166193 – Seduced by my Sissy

I love fucking with boring gross "straight" guys like you. I know that deep down inside you’re so gross that you’ll really fuck anything with a nice ass. That’s why I train so many sissy boys, I send them out in the world to fool you and make you realize that you’re really GAY. I know you jerk off to Tranny porn and shemale porn and you think about what it would be like to be "tricked" into fucking some dude.
Seduced by my Sissy
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165930 – Cum like a Sissy Whore

I don’t want you to cum like a man anymore. It is required that you cum like a girl instead. I want to emasculate and humiliate you at the same time loser, so you are going to finger myself as I watch and cum with something in your ass! You might find that it feels so good you won’t even want to stop, and that’s just alright with me, because I intend to eventually turn you into my personal fuckhole. And now do as I say loser!
Cum like a Sissy Whore
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162983 – Urinal Boy at Futanari High

Futanari Face Fucks the School Urinal After Use for some much needed class stress relief! Futa girl thrusts her hips back and forth making him gag on her dick as she deepthroats him without care! Thrusting her hips back and forth the gagging doesn’t stop until she cums right down his throat!***Fantasy Video. Sound fades in and out throughout the video, this is NORMAL and done for artistic reasons. Short Text Segments are also included to tell the story. Enjoy one of the world’s darkest ‘trap’ fantasies brought to you by Masorotica Productions.(Clip Time 6:40)
Urinal Boy at Futanari High
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161249 – Be a Better Sissy Training

In this video I give you advice on how to be a better sissy! I know you need advice about what to buy, what to practice, how to train your holes for cock, and how to avoid "faggot regret", that feeling after you cum where you want to pretend you’re not a sissy at all. I want to help you accept your inner sissy self while training you to be a better fucktoy!
Be a Better Sissy Training
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161545 – Adore Superior Foreskin

As far as I’m concerned you’re basically dickless without a foreskin. :* Without a foreskin you wouldn’t even be able to FEEL just how INTENSE and PLEASURABLE sex could really be. I really wonder why you even keep jerking off without one~ Feel free to stroke to me, I don’t even care. I just want to make you addicted to what you can never have – give you a FETISH for my perfect uncut cock and make you admit your own inferiority. I’ll allow you to get extremely close to my dick – and I want you to stroke to nothing but my dick. I’m waiting loser.
Adore Superior Foreskin
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161270 – Become My Ass Slave

Becoming My Ass Slave (Features NUDITY)A little lesson in what it means to be a slave of mine. Wish I’d finally allow you to touch me? Then you shall be closer to me than you have ever imagined. Because I’m going to turn you into my PERSONAL ass-slave, and I intend to make good use of you whenever I so desire. To say that you’ll become addicted to me… is an understatement. Give it a little lick.But better yet: I am willing to let you keep your position for as long as you can last. There is just going to be one single rule – the moment you try to touch my cock, or any part of my body without being ordered to it’ll all come to an end… And I will never let you be close to me again. Unless you pay a hefty price. It’s just a matter of time until you lose. But the likes of you enjoy losing anyways, or so I gather… So this is what is going to become of you after all this time – this is what your identity will revolve around: Worshipping my ass. Fitting, I must say~
Become My Ass Slave
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When we first met I promised you that you’d be turned into a proper cum-guzzling whore.That is why you’re obsessed with me, isn’t it? OK Fine, then- . I’ll give you EXACTLY what you wanted… In my own way.Having second thoughts now? Too late, too bad- guess you should have been careful what you wish for~Be a good slut. And swallow. Or else I’ll make you clean up the mess you caused.
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161244 – 1 Minute = 1 Day in Chastity

Why don’t you and I play a game together? The rules are simple: Once I say the word you’ll have permission to jerk off for me, and for every minute that passes you will need to spend one day in chastity. I hope you are able to perform under pressure, because if you can’t… You might end up being denied for a LONG time, and you can’t expect a Goddess like me to show you even a shred of mercy. And the pressure will make you go crazy. And to add EVEN MORE tension to this devilish game I will decide when the game ends, too… Arbitrarily, as a Goddess does. And should you STILL not have cum by then, you will need to pay the price- Guess it pays to be a premature ejaculator… somtimes. I will tease you and make you go CRAZY. Or are you going to try to last as long as possible, prove that you’re not some resigned premature loser?~ Oh-please be my guest. It’ll make the game even more exciting. But No matter the outcome, you will always lose this game, in one way or another… Isn’t that electrifying? c;
1 Minute = 1 Day in Chastity
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