168210 – THALIA – Cruel Games – I Ride Your Throat!! – CRUEL Throatsitting

I live my life as I want, I have lovers and slaves, males and females. And I have my two sugarslaves in the house, working for me and serving me and I am never bored of my cruel games with them!I like to sit on the slave’s face and smother him, but I have even more fun riding his throat! It is very comfortable for me, but very hard for the loser as I press my cute ass on his throat and I make small but drops on it, crushing it! I love as I sit on my slave’s throat and I see his begging eyes looking at me, but of course I don’t stop! I sit on reverse position, this is even more hard and his neck holds my weight. And when I sit facing him and I hear his attempts to speak and beg, I smother him with my hands while I crush his throat under my full weight!
THALIA - Cruel Games - I Ride Your Throat!! - CRUEL Throatsitting

166050 – Double Shoulder Riding Outdoor First Time With Mistresses Kira and Sofi

Young Princesses Kira and Sofi decided to take a walk in the park, but so that their legs would not get tired, they decided to use their slaves instead of riding horses. Two beautiful girls saddled their slaves, sitting on their shoulders and ordered to walk side by side. While their slaves played the role of transport, the Mistresses discussed among themselves how cool it was to use slaves in this way. Because this was the first time it was riding on the shoulders. Sofi and Kira also found it very exciting to walk on the shoulders of slaves. The Mistresses do not care at all that the slaves are very tired, on the contrary, it only amuses them. This video is recorded from two smartphones, each of which is held in the hands of one of the Mistresses sitting on the shoulders of a slave.
Double Shoulder Riding Outdoor First Time With Mistresses Kira and Sofi
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161329 – Lady Scarlet – The poor pony

Dressed as a horsewoman complete with boots, gloves, whip and helmet, I am going to train this poor pony. There is a lot of work to be done to improve dressage, I explain the commands to him and we begin the training. Movements in a straight line and sideways but at a certain point he makes a mistake and I hit him with the whip so he learns from the mistake. I get on top of him to ride him, two hits of my boots and he goes: he has to carry me around until he is exhausted. He is tired and panting, I go down and send him back to his cage but first I make him kiss my boots.
Lady Scarlet - The poor pony
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159937 – Lady Scarlet – The hard ride

Boots, riding crop and shiny pants, I’m ready for a ride but my horse today is a naked man in a mask. He waits for me on all fours, I get on him and I get carried around the room, I give him some indications but more than a horse he seems stupid like a donkey. The last lap I do it on his shoulders after making him stand up, then back down on all fours so that I can step on his hands before sending him to rest in his cage again.
Lady Scarlet - The hard ride
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158184 – Lady Scarlet – Follow my scent, pony

If this pony wants to become part of my ******, he must learn to recognize my scent. I approach him holding a wand in my hand. I see in his eyes the fear of being hit. But I don’t want to use it to punish, but as a tool to keep my panties always in front of his face. And so I do. I remove them, put them in my wand and like a donkey with a carrot he paws all over the room obediently. I don’t know if it excites him more to smell or feel my nakedness resting on his back. This pony was good … he supported my weight, stood up on two legs and now he can recognize my scent … Now he is part of my ******
Lady Scarlet - Follow my scent, pony
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