910 – CLIP – Kissing shoes and foot – 2 in 1

Three girls sit on the couch, resting their legs on the guy lying in front of them. Another guy comes up to each of the girls and they make him lick their shoes. He does it very carefully, licking the soles and sucking the heels. Then he takes off each of their shoes and caresses their feet. He licks their soles and sucks their toes. He has six feet to kiss in all. The guy lying in front of the bed also has the girls? feet on his face and is caressing them. You can tell that the girls really like it and that the guys are totally enjoying it too. Then he puts each of the girls? shoes back on. The girl puts the soles of her shoes on the face of the guy who?s lying in front of her. You can only see his tongue, which is licking them very carefully. At the end, the girls stand up and walk over the guy lying in front of them. Time: 16.48 min.

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