618 – CLIP – Reward for a long warm tongue (RM)

Today I made a long walk by nature. Emily, the Retriever-lady from my neighbour accompanied me. After 2 hours she was completely exhausted and we made a break at a forest hut. Here she got a delicious reward :o) I sit down on a higher place… lost one of my new flipflops… and daub my naked sole with chocolate cream. Mmhhhhhh….. the water already gathered emily in her mouth. She lick luxurious with her long, warm tongue the chocolat from my skin… the sole… the toes… between my toes… and its a wonderful feeling :o)) for me. Again and again is her tongue to feel. But if someone accomplish a so long walk with me, then he earned also a reward. And you? Do you want also a walkaway with me? (astute smile) Enjoy the excellent close ups from different perspectives and who knows… perhaps I reward you the next time ;o)

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