29515 – CLIP – Abusive Girlfriend -Chapter 1

\ you going to kiss my ass while I do my make-up?\ asks the boy\’s girlfriend! He nods his head yes with his face buried in butt cheeks! \You should feel lucky to kiss my ass!\Thanks to him it\’s even harder for her to do her make-up now! She was in the car with him when he got them both into a car accident which cost her an arm! Ever since the incident she never forgave him and only keeps him around to treat him like $hit!\ you hungry yet?\ she asks! \Well you\’re not eating anything! You are just worshipping my ass! A diet of my ass is all you\’ll eat!\ she threatens as she continues applying her make-up as he sniffs her butt from his knees!CREATIVE, ORIGINAL, AND ONE OF A KIND! A SERIES YOU WILL SURELY ENJOY AND FOLLOW FROM BEGINNING TO END! &iid=29515 &iid=29515