1201 – CLIP – Foot party 01 all parts

Two men are lying in front of the bed. One girl is stepping on one guy in white socks, while the other girl makes the other guy kiss her black high-heels. Then she takes them off and starts stepping all over him barefoot. Meanwhile, Julia sits on the bed and puts her feet on his face, making him kiss her socks. Then she takes off the socks and puts them on his face, while Aleksandra gets off him and makes him kiss her feet. Julia stands on him and presses the socks to him with her foot. The girls change places. They trample barefoot over the guys, who are lying on the floor. Then Aleksandra sits on the bed and makes him kiss her feet, covering his face with them. Julia also makes him kiss her feet. Aleksandra starts to trample over him. Julia?s man kneels before her and carefully kisses her feet. Aleksandra forcefully puts her feet in his mouth. Then Julia puts on white high-heels and starts to step on her man in them and makes the guy carefully kiss her shoes. Aleksandra does the same thing, also making him suck her heels. Then she gets up and starts to step on his palm. Julia took off her shoes and steps on the guy?s back, while Aleksandra steps barefoot over the stomach of the other guy. Time: 16.54 min.

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