ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – An old granny purchases the service of a company where old ladies can have a sexy youthful adult nurse dressed in sexy dominatrix gear come to their homes and give them a nice sponge bath. You come to the lady’s home, dressed in a very sexy, tight, shiny, and kinky nurse/dominatrix outfit (either pvc, wedlock, or latex) and sexy thick glossy lipstick to match the outfit. You tell her the rules. If she starts getting excited, she’s free to enjoy herself as she pleases. But, she cannot touch you. She can look, but can’t touch. You proceed to give her the sponge bath. You give her such an arousing kinky bathing that she won’t ever be able to stop dreaming about you verses the perverted lady starts to get aroused. Looking at you, your body, and lips she starts begging to touch you. She can’t help herself. Since you have a cruel side that loves to tease, you smile and deny her telling her it?s against the rules. Throughout the bathing she continues to beg and you continue to tease and deny her. Eventually you say that you will allow her to touch you, but she must submit to you and you become your submissive forever. She instantly accepts. Throughout the bathing you make her call you mistress, verbally tease her with your soft seductive voice, and let her touch you. She eventually starts getting eager and begs to kiss your lips because they look so sexy. You tease & deny her by saying she’s not worthy. When the session is over, you grab her face while she’s lying down, softly caress her, and get real close to her face, putting your lips very close to hers. You ask if she was pleased by the session, she says yes, Mistress You smile and decide to give her a reward that will make her think of you every night?
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164529 – Lesbian Domination – Bondage, Double Facesitting, Whipping, Ass Worship, Smother

Today cruel Lesbian Mistresses want to punish their submissive slave bitch. Mistress Kira brings the lesbian submissive to the room in which the second Mistress Sofi is already waiting. Two girls with sadistic inclinations tape the slave girl’s mouth with duct tape and tie her to the bench. Domineering Princesses are dressed in colorful tights and high-heeled boots, and the slave girl is dressed in anything. As soon as the slave was securely fixed hand and foot, and her mouth was sealed, the Mistress began to dominate her. While one Mistress sits on the face of the slave, the second whips her with a whip. Then the dominant girls switch places. Sofi and Kira humiliate and spit in the face of a slave girl. Then the Princesses rip the tape off the slave’s mouth, but only so that she can kiss the divine butts of her Queens. Then Kira and Sofi decided to simultaneously sit on the face of the submissive bitch to block her access to air.
Lesbian Domination - Bondage, Double Facesitting, Whipping, Ass Worship, Smother
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163695 – Pussy Kissing by Mistress Sofi and Submissive Lesbian Girl – Lezdom Pussy Worship

Glamorous and cocky tattooed Lesbian Mistress Sofi in red leather leggings shows her superiority over obedient blonde slave girl. Strict Sofi stands on the couch in a confident dominant position and, with a snap of her finger, instructs the slave girl to kneel before the Queen and bow to her pussy. A young lesbian slave obediently kisses her Mistress between the legs while Sofi calls her a bitch and says that this is her job – lezdom pussy worship. Then the red-haired Princess sits down and wraps her arms around the head of the submissive girl, pressing her lips to her pussy in leggings. Mistress Sofi began to get excited from her superiority over another girl, so in a fit of passion she wrapped her legs around the slave girl’s neck (lesbian scissor hold) so that she would try to kiss her pussy better.
Pussy Kissing by Mistress Sofi and Submissive Lesbian Girl - Lezdom Pussy Worship
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163521 – Pussy Play Cute Lesbian Threesome

Are you going to let a little rain and chilly temperatures ruin a camping trip with three hot young women? They don’t want to rough it, but are willing to spend some time with you inside the house. Sure, why not? It’s warm, comfortable and dry… for a little bit, until the girls show what they planned to do once they kicked you out of the tent. Thanks to team work, all three girls have their clothes off quickly and get down to the business of pleasuring each other. Luckily, you have a camera to record it all so you can show your friends.
Pussy Play Cute Lesbian Threesome
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGWe are at the final act of this lesbian domination session between my female slave and my TRAV slave (you can see part 1 HERE and Part2 HERE). Now it’s up to the female slave to reciprocate and make the other slave cum. This one expects to be taken with the strapon but, instead, I have something different in mind: the female slave will give him a blowjob. The cock to suck is nice and big and it is not easy to take it all in her mouth and, from time to time, I have to push her head to get it down her throat. Meanwhile, I keep the TRAV busy by making it suck the heel of my giant wedges. At the end I use the vibro to allow all of you to enjoy the show of the final cumshot !!!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGThe session of this particular lesbian domination (you can see part one, HERE) continues. The female slave is in position, on all fours, on the bed; I order the TRAV slave to take off her panties and pull out that tool that makes her special: a dick of considerable size! Penetration can begin; first with only the tip of the cock then, gradually, deeper and deeper; at this point, the ride can begin and the slave is mounted mercilessly. But she too has to get busy too and, as she gets rammed from behind, I spread my legs wide and order her to lick my pussy. But the TRAV too slave needs to be penetrated; therefore, while she continues to fuck the female slave, I open her ass with my fingers and then I fuck her with a generously sized dildo. But now, it’s time to change roles … ..
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ITALIAN SPEAKING I have two new slaves with me: a beautiful female slave and a slave with a cock that would be the envy of many, but that he hates, because, he feels and would like to be a woman and never misses an opportunity to prove it, both for how she dresses and sporting a size 4 of breasts. Taking advantage of their presence, today, I want to do something new and special, a session of a special lesbian domination, since one of the two is a very special woman. Both slaves are dressed in latex with high heels leather boots, but the dresses are designed in such a way as to allow free access to their intimacy. I start getting my boots licked, positioning one slave on my right and the other on my left. Now, however, I want them to start making out with each other, touching each other’s breasts, asses, kissing and playing with their tongues. But, now, it’s time to get down to business; I order one slave to get into position, on all fours, while the other finally discovers her tool, with which he will fuck her mercilessly …..
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Your old female sub has been doing very well lately. You reward her with a private 1 on 1 session, in your intimate bedroom setting. You dress in shiny fetish gear that you know would turn her on, and you also on have shiny, gloss, exotic lipstick such as black or purple. Begin the session by slowly walking to her and sitting next to her, telling her how good of a sub she’s been. Because of the intimacy & closeness, the sub gets too eager and tries to kiss you. You instantly deny her. Because of this you decide to punish her. You punish her by making her want you more & more, only to realize she will never have you. You put your shiny lips close to hers and deny her. It drives her crazy. She starts rubbing your legs and butt because she’s getting more turned on, you decide to allow it. You mock her because she’ll never be able to be with some as beautiful as you. At the end of the session, you make her touch herself as you show off your sexy body to her?
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGDo not miss this video, a true masterpiece where the total submission of the female slave towards her splendid Mistress is expressed in gestures pervaded by extreme eroticism and great sensuality. Long silences, splendid close-ups will accompany you during the vision and will make you live this wonderful experience in the smallest details. Another pearl of the production of Mistress Gaia, dedicated to true connoisseurs of the lesbian domination and to all its fans.
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161785 – Bluebird Porno

The new girl is nervous about taking her first phone sex call on TV. To help her get relaxed, one of the regulars is willing to help. You might as well sit back and relax, too, as you watch some tasty girl-girl action from both of them. Don’t get too close to your screen — you might be tempted to do some licking or fingering yourself.
Bluebird Porno
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161587 – Lezdom Pussy Worship First Time For Goddess Kira and Young Subby Girl

The petite and passionate Princess Kira has long dreamed of being worshiped by a young slave girl, and now this day has come. At the beginning of the video, a new 19-year-old slave girl obediently lies on the couch, and then Queen Kira enters and immediately stands over the face of the subby babe, ordering her to kiss Kira’s pussy. Bisexual Mistress saddles the slave’s mouth – this is lezdom pussy worship fetish. Further, a sexy dominant girl in blue leggings and a black short T-shirt stands imperiously in front of her submissive girl who bows before her new Goddess. Kira orders the blonde slave to kiss her pussy while taking her by the head and burying the face of the slave between Kira’s legs. From Kira’s emotions, you can immediately see how much pleasure domination over another girl brings to her, because Kira bites her lips and moans with pleasure.
Lezdom Pussy Worship First Time For Goddess Kira and Young Subby Girl
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161577 – First Time Lezdom Ass Worship With Mistress Sofi and Kitty Slave-Girl

Sofi and Kira wanted an slave-girl. So for the first time ever lesbian ass worship featuring Mistress Sofi and a submissive kitty girl. Red-haired Sofi in tight leggings enters the room where her new slave girl is already humbly waiting on her knees. For an submissive young girl, this is the first test of worshiping another girl. Experienced Mistress Sofi gives clear orders to her subby girl, and she obediently obeys them gently kissing the divine ass of her Queen. At the age of 19, the submissive girl is already kissing the ass of another domineering girl, and after the video she admitted that she really liked it and she dreamed of swarming with girls all her life.
First Time Lezdom Ass Worship With Mistress Sofi and Kitty Slave-Girl
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