93562 – CLIP – Open your mouth, slave! I spit into it! – SD

Spitting! The title tells you everything you have to know, right? Today you dirty, little slave will get the divine spit of your mistress! Direct into your disgusting mouth! How does it taste? You never tasted something more delicious! A pinch of humiliation is also included! This is all you needed, exactly what you deserve! Open your mouth wide! Come on, naughty dog!
Open your mouth, slave! I spit into it! - SD
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93175 – CLIP – Viktoria spits on everything!

Viktoria’s absolutely into spittle and likes to see it running down on some things. Her black boots turn out to be most suitable, so she starts spitting on them and lets the fluid spittle run down slowly on her boots. This is already really hot, but not enough for Viktoria – she wants some more! She takes a seat on the couch and lets the spittle from her tongue run down the arm rest. Therein she splashes around and creates fibres between the couch and her hands.
Viktoria spits on everything!
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88792 – CLIP – Stella336 (HD)

Stella is sitting on her porch and smokes. She shows you her sexy grey boot high heels. She smokes two cigarettes at the same time. When she is ready to smoke, she crushed the cigarettes. Then you have to lick her soles clean. In this clip, Stella is speaking to you: She orders you: open your mouth! Eat the ash of her cigarettes and open the mouth even further so stella can spit into and then lick the soles further clean! At the end of the clip Stella smokes also a cigarette again for you. She smokes at you, she spits in your mouth repeatedly and she tap the ash off in your mouth, again and again. Also she is showing you her boot high heels and her worn soles. When Stella is ready to smoke, she is flicking away the cigarette individually to you with her thumb and middle finger. Great pov scenes, fantastic cigarettes crushing scenes and great close ups, too.
Stella336 (HD)
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88838 – CLIP – Drink My Spit – POV

o you call yourself a fan of Murderotica? Get down on your knees slut and OPEN WIDE! She will SHOVE that funnel in your mouth and you will DRINK HER SPIT and like it! In the end we have a SPECIAL LITTLE ENDING FOR ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHO HAS MADE A SPECIAL REQUEST FROM OUR YOUNG MISTRESS MURDEROTICA! (An $80 request!) DRINK-UP SLAVES AND ENJOY THE SHOW IN THIS FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW(POV) CLIP!!!
Drink My Spit - POV
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