179065 – your wife count fucked

Sure, you work hard so I can spend it. Sure, you have a second job, but it’s not quite as well paid. That’s not enough for me somehow. I don’t want to have to think when I spend the money. I’m sure you agree with me, as always!But I don’t just have an idea, I already have a complete plan on how to implement it.it’s on… for ME haha
your wife count fucked
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175738 – THE LOSER SEXTAPE * Homewrecking junkie filmed hisself and his wife having sex and I can’t stop laughing *

Since some years I have a slave who went into homewrecking more and more. What have been a lil, nasty fantasy became a true addiction he got caught in. Many paypigs are married or in a relationship and of course the fatass, silly, trusting wifes got no clue what their men spending the nights on and there are a lot bastards getting horny on imagining me ruining their marriage. However only very few subs are that much obsessed of this idea to let it come to reality and the loser I speak about today is one of them. Things started quite innocent with dropping some informations until he was ready to send pics of his ugly slut to show what a true loser couple they are. But every junkie always craves for the next, harder kick soon so I demanded nudes which he deliverd as well and a this point I wanted more: Nothing less than a sextape of them! I told him to film his and his wife secretly while having sex and to send me the clips and you already know – I got them. Before I had to promise not saving or publishing the files but the stuff is way to funny to not share with you suckers. The horny, dumb-jerked idiot did a great job and seeing these two fucking fat piggies made me cry laughing. I watch the loser sextape together with you, comment it detailed and tell how I destroy his relationship for my entertainment only 😀
THE LOSER SEXTAPE * Homewrecking junkie filmed hisself and his wife having sex and I can't stop laughing *
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170614 – Fuck Your Relationship Homewrecker JOI

You love jerking off to me more than you like fucking your girlfriend, and then the thought of getting caught and homewrecked just makes you cum even harder. I’ve set up a little trap for you, to make sure you get caught and homewrecked and completely fucked over by me. It’s what you really want anyway. Will you pass the test or will I homewreck you for real this time?
Fuck Your Relationship Homewrecker JOI
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167733 – GET RID OF HER!

Yes, you read correctly! I want you to end your relationship for me! Why? Because I’m the absolute number one for you! You don’t deserve your old lady anyway. You are an absolute zero in bed, because you only get a hard-on when you think about me. In this video I give you many good reasons why you will leave your old lady. A life at my feet in absolute slavery, with constant humiliation and extreme exploitation by me kicks you just more than this ugly walrus, which has once decided in mental derangement for you. Watch this clip, end your pathetic relationship and start a new happier life… NOW!
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167532 – Daiting-App-Fail // Blackmail trap

A chat request on your daiting app: "Uhhh, you make me so horny! Let’s meet immediately and have fun!" A pretty woman writes to you like this and you react directly: invite her to a picnic and then it gets hot! … Or does it? It can go that fast, little loser, did you really think that I would let something like you fuck me? My plan is being carried out ice cold and you are already in the middle of it! * laugh * Well? Was it worth it to want to cheat on your Wife?
Daiting-App-Fail // Blackmail trap
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167589 – I’m so much hotter than her!

We both know why you are reading – and watching this… She stands no chance against me!Maybe you once loved her, maybe she is even caring and a good wife.. but does she attract you anymore? I hardly think so…Not since you became addicted to those clips, to Goddesses like me. Beautiful, hot and dominant. How could she ever compete with such perfection?Would you even want her to? I guess not… You even like the idea of doing that in secret. You’ve become an addict to secretly serving a mistress like me, while she has absolutely no clue about it. And don’t I deserve it much more than her?Who gives you more pleasure, who attracts and motivates you more?The dream of serving me controls your mind, more than she ever could. Give in and become my slave!
I'm so much hotter than her!
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166202 – Get Caught Jerking Homewrecker Challenge

I know how much you fantasize about being homewrecked. Nothing gets your dick harder then thinking about a hot bitch like me fucking up your life, and making you come serve me with 100% commitment. I’m going to make sure that with this challenge you run the risk of getting caught. And every time your wife walks pasts the place where you do this challenge you’re going to get a fear boner knowing that your marriage could be ruined by me at any moment! Don’t worry honey, Mistress Harley will have you free of that fat cow before you know it!
Get Caught Jerking Homewrecker Challenge
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164659 – Gooning Edging Homewrecker ****** JOI

You’ve been waiting for your girlfriend to go to bed so that you can jerk to me. You know my control over you is growing and you’re on the cusp of giving me all your information, edging yourself so stupid that you hand over exactly what I need to control your information and therefore control YOU completely. I’m going to make you goon and edge until you’re homewrecked and I own you completely.
Gooning Edging Homewrecker ****** JOI
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