811 – CLIP – Pedalpumping in a Jaguar E-Type 12 cylinder – Part 2 (WMV)

You standing on a parking place…. I drive in that damned cool car forward direction to you… turns slowly before your nose… and stop beside you. I play with the gaspedal so that you can hear the great sound of that 12 cylynder-motor. You look on my feet into the floor of the car… my naked feet in red sandals… the toes in that marvelous red… wonderful to see how my great feets the pedal pumps…. I stay out… lift slowly one leg after the other one over the swell…. that you can have a view on my legs in a tight jeans… on my feet. I stand up and walk around the car to the passenger door… bend and stretch me over in the car… have a look at my feet on the tire. And now – have fun with the second part of this jaguar-clip. Part 3 comes on tuesday. Total length today 5:29

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