28845 – CLIP – Laughing at a Sock Sniffing Loser 2

\ is Julie! Welcome to Masorotica! And there\’s the pervert!\ Kate says introducing everyone! The girls giggle as the pervert grovels at Julia\’s feet, sniffing her socks as Kate films all the action!When the perv steps out of line our director Kate kicks him in the head! The girls laugh and mock him for looking so stupid, sniffing socks for a living! \I\’m warning you I think my cat pi$$ed on my shoes, is it smelling like that? Smell it!\Julia says pressing her toes against his face as Kate laughs!\Enjoy it Walter! I don\’t see it! I want to see you quiver in happiness! QUIVER!\ Kate shouts! \Come on or I\’ll make you!\ she threatens! Kate walks over to Walter and kicks him hard in the head! Kate\’s a brutal director who tends to abuse the male talent!\So what do you think of Walter?\ Kate asks Julia! \I think he\’s pretty stupid!\ she responds giggling as he continues groveling at her feet! Kate continues insulting Walter, telling Julia all about him and the kind of loser he is, spending his days on the computer looking at girls who\’d never date him! Kate whispers to Julia to kick his face, telling her she can do anything to him, and that he\’s a little whore! \He\’s free and he\’s a cheap whore!\ Kate says as the girls laugh at his miserable existance!PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY KATE OF MEAN BRATS!(CAMERA GIRL: KATE) &iid=28845 &iid=28845