1258 – CLIP – Foot fetish

A man is lying in front of the couch. Ms. Julia and Ms. Alexandra are sitting on the couch, resting their feet on his body. One is wearing high-heeled boots, the other just high-heels. Alexandra gets up and starts stepping on his stomach. Then the other girl does the same. The man is moaning with pain. The girls switch places, Julia takes her shoes off and puts her feet with white socks on the guy?s face. She starts to trample him, putting her feet on his face. She sits on the couch and makes him smell her feet. Meanwhile, Alexandra presses her feet against his penis and stomach. Julia takes off her socks and puts them on his face, pressing them with her foot. Then she makes him kiss her feet. The girls change places and now the man begins to worship Alexandra?s feet. Julia, meanwhile, starts squishing his penis with her foot. After a while, Alexandra gets up and starts to trample him and she stands on his head with both feet. Then, while the guy is kissing their feet, they squish his penis with their feet. Time 16.23 min.

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