95277 – CLIP – Be Harley’s Beta Male Boyfriend

I know how much you want me, and I want to explain the economics of your situation to you. There are 1000 beta males like you who want to be my boyfriend, and there are only a few goddesses as beautiful and powerful as me. that means I have my pick of ALL of you, I love to use you and manipulate you to my will. Let’s think about how much money you save being a LOSER. No wife, no girlfriend, you’re so fucking pathetic you know that you need ME to be your girlfriend. You can show people my picture and tell them I’m your girlfriend. I’ll even call you when you’re with them for the right price. And you know what your responsibilities are to me right? And that’s opening up that wallet. After all, that’s what a good boyfriend does when he is lucky enough to have a girlfriend as hot as me. Come on, don’t you want me to be your girlfriend?
Be Harley's Beta Male Boyfriend
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95202 – CLIP – Diet For Princess

When guys message me telling me how they want to please me, they usually have their dick in their hand. Why don’t you think about what I really WANT? Why aren’t you thinking about SERVING ME? I know most of you pathetic piggies are hand humping fat fucks jerking off over your superiors. Even if you’re not a fat fuck I think you can afford to go on a diet, don’t you? Well that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to sacrifice for me, you’re going to go on a food budget and see how much you can save to tribute to me in the course of one week. Maybe you’ll even go a little hungry and remember who owns your fucking ass.
Diet For Princess
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95089 – CLIP – The Harley GFE

I always laugh at the guys who want a GFE (Girlfriend Experience). Like, have you ever tried dating a Princess like me? I’m high maintenance as fuck, and we both know that it will take more of a man than YOU to satisfy me! Well here’s the REAL Harley GFE: We have been dating for MONTHS, and sometimes I send you some sexy texts, but we still haven’t slept together. And Guess what? We never will. But that won’t stop you from dating me, wanting me, desperate to have me on your arm. Well by the time I’m done with you, you’ll still be my boyfriend. But you’ll be properly locked in chastity and cuckolded so you know your place in my world.
The Harley GFE
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94588 – CLIP – Carolina & Mandy’s Feet in Your Face – (High Quality Version)

Carolina and Mandy already knows about your foot fetish and it seems like they just want to take advantage about it in this clip! That was a very long day with their feet inside their boots and sneakers before trying our sweaty socks challenge so it is now your turn to deal with their sweaty feet in your face! For feet is even better than two! Carolina is the first one to take her sneakers off and rub her sweaty socks all over your face. They are very dirty and smelly. Mandy also does the same, by taking her boots off and totally rubs her dirty grey socks all over your face! Dont you like that strong smell? Dont you feel like a real loser now with four sweaty socks in your face? They make you sniff and lick their dirty socks before they take them off to completely smother your face with their sweaty naked feet! Mandy seems to really make fun at you, but Carolina also likes to laugh at your face! You are now under their commands and you will have to obey every single instructions! They will make you take some really deep breaths in their smelly feet, and youll have to work your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of their soles! Make sure you are doing it right! They want them cleaned!
Carolina & Mandy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version)
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94992 – CLIP – Saturday Night Loser

Alone again on a Saturday Night? Or did you avoid your family and friends specifically so you could stay home and hump your hand to beautiful women? The kind who would never talk to you out at a bar. Not that you see that many women as hot as me. I’m about to go out tonight, so I wanted to show you how hot I look. I want you to jerk your cock and worship me while you imagine what I’ll look like out dancing tonight, rubbing up against hot men, teasing them with my body, before I go home and get fucked exactly how I want to get fucked? Little beta boys like you are only good for staying home and jerking off over the fantasy of being the boy I pick to come home with me tonight. The reality is a woman like me would throw a drink in your face if you tried to talk to me out at the club!
Saturday Night Loser
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94961 – CLIP – Plastic Makes Perfect

You can’t help but worship me, and I know why. It’s because I love turning myself into the essence of wicked femininity. I love working out at the gym to keep my body perfect and getting all kinds of big fake tits and big fake lips and big fake hair to keep losers like you drooling all over my polished evil barbie perfection. I always see girls with big natural tits and I always notice how FAT they are! Big silicone tits like mine are always shaped perfect, ready to fuck, and make you notice how tiny and small my waist is. My big dick sucking lips make men like you even easier to manipulate, because when you look at me you can’t think about anything other than SEX. Turning myself into the perfect hot bimbo doll that men want to play with…but are never allowed to touch unless they’re good enough for me!
Plastic Makes Perfect
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94774 – CLIP – Friday Night Loser

Alone again with your dick in your hand on a Friday night? Duh, of course you are. You are the kind of loser who knows you’ll always be happier sitting in front of a screen, stroking to my beauty, humiliated by the truths I tell you, rather than hang out with your friends, or even try and fail to go out with the kind of loser woman who would go out with a loser like you. You have programmed yourself to only get aroused by women like me: so fucking hot that you could never even imagine fucking me. You know that I’m so unattainable to a fuckwit like you, and now that’s the only kind of girl that gets you hard! Well sit back, relax, and enjoy your Friday night with me jerkaholic. You know I’ll make it fun.
Friday Night Loser
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94440 – CLIP – In Holidays with your goddess;-)

One ‘s get this straight : your hard earned vacation money You can spend the same for me ! What do you cunt that your marriage explain ?? Haha … what interests me !! You are mine! Check out this new clip and worship me in super skimpy bikini ! There is also – for you , yes YOU LOSER tail – the opportunity to ride with me breathtakingly sexy mistress in a luxury vacation ! Do you want to come with me? Go ahead, buy the clip , and see how it is possible 😉 )
In Holidays with your goddess;-)
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94180 – CLIP – Apotheosis – SD

I am your goddess and you have to serve my, my little, submissive slave! Here you will get the chance to praise my divine body – and that’s exactly what you are going to do NOW, do you understand?! From head to toe because every part of your goddess is luxurious and needs to be praised! You already know it, don’t you? Riddled with some vulgarities of course!
Apotheosis - SD
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94410 – CLIP – You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me

I see all your emails, your tweets, your messages telling me how you just can’t seem to get me out of your head. Just when you think you’ve managed to forget about your Femdom Harley addiction, you’ll see a woman with tattoos, a woman with big tits, and you find your mind wandering to my beauty, my power, and the fact that I’m 100% real. A gorgeous dominant woman who can make all your desires into a reality. And you can hardly tear your mind away from thinking about what your life would be like if you finally submit to me for real. I’m your sex life, I’m your number 1 jerk off fantasy, and your real life of slavery is only a click away.
You Can't Stop Thinking About Me
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94226 – CLIP – Where You Belong, Looking Up At Me & Worshiping Me

This is where you belong, down on the floor looking up at me. Im going to allow you to worship me from down there. Looking up at my long perfect legs up to my perfect and firm ass. Lets be honest, everything about me is just perfect and you were made to serve me. You better be worshiping this perfect beautiful body. Its truly the best sight you will ever see in your pathetic life!
Where You Belong, Looking Up At Me & Worshiping Me
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94220 – CLIP – Worship My Perfect Bikini Body

I??m going to remind you just how perfect my body is and allow you to worship me, not like you deserve it. I??m going to be nice and give you this beautiful view of my goddess body. What would you even do? You couldn??t handle being with a sexy tight body like this. No girl would ever want to be with you. Just know that you??re just so lucky that you get to gaze upon this perfection!
Worship My Perfect Bikini Body
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94174 – CLIP – Neck, Shoulders, Chest Worship & Task

I dont even need to stand up for you to be all hot and bothered and know how amazingly hot I am. You probably cant even handle that so lets start slow. Im going to allow you look at my upper body, as I taunt you with it. You will do as I say and gaze upon my shoulders, my long neck, and my beautiful chest. You were born to worship me. Youll even have the honor of getting to do something for me.
Neck, Shoulders, Chest Worship & Task
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94165 – CLIP – You Deserve to be Ignored

I??ve been too nice and I don??t think youve deserved to be acknowledged. So, you just get to sit there and watch me as I do more important tasks on my phone. Do you even know why Im ignoring you? Youre probably too stupid to even know why. I hope that you realize and become the perfect slave that youre supposed to be to me and treat me like the princess that I am. Enjoy being ignored, loser!
You Deserve to be Ignored
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