204885 – BUTT CRUSH

Custom video:Mysteria is super massive. She is far bigger than anything else. Recently, all these stadiums have been built near her. She has found out, and wants to cause an uproar. Using plastic coffee cups, pretend they are different stadiums. Pace around them, hands on your hips, cursing/swearing at them. Also humiliate them. Point at them, stating they are nothing but waste. Threaten to smash them with yoga ass. When you are ready, squat over them, sit on them, and smash them with your ass. After each smash, say how bad each stadium smells, just like how bad your bum smells. Compare how big your butt is compared to the stadiums. Save 2 stadiums for the end. Smash them with your boobs. Get into push-up position, and smash them, one with each boob, at the same time. Outfit: blue yoga pants – sports bra – thong
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