1119 – CLIP – Posing on a scaffold – toe-feet- and shoeplay (MPG)

You see me today on a scaffold, because i have a building site before my door. I wear a red, very short summerdress… my long legs are naked… and on my feet a pair of black mules.Have a look on my freshly polished toenails… in black… some footjewerly decorate my toes and my ankle. Have great views from the ground level… and also from further down… highly over my long legs… on my pretty toes and feet… sometimes under my skirt. See me walking over the timber plank… my high arches and my twist feet when i posing for you… enjoy the views under my soles… specially when i wiggle my toes in front of your nose ;o) dipping… toe- feet- and shoeplay… views on my strained calves… and many excellent close ups are included.

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