573 – CLIP – Giantess – a game with a tiny cute little guy (MPG)

A new clip for my giantess fans :o) See me in a red latex skirt… my long legs in a tan pantyhose… and on my feet my great red plateau high heels. Get a glimpse of what it would be like to be at the base of my hot red plateau high heels and squashed by my shoes… the spiky heels. I go slowly around the the tiny men and his porsche… over them… give you views from a perfect perspective… place my shoe on the car… show the tiny men (and you) the base of my shoe… upset him… place the cute little guy between my shoes (under the heels) let him feel the spiky heel… on his chest… his genitals… step on his face. He lie helplessly on the soil… stare up at me… mesmerised by the sight over my long legs…. and i enjoy the feeling to tortour him ;o) And i am safe that YOU enjoy the clip with all the excellent scenes and close ups in a first-class quality. Total length 9:27

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