160300 – Slave Mouth Existing for Serving Pussies and Asses of Two Goddesses and POV Double Worship

Two petite and young dominant girls in bitchy outfit train their oral slave by ordering him to kiss and lick their divine pussies and asses in turn. Sexy Princesses Kira and Sofi in black rubber leggings and boots roughly use the mouth and tongue of an obedient slave coercing him to kneel between them and continuously worship the intimate places of their Goddesses. While the pussy and ass eater kisses the labia of one of his Mistresses, the second presses his head into the pussy of her fetish partner. When the majestic Princesses have played enough with their submissive guy, they turn their attention to the viewer, ordering you to worship to their divine asses in tight leggings. At the end of the video, Kira and Sofi spend more than a minute in POV double femdom ass worship and pussy worship dlose-up.
Slave Mouth Existing for Serving Pussies and Asses of Two Goddesses and POV Double Worship
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160075 – Jenni’s Big Winter Boots (HD)

This has become somewhat of a tradition. Every winter Jenni stops in to have me clean her winter boots. "Can you clean them? Don’t turn your face." Jenni states with a serious tone asking me to face up so she can step directly on my upturned face and tongue as I face her. My head is pressed against the toilet bowl behind me as she steps on my face. She orders my tongue out so she can get deep between the grooves of her boot soles. Jenni steps on my face with one boot while using my head or body as a foot rest with the other boot as she enjoys a thorough tongue wash.I’ve never felt more humiliated than having to lick the boot soles of a young 19 year old as my head rests against a toilet bowl. "I don’t see your tongue moving. It has to move when it cleans."Jenni then asks for a small favor. She wants me to see if the inside of her toilet bowl is clean. As I turn my head to look inside the bowl she smiles like a little devil at the camera before stepping on the back of my head, pressing my face down into her toilet bowl.The clip stops here! -BUT Jenni did use the toilet right after our first scene, then had me lick the inside bowl before even flushing while the camera was still filming! We may release that footage on another site sometime in the future.JENNI IS EXCLUSIVE TO MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS
Jenni's Big Winter Boots (HD)
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160187 – His face is just like dirt under my slippers

Goddess Sheila. A goddess like me always has a foot slave at her feet. When I relax in the morning, I put my feet, which are in pink fur slippers, on the face of my foot slave. His face is just like dirt under my slippers, so he has to be happy with this place. He can of course lick my slippers clean. He has to clean the sole completely with his tongue. The insoles smell like my feet. Of course, the foot slave also has to lick the foot sweat from the insoles. I take my cell phone and shop in time at the expense of my foot slave. The goddess buys something beautiful and the slave has to lie under the goddess’ feet. That’s right! That is a law of nature.
His face is just like dirt under my slippers
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160295 – Your precious model houses are crushed under my ass

How many hours did it take you to build these model houses? Do you think they could stand my weight? When I sit down on top of them? Oh, what a nice sound … it’s cracking and crunching under my butt – and your precious house becomes flatter every second … until it finally can’t stand the pressure anymore and is flattened completely. But you have some more to try … let’s see if they’re more stable! On some, I sit down slowly and carefully – on others I just drop down onto – but the result will be the same – in the end all of your model houses will be destroyed under my ass – hundreds of hours of work destroyed for a few minutes of fun 😀 This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Your precious model houses are crushed under my ass
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159853 – Hard jeans facesitting – Deal with it!

There is nothing to complain about! The slave simply has to endure it when Mistress Zora takes a seat on his face with her sexy jeans ass. For the slave it is anything but comfortable when she sits down with her full weight on his face! Her jeans butt presses down roughly, but Mistress Zora doesn’t care if he can handle the pressure on his head or not.
Hard jeans facesitting - Deal with it!
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156225 – Sneaker – Slave – Slut

You like pretty ladies in sneakers! Let’s be honest: When you walk through town, go shopping and see ladies in sneakers, your cock starts to twitch. And when you’re at home in the evening, you watch loser porn – just like you buy it HERE from ME, Goddess Mel and jerk off to it! Good Sneaker – Wanker – Edgen to my hot new addictive substance that lets you already drop out while watching the preview!
Sneaker  - Slave - Slut
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160290 – Liliana and Slava – Lick Our Summer Shoes (Full HD)

In this cold winter a lot of people dreams about summer. So I decide to publish new clip with summer shoes licking and cleaning. Liliana and Slava just returns after long walk and tells Alex to lick all dirt from their shoes. Both girls have a lot of small sand stuck inside their soles. Liliana get it from the old sand quarry and Slava from the city field and streets. Also Liliana step on something that looks like rotten berry. But it smells and looks like so disgusting so no one can tell what exactly it was before. But the slave here is not for guessing, but for licking and cleaning their shoe’s soles. So poor Alex was coerced to lick and swallow this disgusting "something". In this clip both girls are chats all the time and discuss different things, for example: "How much time per day we can use the slave for a shoes licking and cleaning?".
Liliana and Slava - Lick Our Summer Shoes (Full HD)
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159002 – The 7 Deadly Sins – Greed

The 7 deadly sins- Avaritia (greed). The thought of men without money disgusts me! Vile creatures on the internet trying to get something for nothing. This ends now! I take EVERYTHING you have with absolute ease. It’s about the principle, because I do not need your money, but I want it anyway! I take what I want without consideration and without a guilty conscience. It’s finally time that I finally collect from YOU!
The 7 Deadly Sins - Greed
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160186 – Do you wanna worship my fur slippers?

Goddess Sheila: I love my hot fur slippers. Do you like them too? Do you wanna worship my slippers? Do you want to lick the sweat off my insoles? Get on your knees and lick my pink slippers. Then you smell my cute little toes. You will lick and kiss every inch of my house shoes, including the sole. If you have licked my house shoes clean to my satisfaction, then you can look at my bare soles and worship. Serve your goddess now, serve goddess Sheila.
Do you wanna worship my fur slippers?
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159650 – Muddy Wellies Hands Trampling

You know Miss Tiffany Naylor already from the previous clips. Having her extremely muddy wellies and black leather trousers on she will be having some fun with one of her slaves.This clip is for all fans of extremely muddy and dirty wellies. So Miss Tiffany Naylor is walking back and forth while treading on the slave’s hands and fingers and talking on the phone at the same time in the first 4 minutes of the clip. She is doing that absolutely carelessly. Once finished with her phone conversation she wants to have some more fun with him while still treading on his hands. There is a little bit of head standing and trampling as well.The clip is filmed with one static camera only, but it’s so worth watching to be honest. We’ve added some pretty nice close ups and a few slow motions added for some beautiful moments.
Muddy Wellies Hands Trampling
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