, so I increase the difficulty by sitting on his face, but I won’t give him my ass for too long. In fact, I finish it by pressing my hands on his mouth, and then leave him on the ground lifeless.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave is sitting in the armchair. Obviously not to rest, but to be tormented by me. In fact, I’m going to take his breath away until he loses his strength. And I will do it, as well as using a latex cloth, above all with my hands, which he loves very much. Precisely for this reason I cannot allow him to have direct contact with my hands for too long, so I start to use a red latex sheet. He suffers and squirms a lot, just the way I like it. I will only stop when he begs my pity. I finish it with a lethal combination: latex, hands and legs around the neck, thanks to which in a few seconds I can knock him out!
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178847 – Introducing to You Miss Henny Diamonds (1080p MP4)

Today we have a new Mistress on our store. We did three clips so far, so keep your eyes peeled guys. Let me introduce you to Mistress Henny Diamonds now. Such a beautiful, sadistic and Amazonian lady who loves having fun with male slaves.The helpless slave is already on the bed having his face beneath the beautiful big ass of Miss Henny. Wearing her leather look pencil skirt she will be smothering the slave the entire clip by only allowing him to breathe when she decides. The slave is just her little bitch, a human seat for her. But she shows him some mercy by giving him a hand job during the clip and he is allowed to cum. The slave thinks after his cumshot that Miss Henny is done with him, but no way. She just keeps continuing with the face sitting and smothering despite the fact the slave is already spent. Of course at the end of the clip he is just left there lying down absolutely helpless on the bed.You can enjoy really nice camera angles.
Introducing to You Miss Henny Diamonds (1080p MP4)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave is in a very inconvenient position for him. In fact, I have tied him firmly to the cross so that he is totally at my mercy. After having blocked him I enjoy controlling his breath by wrapping his face with black latex, also pressing my hands on his mouth. He squirms and moans, but I have no intention of stopping. In fact I go down more and more heavily. His breath it belongs to me, so I can decide when to block it. After a lethal countdown, I leave him lifeless on the cross.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave is tied up, ready to offer me his breath. I wrap his face with a latex sheet to block his breath. To keep him from being able to breathe, I press my hands to his mouth. Hands plus latex are really a deadly combination for don’t let it breathe. I have no intention of warning to go lightly, so that I will only stop when he asks me compassion. Nothing else can save him!
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178846 – Miss Anna Elite – Leather Face Sitting with Cumshot (720p MP4)

The beautiful and sadistic bombshell Miss Anna Elite came back to her own bedroom to find out that one of her slaves is sleeping on her bed. Oh my days, really hahaha. Such a big mistake. Dressed pretty casual in her pink shirt and black leather trousers Miss Anna has a good punishment in mind for that slave.He is also trying to be cheeky by explaining his disgusting behaviour which makes Miss Anna Elite even more angry. He thinks he’s got a privilege as a good slave. Can you believe that ? The Goddess will teach him a lesson. He will be smothered beneath her gorgeous leather ass with absolute no mercy as she wants his lips sealed onto her leather pants. Bouncing on his face many times and doing a few different positions Miss Anna is smothering the slave with such an ease and joy while he is struggling for air beneath her beautiful leather ass. But the slave gets so excited, we mean his cock which makes Miss Anna kind of happier as he is absolutely powerless. She’s started to play with his cock from time to time because obviously he’s so desperate to cum. And the cock belongs to Miss Anna, she can do whatever she likes. His cock is being teased so much only with the two little fingers of the Goddess, so imagine how sensitive it is. She also thinks how the cock this tiny can cum at all, but towards the end of the clip the slave is begging Miss Anna to allow him to cum and Miss Anna shows him some mercy by letting him do that while his face is still being beneath her leather magnificent ass. Actually she made him beg. The slave tastes his own cum at the end of the clip as well while Miss Anna is laughing at him so much. She is so merciless as usual.
Miss Anna Elite - Leather Face Sitting with Cumshot (720p MP4)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI have my slave firmly tied to the bench, and I I want to take his breath away. To do this I use a beautiful latex cloth, and mummify him. He squirms and moans, but it doesn’t take pity on me minimally. Today this slave will have to suffer a lot, he will have no escape. Especially when I block his breath with my countdowns. The last of these countdowns is really lethal, in fact, I leave him dying on the bench. Losing your breath for his own Mistress it is indeed a great fortune for a useless slave like him.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI so enjoy being in full control and having my slave tightly wrapped and bound in Black cling film makes it even more pleasurable. I have also tightly bound his head and face with tape, and it?s extremely hot for him. It?s time to make him suffer, and I quickly get started with some hand over mouth smother. All he can do is gasp for air as my hands tighten around his mouth and face. I play a little game with my bitch, and while keeping a tight on his air ways I give him a countdown. Of course he panics and tries desperately to breathe. However, I?m in full control and I alone decide how much precious oxygen he can get, as I continue to make him squirm and suffer in his tight Black Heat?
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180715 – CPL-JP-334 Winner Takes All! Part 2

Mia and Ariel are both in a rather aggressive mood today, which will make for some terrific female domination action. Mia was tired of getting beat all the time, and Ariel hates to lose, literally. Both girls adrenaline is rushing, and they hold nothing back when they begin. This match has great action right from the get go, with both girls fighting hard for top position. Each girl gets thrown to the mats, and roll around vying to get on top. Mia ends up flying down onto her back, while Ariel struggles to keep her there. She manages to secure Mai down, then starts pounding away on Mia’s face with face sits, trying to break her down and wind her. Ariel then makes a grave mistake, and releases Mia, but manages to recover quickly, and Mia finds herself now in serious trouble in a perfectly executed rear naked choke. Ariel cranks it on tight, Mia to tap out, before she ends up going out. This goes on for a bit, but Mia manages to escape, and Ariel is now really upset, you can see it in her face as she looks up at the camera with an angry agitated look on her face. Now Mia is on control, face sitting her now angry nemesis, and gets brutal with her. Full weight face sits, hair pulling, and very painful holds are in order now for Ariel. Mia was looking for serious payback. Ariel found herself no longer in control, and was beginning to tire. But she still had fight left in her. by the end of this non stop action packed clip, one girl found herself with a face full of pussy, being smothered, running out of breath, and time, and was to give up. Which girl came out on top? Who was the ultimate winner? Buy this clip and see for yourself. Someone is going home a sore loser.
CPL-JP-334 Winner Takes All! Part 2
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180557 – Hot Smother Femdom With Sofi and Kira – Ass Smothering, Foot Smother, Hand Smother, Pussy Smother

Hot pussy worship of Mistress Sofi smoothly develops into slave smothering in every possible way. Sofi covers the mouth and nose of the slave with her palms, blocking his access to air (hand over mouth). Then the Mistress sits on the face of the slave again making it difficult for him to breathe (ass smothering). Then, when Sofi put her bare feet on the slave’s face, blocking the slave’s ability to breathe, the operator Kira could not restrain herself and joined her dominant girlfriend. Now both Mistresses are smother the slave with their asses and legs.
Hot Smother Femdom With Sofi and Kira - Ass Smothering, Foot Smother, Hand Smother, Pussy Smother
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179324 – Facesitting 368

Double Blondie Smothering And Ass Face Jumping! VIDEO IN HUNGARIAN! Princess Kimberly and Amanda smother Smirni . The two dominant blonde girls sit down on his face with their plump asses and rob him of the air he needs to breathe. They jump on his face from both sides with their plump asses. The two blonde girls really go wild and screech with sadistic pleasure!
Facesitting 368
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I am here once again with the slave who claims to be unsurpassed in holding his breath. He hasn’t impressed me so far, let’s see if he can do better today. I start with a little smother with bare hands; then I decide to close his mouth with plastic tape, so all I have to do is to close his nose to completely block his breath. Then an idea comes to me: I take a timer, so that I can measure the times exactly. I start to set it to 30 seconds, then a minute then ??.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGDepriving my slaves of oxygen is always challenging, and I so enjoy making them squirm to breathe. Today I have decided to encase my bitch in a tight body bag, and place a ball gag in his mouth. Breathing for him is already difficult, and as you can see escape is impossible. I have full control over him and he is completely at my mercy. I sit him down in front of the sofa, and I?m going to make him suffer. Pulling on my tight arm length gloves, I can see the fear in his eyes. He should be afraid, as I?m going to have a lot of fun. I tease him before removing his ball gag, and quickly begin giving him hand over mouth smother. With every tight grip of my hands over his mouth, I can see his eyes beginning to bulge. He wriggles to get away, however he?s completely helpless. As I continue with my punishing smothering, and watch him try to breathe. However, his pain is just beginning. I have a plastic bag to hand, and I?m going to use it to good use to torment my bitch even more. As I pull it over his head, I can see once again see that helpless look in his eyes. As he tries to breathe, the plastic tightens around his face and head like a second skin. I then use my hands to make it even more impossible for him, as he struggles and squirms under my tight grip over his face and mouth. I decide to leave him there. Of course, to make sure he doesn?t make too much noise I place a tight ball gag in his mouth. He?s such a pathetic sight as he sucks for some last dregs of air. Not today? He is Bagged For His Last Gasp?
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177046 – Gingerale – Your Face is my Seat (720p MP4)

You know Gingerale aka Miss Tress Roux already from our previous clip. Basically this is a continuation from that clip. The Goddess already used the slave’s pathetic head as a human furniture and now she wants to use his face as a seat.Gingerale brings back the slave and instructs him to stay in a certain position so she can sit on his face while counting her money and some more random things. She carelessly make herself comfortable not even realising that she’s smothering him at the same time. Love the fact that the slave is really struggling to breathe while Gibgerale takes a few selfie’s. He is wiggling most of the time but that won’t help him at all. The Goddess just adjust his face as she sees fit. She is having so much fun laughing at him while he suffers.The Goddess sit on his face in three different positions and you can see that by watching the preview. Also some great camera angels and close ups as well. Enjoy
Gingerale - Your Face is my Seat (720p MP4)
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176883 – Be my Toilet Paper

"Yes! Yes! Now you are stuck with me!" Murderotica gleams with a big smile. "So I told you I needed toilet paper today right? Annnnd you’re going to be my toilet paper!" Murderotica has it’s face saran wrapped to her butt as she selfie films it smothering deep into her ass crack. "Ok so you are going to be my toilet paper because I ran out and frankly I don’t feel like going to the store and also I kind of want to be more eco friendly so I thought why not use you instead!"Leaving it wrapped to her sweaty ass laughing as it gasps and weakens for air. It has nothing to smell but her ass and Murderotica is loving it! She shakes and twerks her ass in it’s face causing it to sink deeper into the crevices of despair. She will not let it escape until it cleans out her asshole like the toilet paper it is! "You are going to have lots and lots of sweat to lick up" she laughs. "You have a job to do. Are you going to lick my ass or what?" she says pushing it’s face deeper into her butt as she continues twerking and laughing."Look I have **** to do, and buying toilet paper is not one of them! Don’t you want to help the planet out?" If it wants out, the only way to escape is to lick her asshole clean and agree to become her toilet paper for life! "The more that you say no to me, the more I’m going to twist this around my body and the more you will be stuck to my ass. Do you want to be my toilet paper? Yes?"It finally submits and agrees to becoming her toilet paper. Murderotica lowers her panties shoving her butt right into it’s face! "You better get in there! Start being my damn toilet paper! Get in there!" It’s tongue digs deep into her asshole licking it out clean. She films the footage using her selfie stick, happy to finally have her ‘Eco-Friendly’ toilet paper. She giggles as it smothers and eats her ass out ‘human centipede’ style! Murderotica is enjoying herself so much she loses track of time.’MURDEROTICA’S EDITION’ CONTAINS EXCLUSIVE SELFIE FOOTAGE TAKEN FROM HER PHONE!
Be my Toilet Paper
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI always enjoy a little workout on my legs. Today I?m going to use my slave to enjoy myself. He?s going to experience the power of beautiful long legs, as I put him in s scissor hold. He will be completely at my mercy, as give him some hand over mouth smother. His gasps are music to my ears, as I wrap my powerful thighs around his neck putting my bitch in a really Tight Squeeze?
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