191138 – Mean HOMEWRECKING JERK SESSION while SHE sleeps! Long, intense TEASE & JOI at its finest

This video is for all jerkaholics who wishfully wait every evening for their wife or girlfriend to sleep so they can indulge their addiction. Luckily the old, fat cow likes to go to bed quite early and after you made sure she kips nice and deep you rush to your computer to dive straight into my wolrd where you get what you realy need: Humiliation, distressing tasks and strong financial abuse! As you know I love homewrecking and enjoy including wifes in my mean psychogames which is why you’ll have very special joi session right now. While missy sleeps peacefully I tease the fuck out of your head in my sexy outfit and killer heels and even show you what I wear under my tiny shorts. Your unfucked losercock gets hard immediately and I have some hot and pervy jerkoff tasks for ya horny bastard which you have to perform one after another! For this you gonna use her most private items and violate them as I tell ya! The stupid bitch deserves punishment because she looks ugly and highly likely cheats on you anyways! Guilty conscience? No way! I ruin your marriage just for my entertainment and you idiot stroke yourself even deeper into trouble.
Mean HOMEWRECKING JERK SESSION while SHE sleeps! Long, intense TEASE & JOI at its finest
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188930 – Homewrecking hate jerk

It’s almost pity for you… in an unhappy, bleak relationship without any attention. There is no more love between you, not for a long time, the passion has died out and anger only builds up. You’re tired of even looking at your old lady, she ignores you all the time anyway and when she’s with you you’re just pissed off. She would never give you what I give you! She is sluggish, lazy and shows no interest in pleasing you at all. Everyday life with her is grueling and you’re glad when you can finally be alone to treat yourself to ME! Your most precious time to disconnect from life to serve your goddess! you want to obey ME want to be MINE! If your wife’s cunt is sitting next door and you don’t care, she should come in now and catch you jerking off hard on me…it would even please you to finally choke her. You demonstrate that you shit on your relationship and that it can’t be over fast enough. You don’t want your old one-you only want ME! You don’t need all that with you-you only need ME! treat yourself to a hard hate jerk, treat yourself to my perfection and desire ME!
Homewrecking hate jerk
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185792 – Homewrecking total

I destroy everything without a qualm. I don’t milk, I slaughter!You are cattle and must be squeezed until nothing more goes. And I am a specialist in recognizing where to get what and how to get it. Without scruples without limits. Your family is not the first to become homeless hahaGutting goes with me including the innards. I do not play I win.And you will jerk off stupid until you join and help me too. Social hacking becomes social dumb jerk hahaha
Homewrecking total
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179065 – your wife count fucked

Sure, you work hard so I can spend it. Sure, you have a second job, but it’s not quite as well paid. That’s not enough for me somehow. I don’t want to have to think when I spend the money. I’m sure you agree with me, as always!But I don’t just have an idea, I already have a complete plan on how to implement it.it’s on… for ME haha
your wife count fucked
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175738 – THE LOSER SEXTAPE * Homewrecking junkie filmed hisself and his wife having sex and I can’t stop laughing *

Since some years I have a slave who went into homewrecking more and more. What have been a lil, nasty fantasy became a true addiction he got caught in. Many paypigs are married or in a relationship and of course the fatass, silly, trusting wifes got no clue what their men spending the nights on and there are a lot bastards getting horny on imagining me ruining their marriage. However only very few subs are that much obsessed of this idea to let it come to reality and the loser I speak about today is one of them. Things started quite innocent with dropping some informations until he was ready to send pics of his ugly slut to show what a true loser couple they are. But every junkie always craves for the next, harder kick soon so I demanded nudes which he deliverd as well and a this point I wanted more: Nothing less than a sextape of them! I told him to film his and his wife secretly while having sex and to send me the clips and you already know – I got them. Before I had to promise not saving or publishing the files but the stuff is way to funny to not share with you suckers. The horny, dumb-jerked idiot did a great job and seeing these two fucking fat piggies made me cry laughing. I watch the loser sextape together with you, comment it detailed and tell how I destroy his relationship for my entertainment only 😀
THE LOSER SEXTAPE * Homewrecking junkie filmed hisself and his wife having sex and I can't stop laughing *
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170614 – Fuck Your Relationship Homewrecker JOI

You love jerking off to me more than you like fucking your girlfriend, and then the thought of getting caught and homewrecked just makes you cum even harder. I’ve set up a little trap for you, to make sure you get caught and homewrecked and completely fucked over by me. It’s what you really want anyway. Will you pass the test or will I homewreck you for real this time?
Fuck Your Relationship Homewrecker JOI
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