you haven\’t seen your wife for a whole month. Where has she been? On her honeymoon. With who? The best man, a so called Albert , while you, her new husband has been at home. Locked in a chastity cage, for the first time since you learnt how to maturbate, for a span much…much longer than 2 or 3 days.But today, she comes back. And the silver lining seems clear as day. Your excitement is peaking. Your heart is beating. You eagerly look around the house to see if everything is perfect. All for one thing, one promise made. Today…she lets you cum! You now start reviewing the one piece of contact she sent you. It arrived 1 week after she left on her honeymoon, and were a strict set of rules that read as follows : 1. From today, you shall refer to me only as Mistress or Goddess. 2. You shall not sleep in MY master bedroom. You will sleep at the entrance of my room, just outside my door. 3. No unpermitted erections or stroking (although I\’ve made sure of that) 4. You are in charge of ALL domestic duties and chores 5. I shall pursue any loers i wish, you shall remain completely Monogamous to me. 6. Whenever me or any of my guests are arriving at the house, you will greet them as follows – Open the door, Bow, get to your knees, kiss each of their feet and show them in while still on your knees. 7. I may amend or add to these rules at my descretion. You shall NOT argue, raise your voice or complain to me.

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