3009 – CLIP – A small man and his special treatment (MPG)

Here comes your clipdesire Pete ;o) You see me today on the balcony… my bare feet in new wooden flipflops… toerings and a anklet decorate the bronzy skin of my feet… a red nailpolish on my toes. A small man stand on the floor and i start a pretty game with him :o) put him between my toes… go around with him… put him under my big toe…. touch him… dig and curl my toes on his small body… give him a special treatment. Enjoy the scences when i remove one shoe… grab my toes in the tiny man… let him feel the force of my feet. Place the helpless man under my sole when i slip again in my shoe… let him feel the pressure of my sole… again and again. Enjoy the great views and close ups from all perspectives… and feel what so pretty feet can do with a helpless small man.

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