93068 – CLIP – Put on my Gasmask

It’s well known that I am a lover of gas masks. No wonder that I have a huge collection. I am not satisfied with only one or two sorts of gas masks like many others. Anyway, I got a lot of requests whether I could also use panorama gas masks in my clips. Short response: No problem at all! I chose two panorama gas masks from my collection and made this video! Enjoy!
Put on my Gasmask
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92356 – CLIP – Latexquicky

I and Latex … at night you dream already of this infinitely horny combi. Since I occasionally present myself before the webcam in rubber, I thought to myself, I let the camera run along this time. Is crowned the gloss outfit of nylons and my beloved gas masks. Let kidnap you from me in a fetish world from which you never want to resurface …
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90061 – CLIP – Purple Latexmask Part 2

Of course one can make it even more fucking awesome. What should and could a rubber fetishist add to the already awesome purple latex mask, what do you think? Right, an awesome GASMASK! I now choose one from my huge selection of gasmasks and put it on – over the purple latex mask of course 😉 Which one do you think I chose? Maybe an awesome one with panoramic window? See for yourself
Purple Latexmask Part 2
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87915 – CLIP – Gas Mask – But which filter should I choose?

Well, if you are a true gas mask lover, you surely know the problem: which accessories do I slip onto the mask? A filter? A hose? Or combining both, filter and hose? There are plenty of awesome possibilities. In this clip I once more wear a hot latex outfit while looking for the right combination to solve my gas mask problem. Enjoy watching, and be excited which choice I finally made!
Gas Mask - But which filter should I choose?
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