90608 – CLIP – Anniversary $$$ 1 Year Princess Roxy Cash

For a year now I’m in the scene, regularly active but only the last six months. In this half year, I have already done more than some other ladys who already 3-4 years are in the scene. Which means that I just got it in the blood, because, as I like to say? You can’t become a goddess, you’re is born as such. And I was born so. I have collected during this period vast amounts of experience and especially thick Cash! I love and live the luxury, it’s just my destiny! I am a very special and prick out, because I just know how I deal with my little pussies. I live with 23 years already in my own home with my Lover, who no longer even want to do without the luxury life! As a thank you for all my Cash Bitches there is the clip at a special rate, as a small token of me. 😉 To many more years where I fuck you your brain and you pull into my spell, so you can give and loyal service, as usual 😉
Anniversary $$$ 1 Year Princess Roxy Cash
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90164 – CLIP – Presents for the Princess

You can be there, when I open my packages from my slaves. These gifts have been ordered from my Wish List from Amazon for me and have given me great joy not all arrived on the same day 🙂 Since the video is cut together. This week has been very successful and it was fun to come home, where all packages and parcels wait for me 🙂 That makes me happy! I want to continue to be spoiled as wonderful as I deserve;-)
Presents for the Princess
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89088 – CLIP – Skype rip my cash Bitch – fight was futile!

I have written my Paybitch in Skype: “Your turn!” He knew what would bloom him … He should pay. But it was the end of the month and the little whore had barely any money and was whining on, he wanted this not and if I could not make an exception .. But I do not care, I have still get him, because so easy it is not with me.I gave him a chance, he has screwed up, so he had to fork out, as befits a brave Piggie the Princess!
Skype rip my cash Bitch - fight was futile!
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Jennifer 5’1 – 140 lbs vs Andrea 5’10 – 170 lbs in a Strength contest ! The challenge is simple : performing differents feats of strength until exhaustion and see who gives up first ! Who will win the contest ? The challenge starts with a Rope Pulling test then, lift and squats, pushups, arm wrestling, donkey calf raise and an epic Seated Leg Wrestling !!!

76364 – CLIP – Kylee Introduces Jade to Trampling!

“I’m just going to practice my dance routine for the club!” Jade says as Kylee shakes her bum for the camera! Kylee turns up some music on her iphone before joining in to dance on Walter! Kylee sticks the dirty heel of her stripper boot into his mouth telling him not to resist or it’ll be going in further! Both girls resume dancing on him at the same time squashing him beneath their combined weight! “My very own personal DANCE FLOOR!” Kylee who’s over 6ft tall must weight quite a bit, and Jade is by far, no small girl! Jade is a curvy ebony goddess, who’s both tall and gorgeous! Her height is around 5’11 so she’s pretty tall herself! Walter is the only tiny boned, small framed person of the three, and he’s the one getting TRAMPLED and DANCED on!”Ooof I feel the chest caving a bit!” Kylee dances in place before stepping on his throat! The girls put their shoes in his face in a teasing manner as they crush him! His neck turns red from being stepped on so much! Jade does some squats over his face while standing on him! He’s going to be FLAT like a pancake by the time they’re done with him!
Kylee Introduces Jade to Trampling!
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