25607 – CLIP – fs – mw – BAD BACK – FULL – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 23:28. REQUEST:\ boyfriend has hurt his back. He has difficulty moving and has to lay down a lot. He is lying on his back on the floor with a pillow under his head (this can be on the bed: your choice!). He is asleep. You come home from work. It has been a hard day & you need to unwind. You have always wanted to sit on his face! You enjoyed it as a little girl but have not had the opoutunity  to sit on a face since. You really want to sit on him & as he cannot move, now is the time. You slowly sit astride his chest & creep forward until his head is between your thighs. He wakes up, & is shocked to find you sitting on him. He asks what you are doing. You say ` I used to sit on boys when I was a girl & now I want to sit on your face. You can not stop me!` You are enjoying this. It takes you back to your childhood. After a short time you say` I need to sit on your face now` you sit on his face, keeping the pillow under his head. You say ` I like to sit on a boys face` You sit in the usual positions, both forward & reverse. After 5 mins, you sit back on his chest & ask` Do you like me sitting on your face? He does not answer & you say` I am going to sit on it anyway; I like it` You continue to sit on his face. Through the clip can you say`Your face is all squashed` & Soon you will beg me to sit on your face` . At the end of the clip, can you sit on his neck & say `I enjoyed that. I will sit on your face again tomorrow` before getting up walking away. Please feel free to say anything else you want during the clip. Please keep the pillow below his head as it shows his face being squashed below you. Can you wear a short skirt , heels, stockings & dark panties please?\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=25607 &iid=25607