3141 – CLIP – No money – then I leave you!!!

You have no money anymore.What for I stay with you then? Know what? I\’m going to leave you!!!Why? I need a lot of things and you can\’t give them to me.OK! I\’ll let you stare at me at last time.I gonna smoke the last cigarette for you – just stare at me,even don\’t try to touch me….just look at me and worship me!One day I was yours but now you\’re going to lose me!One possible way for me to stay with you – only if you give me more money,as I\’m a greedy Lady and should look like a LADY! When you earn more,send me an e-mail…….then 1) I\’m giving you a list what you have to buy for me…..2) you\’ll give me all your earned money as they are mine…3) after that I\’ll think if I want to come back to you?!?! 3 steps for making me come back to you – so decide!

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