29026 – CLIP – Nobody Fucks You As Hard As I Do

Nobody has Ever Drained your wallet Like Me.. Nobody has Ever Taken the Amount of $$ from You that I have!.. You played with Me & You actually thought you could Set Limits?.. How did THAT one work out for You?!.. lol.. Little did you know.. I\’m so much MORE Powerful than you EVER thought possible & I\’m WAY More Powerful than ANYONE you\’ve Ever Met!.. The Proof is in the Fucking.. You\’ve played with others & Always had $$ Left.. You Played with Me.. & Ended Up Flat ASS Broke!.. HA HA LOSER!… ** PLEASE NOTE: Just a Reminder to My Customers ** It will take longer to Download the Larger HD files [1080p HD – 1440 x 1080]

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