163199 – Clean my dusty feet

Turkish mistress Melis: I know that you would do anything for a mistress. You would humiliate yourself for me and do submissive tasks and jobs. Your submissive task today is to lick my dusty feet clean. Today I walked barefoot around the house a lot and the soles of my feet are very dusty. I want you to lick my feet with your worthless tongue until they are absolutely clean. You kneel in front of me and you are my worthless washcloth. Now go on, do this job …
Clean my dusty feet
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162851 – Butt-crush fate for your gift

This is by far the most ridiculous gift you could have given Mistress Anfisa. What is she supposed to do with this pathetic doll?! Mistress Anfisa will now show you the only use such a gift has for her – she crushes it mercilessly under her ass! The doll now lies all squeezed under her splendid ass and is completely flattened. Come closer and see the fate of your gift. NOW! That’s exactly how YOU will end up too!
Butt-crush fate for your gift
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162235 – Home Wrecking Task – Your old lady will leave you! (SD Clip)

Now it gets really nasty! Your tail already twitches at the idea that I will destroy your relationship, but it won’t be that easy, because I’m taking homewrecking to a whole new level! This ultimate brainfuck will lead to you destroying your life completely. Your old lady will find out about me and what’s best about it is that it will happen through your own stupidity.
Home Wrecking Task - Your old lady will leave you! (SD Clip)
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163204 – Kamilia – Chest Sitting with HoM Smother (Full HD)

Kamilia sits on the slave’s chest with her full weight (56kg / 123lbs) and plays with his breath by holding his mouth and nose with her hand. Sometimes she releases only his mouth or nose to make his inhales harder. Then she sealed his mouth with a duct tape and plays only with the slave’s nose. Poor Alex can’t make a proper inhales and suffers very much. But Kamilia only laughs at him. When she is finished Kamilia makes a final piece of pain to the slave, like a cherry on the cake, she ripped off a duct tape from Alex’s mouth. First slowly and then very fast so some of his nasty beard are leaves on the tape.
Kamilia - Chest Sitting with HoM Smother (Full HD)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my Mistress friend, and we are going to have some fun with our ponyboy bitch. He?s been a bit of a nuisance lately. Not doing what he?s been told and talking back to me. So I have decided to give him some pony training, and make sure he understands his situation. I don?t want to listen to him, so my friend is going to enjoy giving him a good foot gagging. We both go to work on him, and enjoy making him suffer as he learns obedience during his Pony Time training?
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158880 – Elodie’s Virtual Footjob – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Elodie loves to humiliate you with her smelly feet, and treat you like a good slave all the time, so it looks like she is considering making fun of you in this video too! She has been walking all day long inside her warm leather boots with no socks on, so it seems like you will have to deal with that strong smell from her feet, and I can tell you that it is really something! Elodie knows her feet really turn you on when they smelly really bad, so she takes her boots off, to completely cover your face with her sweaty bare feet! They are actually very smelly and very sweaty, but she wants you to smell them really bad, and just deal with that strong smell of her feet in your face! Elodie is ready to give you permission to jerk off while you sniff her feet, on the only condition that she decides when you cum! She wants you to jerk off while you sniff and lick the bottom of her smelly bare feet at the same time, but it looks like your cock is getting really hard right now! Elodie wants you to insert your hard cock between her two feet, so she will give you a really nice footjob with her smelly feet! She wants you to cum on the bottom of her feet, but only when she tells you to! What a mean girl!
Elodie's Virtual Footjob - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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163186 – Loser Session 4

My longtime and faithful slave comes in regular intervals into the pleasure to be useful and serving to me. I have decided to record our sessions on a regular basis. That means you may follow the loser and me from session to session. With this slave I share the passion/fetish for humiliation, jerking off instructions, feet, nylons, high heels, spitting and money slavery.Today my loser comes in a very special pleasure. Packed in a latex slip including penis sleeve and connected to the Magic Wand he may sniff my divine butt. What does slave there not everything to be allowed to come….
Loser Session 4
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162464 – Human Doormat for Miss Patricia

The gorgeous asian Mistress Patricia is having a slave at her mercy. Just because she needs another human doormat.Dressed in black dress and black pointy toe high heeled boots she will be testing the slave if he is a good doormat or not. 2 minutes and a half Miss Patricia tramples his front and then it’s the turn of his back but only for a minute. Miss Patricia is not satisfied with his back. Trampling on his front again along with some penis trampling as well. The slave is lucky because Miss Patricia allows hum to finish while rubbing her boots on his penis. Of course the trampling is full weight and this slave is not very noisy during the clip. Also Miss Patricia doesn’t talk during the clip. Just a little bit.
Human Doormat for Miss Patricia
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163083 – Disgusting sweat-soaked slave-snack (small version)

I’ll meet my slave tomorrow – but I’ll start preparing already today! I put little croissants into my nylon socks and then put them back on for the day. I’ll walk in these nylons and boots all day long and not only flatten the croissants, but also soak them with my foot sweat! At home, I’ve some garden work to do – and I’ll just keep on the socks with the croissants inside – they’ll get even more ripe in my stinky jogging shoes as I work in the garden. Next morning, I put on my ankle boots and I’ve another busy day ahead of me before I finally meet the slave in the evening. He’s disgusted when I take off my boots and reveal my moist, sweaty and stinky nylons with the croissants inside, but I’ll make him eat every little bit of the sweat-soaked croissants! I show him the imprints the ball of my foot and my toes left in the croissants before I feed the croissants to him – with my feet as well! And afterwards, he’ll lick my bare feet until all the foot sweat is gone as well!
Disgusting sweat-soaked slave-snack (small version)
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162132 – Humiliated and made into a race horse – small version

Goddess Yasemin wants to organize a little horse race with her pathetic slave horse and will take advantage of her huge selection of crops. After she has found one that is sufficiently motivating she turns her attention to her slave pony. GO! Make horse noises, rear up, walk on and RUN! Goddess Yasemin pushes her pony and drives it forward faster and faster. She sits on his back and slaps his slave ass hard. Run faster, slave pony! Goddess Yasemin wants to see what he’s capable of.
Humiliated and made into a race horse - small version
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGI have my slave tightly bound on the cross, and he is completely helpless and at my mercy. Of course, he is going to be taunted and teased, and I will enjoy making him suffer. By the time I?m finished with him he will beg me to allow him to cum. It?s going to be a painful time for him, as I use my painful techniques to make him cum with an Orgasmic Squeeze?
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163192 – Denied Loser Gooning

Humiliation. Orgasm Denial, Pixellated Tease. Pumping your fail cock to my command jerkaholic style. Welcome to Loser Gooning. The humiliation you crave and the mesmerizing experience you NEED. Stroke all night to my control as you watch my bare tits bounce behind pixels that censor your view. NO, you cannot cum. See, you no longer chase orgasms, you chase gooning bliss. And like the loser you are, you will never get to see bare bodies. That is the only reason your loser ass is allowed to PUMP it at all-because you never cum and you never see hot women nude. You are loser who is only allowed to edge to LOSER PORN. Lucky for you this HUMILIATING GOON LOOP exists. I tell you all about yourself while I keep you pumping to the humiliation in this mesmerizing clip. Lucky you gets to EDGE and pump all night. The catch is you gotta do it like a LOSER. That means no cumming and being mocked by Me and the pixels that cover ME, lol. WATCH OUT, this one is more than just fun to jerk to…it is also reprogramming and mindwash. That’s right, whatever I say is gonna stick in your head and you are FUCKED. Every detail in this (incl. soundtrack) was made to penetrate your loser brain and push my AGENDA. What is my agenda? Don’t worry, you will know it once it is inside you, lol. The humiliation should give you a clue. LOSER ALL NIGHT and ALWAYS, lol. You will become addicted to this one. Good thing it is made to play on LOOP/REPEAT mode on your player. It is a "goonloop" made so the visuals and music wrap back around for no true beginning for end! I created this specially for an EXTENDED jerkoff experience. Edited to have a very specific "rhythm." Trust Me, this one will soak DEEP. Lol, yessssss TRUST Me. "It’s so humiliating being you (denial). This is what you get, loser. Do you deserve better? Noooo, you deserve DENIAL, deep denial. It’s so humiliating being you. Loser denied, degraded. you don’t get to cum. Loser Orgasm denied. you goon to me like a desperate little loser. Humiliation is the only thing you get off on. It’s the only thing you’re ALLOWED to get off on. Pussyfree humiliation goon. All night long denial. you will goon to the DENIAL. Sex life denial. you don’t get to cum. Even women who make dirty movies don’t want you looking at their body parts (you don’t get to see). you get pixellated loser porn to goon to…looking at pussy other guys FUCK but you don’t get to see…welcome to loser gooning, where you goon to denial and humiliation all night. Denied getting to see my tits, my pussy, my asshole. and no you don’t get to cum, you get to GOON. Gooner humiliation bliss. The ultimate denial. All night long denial." Just want loser reprogramming? Leave it playing on loop in the background while you do other stuff-your brain is MINE CONTAINS: pussyfree, loser symbol, middle finger, flip off, denied, verbal humiliation, pixellated loser porn, long fingernails, asscrack, big natural tits, boob bouncing, eye contact, mesmerize, brainfuck, mindwash, music video, denim mini skirt, orange bikini top, humiliatrix, femdom POV, mesmerizing humiliatrix POV clip, mental domination, loser porn, loser training, beta male training, pixellated porn, gooning clips, tease and denial, edging fetish, cum denial, sex life denial
Denied Loser Gooning
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163191 – I fuck your WHORE wife you obsolete CUCK!

Do you even realize how much of a fucking WHORE your wife is? Proud feminist, loving wife, and ADDICTED to being degraded by TGirl princesses like ME. Funny how that works, huh?I’m her new Master. And that means I am YOUR new master. Wanna find out whether my dick’s still a little wet from when I fucked her? Cause you’re gonna, when I make you clean it, just as you’re about to cum. I want you to remember the moment I destroyed you FOREVER. I’ll cum in your wife, and you’ll cum onto the palm of your hand. And then you CLEAN. All of us. Especially me. With your tongue
I fuck your WHORE wife you obsolete CUCK!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia wants to play a little with her slave and put him to the test, physically and psychologically by staging a Ballbusting striptease. She is dressed in as much clothing and accessories as possible, with her completely naked slave. She is already on stage and calls the slave, and orders him to lick her feet. In the meantime she explains to him what she is going to do, while she will giving him the chance to see a her striptease. However, each article of her clothing will cost him dearly.First of all, to avoid that the slave can be clouded by hormones and become dangerous during the striptease, she empties him with her feet. She chooses the type of footjob, sitting between the legs of the slave, who resumes filming with the second camera from his POV. Once finished, the game will begin which includes only one simple rule: In order for her to take off a garment or accessory, the slave will have to stand for 10 consecutive kicks in the balls at maximum power. If he falls before that, he does not get anything and gives a 10 second count to the slave to get up and try again. Otherwise the striptease is automatically considered concluded. The whole thing repeats until she has all her clothes off, or until the slave goes counted out.Will the slave be able to live up to her striptease, or will he succumb to a knockdown. Unfortunately for the slave in both cases the ending will be the same: Another 50 very strong kicks, either because he is a slut and made her completely undress, or because he must be punished for not being able to resist. After 50, she stops for a moment, looks at him And now until the end and starts with one of her breathtaking series. Once fully submissive she puts her foot in his mouth with a nice victory pose?
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress, I am the same one who requested the latest bondage torment tickle clips the one in which the slave was tied up and then mummified, and tickled entirely under the armpits. I would like a similar clip made so that slave is tied first and mummified, if you can and if possible I would like it to be tied even more firmly. I would also like more oil to be applied under the armpits; of course they must always have a slight regrowth if possible. I would like the nails to be as long as claws even fake are fine, and I would like many close shots so I can see well the tickled armpits I would like him to tickle him even from behind the cross. Obviously the slave must be masked with his eyes coveredAs you make him squeal and suffer?
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