29212 – CLIP – Smothered under Feet

Once things at a wild house party settle down things start to get interesting! One boy is lying on the floor, out cold! A wasted girl steps up over his body as if it was a foot stool and crashes on the couch! Her feet are left dangling on the boy\’s face as she slowly kicks off her shoes! She rests her feet directly over his face!

As time passes the girl begins to dream as she unintentionally rubs her huge size 10 feet all over his unc0nscious face and tongue! Her toes pry into his mouth causing him to gag a little, still he remains asleep! She eventually comes to, thanks to his loud snoaring. Annoyed by his snoars she decides to cover his face completely with both feet, smothering him until he slowly ceases to breathe! Finally she can sleep again peacefully!


(CLIP TIME 7:49)

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