ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Your old female sub has been doing very well lately. You reward her with a private 1 on 1 session, in your intimate bedroom setting. You dress in shiny fetish gear that you know would turn her on, and you also on have shiny, gloss, exotic lipstick such as black or purple. Begin the session by slowly walking to her and sitting next to her, telling her how good of a sub she’s been. Because of the intimacy & closeness, the sub gets too eager and tries to kiss you. You instantly deny her. Because of this you decide to punish her. You punish her by making her want you more & more, only to realize she will never have you. You put your shiny lips close to hers and deny her. It drives her crazy. She starts rubbing your legs and butt because she’s getting more turned on, you decide to allow it. You mock her because she’ll never be able to be with some as beautiful as you. At the end of the session, you make her touch herself as you show off your sexy body to her?
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGDo not miss this video, a true masterpiece where the total submission of the female slave towards her splendid Mistress is expressed in gestures pervaded by extreme eroticism and great sensuality. Long silences, splendid close-ups will accompany you during the vision and will make you live this wonderful experience in the smallest details. Another pearl of the production of Mistress Gaia, dedicated to true connoisseurs of the lesbian domination and to all its fans.
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161785 – Bluebird Porno

The new girl is nervous about taking her first phone sex call on TV. To help her get relaxed, one of the regulars is willing to help. You might as well sit back and relax, too, as you watch some tasty girl-girl action from both of them. Don’t get too close to your screen — you might be tempted to do some licking or fingering yourself.
Bluebird Porno
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161587 – Lezdom Pussy Worship First Time For Goddess Kira and Young Subby Girl

The petite and passionate Princess Kira has long dreamed of being worshiped by a young slave girl, and now this day has come. At the beginning of the video, a new 19-year-old slave girl obediently lies on the couch, and then Queen Kira enters and immediately stands over the face of the subby babe, ordering her to kiss Kira’s pussy. Bisexual Mistress saddles the slave’s mouth – this is lezdom pussy worship fetish. Further, a sexy dominant girl in blue leggings and a black short T-shirt stands imperiously in front of her submissive girl who bows before her new Goddess. Kira orders the blonde slave to kiss her pussy while taking her by the head and burying the face of the slave between Kira’s legs. From Kira’s emotions, you can immediately see how much pleasure domination over another girl brings to her, because Kira bites her lips and moans with pleasure.
Lezdom Pussy Worship First Time For Goddess Kira and Young Subby Girl
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161577 – First Time Lezdom Ass Worship With Mistress Sofi and Kitty Slave-Girl

Sofi and Kira wanted an slave-girl. So for the first time ever lesbian ass worship featuring Mistress Sofi and a submissive kitty girl. Red-haired Sofi in tight leggings enters the room where her new slave girl is already humbly waiting on her knees. For an submissive young girl, this is the first test of worshiping another girl. Experienced Mistress Sofi gives clear orders to her subby girl, and she obediently obeys them gently kissing the divine ass of her Queen. At the age of 19, the submissive girl is already kissing the ass of another domineering girl, and after the video she admitted that she really liked it and she dreamed of swarming with girls all her life.
First Time Lezdom Ass Worship With Mistress Sofi and Kitty Slave-Girl
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159373 – Lezdom 48

The crucifixion of the slave girl! Goddess Perfecta has thought of a cruel torture for her unfaithful slave. She lets her slave drag a cross into the forest. There the slave must first lick her pussy and asshole. Then Goddess Perfecta fucks her hard with the strap-on. Again and again she whips the sub in between. Before she finally crucifies the slave and leaves her alone in the forest.
Lezdom 48
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159372 – Lezdom 47

Lesbian Pet Play Double Domination ? lick it from the floor!VIDEO IN ENGLISH!Super sexy glamour teen Estefania shows her friend Gina her new slave. Lexi Pain has to serve the two arrogant bitches their food first. While the two are now dining, Lexi Pain has to serve as a dog for them. They throw a bone and have Lexi bring it. They give her water and food to eat in the dog bowl. In between, the sub has to lick their pussy and ass a bit. Before she is even degraded to licking the water off the floor. Finally she has to play a cat to amuse the beautiful ladies.
Lezdom 47
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160889 – Gemma Massey Lesbian Porn

It’s Gemmas first time performing phone sex and she’s so nervous it requires the aid of Nurse. After an extremely quick check of her heart rate, Nurse tries to relax her. First there’s a few kisses and then there’s… oh my! All that licking will get her heart racing (and yours) before it calms her down any. And fucking her with that vibrator isn’t going to relax her at all! Oh, she’s getting juicier by the second, something you can clearly see during the extreme close-ups. After a while, Nurse thinks it’s only fair that she have a turn, so she lies back and has her pierced pussy attended to before they switch to a hot 69, and later to dueling masturbating with vibrators.
Gemma Massey Lesbian Porn
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159244 – Bikini Lesbians Getting Off At The Car Wash

Want your car washed? This is the place to go! And for just a few pounds more, you can join in with the beautiful car wash girls. Your clothes will get wet, though, so you might want to take them off. Unlike the sexy blond owner of this car, you’d be wise to put up the top before you begin. On the other hand, all four of the girls are too distracted to do much washing of the car. Maybe this isn’t the best place to go to get your car washed, but a great place to get something else cleaned.
Bikini Lesbians Getting Off At The Car Wash
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave-maid asks me for permission to go to the English lesson but, first, I have to check that she has cleaned the kitchen well, as I ordered. I immediately see that the sink is jammed and the water does not go down, this lazy slave wanted to cheat me once again! she must be immediately punished !!! I order her to smear her body with oil and insert a plug in her ass, then she has to take the suction cup and gush out the sink. She will not go out until everything is cleaned. As she gets to work and fumbles with the suction cup, I continue to spread oil on her back and on her busty ass. Unfortunately I don’t see much progress with the sink; as usual, I’ll have to take care of it myself!! Tonight I will not give her permission to go out, despite her pleas. I order herto sin oin thechair and she’ll have to stay there, with her legs wide open and her pussy and plug in full view, until I tell her !!!
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157070 – 3 Horny Fairies Play With A Double Ended Dildo

Three busty faeries in lingerie enjoy kissing, licking and fondling each other in a graden of earthly delights. Pinkie’s pussy gets the royal treatment with lots of licking, sucking and fingering. Brownie gets some of the same from Pinkie plus a good fucking with a dildo before she shares it with Pinkie. From the sound of it, they both enjoy it a lot. As much as Brownie enjoys the attention, she’s more of a giver and soon returns to giving all of her attention to Pinkie’s pussy.
3 Horny Fairies Play With A Double Ended Dildo
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ENGLISH SPEAKING Today at Dungeon Roma I have my slave in a extremely painful situation. She is completely naked, bound hand and foot with only a stool to support her weight. She is also hooded and gagged. There’s no escape and she is completely at my mercy, of course she is going to suffer, and I will enjoy every minute of it. I have a electric wand that I will use on her body, and will also take great pleasure in singing her nipples. Then it’s on to her more tender parts, I love hearing her squeals as I make my way down to enjoy that Shocking Pussy…
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