159244 – Bikini Lesbians Getting Off At The Car Wash

Want your car washed? This is the place to go! And for just a few pounds more, you can join in with the beautiful car wash girls. Your clothes will get wet, though, so you might want to take them off. Unlike the sexy blond owner of this car, you’d be wise to put up the top before you begin. On the other hand, all four of the girls are too distracted to do much washing of the car. Maybe this isn’t the best place to go to get your car washed, but a great place to get something else cleaned.
Bikini Lesbians Getting Off At The Car Wash
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave-maid asks me for permission to go to the English lesson but, first, I have to check that she has cleaned the kitchen well, as I ordered. I immediately see that the sink is jammed and the water does not go down, this lazy slave wanted to cheat me once again! she must be immediately punished !!! I order her to smear her body with oil and insert a plug in her ass, then she has to take the suction cup and gush out the sink. She will not go out until everything is cleaned. As she gets to work and fumbles with the suction cup, I continue to spread oil on her back and on her busty ass. Unfortunately I don’t see much progress with the sink; as usual, I’ll have to take care of it myself!! Tonight I will not give her permission to go out, despite her pleas. I order herto sin oin thechair and she’ll have to stay there, with her legs wide open and her pussy and plug in full view, until I tell her !!!
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157070 – 3 Horny Fairies Play With A Double Ended Dildo

Three busty faeries in lingerie enjoy kissing, licking and fondling each other in a graden of earthly delights. Pinkie’s pussy gets the royal treatment with lots of licking, sucking and fingering. Brownie gets some of the same from Pinkie plus a good fucking with a dildo before she shares it with Pinkie. From the sound of it, they both enjoy it a lot. As much as Brownie enjoys the attention, she’s more of a giver and soon returns to giving all of her attention to Pinkie’s pussy.
3 Horny Fairies Play With A Double Ended Dildo
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ENGLISH SPEAKING Today at Dungeon Roma I have my slave in a extremely painful situation. She is completely naked, bound hand and foot with only a stool to support her weight. She is also hooded and gagged. There’s no escape and she is completely at my mercy, of course she is going to suffer, and I will enjoy every minute of it. I have a electric wand that I will use on her body, and will also take great pleasure in singing her nipples. Then it’s on to her more tender parts, I love hearing her squeals as I make my way down to enjoy that Shocking Pussy…
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155781 – The Mile High Club

Two busty flight attendants, Linsey Dawn and Gemma, get into the beverages pre-flight. Inhibitions are lowered, as are their uniforms. Gemma is treated to some expert tongue action as Linsey Dawn enjoys licking her juicy pussy. Gemma returns the favor by going down on Linsey Dawn as she sucks her own nipples. Before too long, they’re both enjoying each other in a 69 that will have you wanting to fly in the economy section. Linsey Dawn plays dirty adding two fingers into Gemma’s pussy and fucking her hard. She’s also brought along a pink dildo, just in case, and slides it into Gemma after some more furious licking, fucks her deep and then makes Gemma suck it clean before stuffing it back inside her. Gemma has a turn fucking Linsey Dawn with a purple dildo. Eventually both girls take over their own fucking and finish just as the passengers start boarding. Let’s hope the Human Resources department doesn’t find out about this!
The Mile High Club
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151360 – Pillow fight between two sexy teen asian foot girls

Two Vietnamese foot goddesses Lynn and Sun are living together and studying together and they fight together in a funny and sexy way as well.They just arrived from classes and Lynn is so tired…she falls in the bed and would be ready to go to rest even. Both of them are wearing nice college uniforms, black pantyhose socks and they are looking hot! But Sun wants to do something! She wants to have fun. So the pillow fight starts. Both girls are fighting fiercely and they both want to win and get a teddy bear which is now the prize.When they both get tired enough they start to massage each others feet and Lynn teases Sun with her bare feet right under her nose. At the end they are both lying in bed next to each other looking very cute and they play with their feet and soles talking about a guy in college who seems to be into feet and they want to do stuff to him. Would you like to be the guy yourself? 🙂
Pillow fight between two sexy teen asian foot girls
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148406 – Lezdom 40

Ballet girls abuse their new training partner!The two ballet girls Sandy and Nelly abuse their new colleague after their training for their fetish sex practices. They persuade Angel into a questionable game and then tie her up. With tied hands, the blonde sugar doll must now endure everything. The two dominant ballet girls ****** she to lick their sweaty ballet feet. Then they sit on her face and ****** she to lick their pussies.At the end of the day, Angel reports to her roommates from the high school in the shared apartment about the strange experience.
Lezdom 40
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGI’m with my friend Fetish Liza and we are waiting on my slave to serve us some salad. She arrives at the table with some unwashed fruit and unprepared vegetables. Of course we question the slave as to what she thinks she’s doing. She can’t explain herself, so we decide to punish her. We tell her to get on the table and spread her legs. She’s going to have to bear the fruit and vegetables she so disscustingly served up to her mistresses. I begin by opening her pussy and one by one we stuff thirty small tomatoes into it. To make sure she keeps quiet, we also stuff some carrots into her mouth. She squeals and moans as her tummy swells with the tomatoes. It’s so funny as we get her to pop them back out again. This is only going to make room for some more carrots to be plugged into her pussy. Then another variety, we get a apple and make sure it is firmly planted, telling her to hold it in there until she is allowed to relieve herself of it. What fun we are having, I’m sure our slut has never gave birth to a apple as it pops back out into her little bowl. We soon remove the smile from our sluts face as a large cucumber is shown to her. With her legs wide apart and her pussy streched, I insert the cucumber as far as it will go. My slut lets out a large yelp as my home grown vegy dildo finds it’s mark. For us It’s been a blast, and I’m sure our slave is well stuffed on the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg from Mistress Gaia…
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144998 – The maid and her rubber doll

The maid has no desire to do the housework today, instead she prefers to take the vibrator and does it for herself first. Then she takes on the rubber doll that the gentleman has placed in the living room and tortures the rubber doll with her unsatisfied lust. She doesn’t let go of the rubber doll until she squirms in her intense orgasm…. A small welcome video for the start of our store.
The maid and her rubber doll
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143126 – n142 Princess Bertie Joel Face Sitting Smother Lesbian Ass Humiliation

n142 Princess Bertie Joel Face Sitting Smother Lesbian Ass Humiliation-Oh, you have such a cool ass …-Do you want to feel it on your face, bitch?))-Hmm … I do not mind …)Joel laughed and lay down on the sofa. Bertie sat on her face and began to sit until the last. She did not want to get up and laughed at her friend. At this time, Joel likes this situation and she enjoys a soft ass on her face.
n142 Princess Bertie Joel Face Sitting Smother Lesbian Ass Humiliation


CUSTOM REQUEST – I’d like to request a custom clip where you have a lesbian slave that is very infatuated with you. The thing that the slave wants more than anything is to be able to kiss your lips. In this video you have on very sexy lipstick. You also have on a outfit that makes the slave crave you even more. You constantly tease her by putting your lips close to hers but then deny her of the kiss. She begs to be able to kiss but you keep teasing her. Then when you feel like the slave deserves it, you finally reward her with a make out session. You allow the slave to sleep with you that night…
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