3010 – CLIP – Lapy Pam: Looong Face Slapping (very violent)

You are going to see a very very long Face Slapping Clip here. This is the LONGEST and HARDEST FACESLAPPING we ever did. The clip starts with Lady Pam ordering her slave to lick her High Heels. But very soon she gets bored of it and wants to do some FACESLAPPING. 13 minutes NONSTOP. The guy gets about more than 900(!!!!!),….yes you have read it correctly,…more than NINE-HUNDRED Powerful SLAPS to his Face. Some of them with hard and fast combinations and some of them with extreme FULLFORCE. Count it yourself if you dont believe it! Unbelievable how much SLAPS this guy can take and how MERCYLESS Lady Pam is. This clip is going to be your favourite Faceslapping Clip if you loved the other ones with Lady Pam. (Clip Time 14:56 min.)[640×480 – 1513 kBit/s]

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