47909 – CLIP – The Bartender Foot Seduction

I invited you back to my place after my bartending shift ended. You are under the impression that I invited you here to fuck your brains out. Funny thing is, I have no desire to ride your cock! I brought you back here because my feet are disgusting, covered in sweat, smell. I saw you looking at my sneakers and I just knew a foot slut like yourself would be in Heaven once I propped my feet up, pulled off my shoes, and planted my feet on your face. The smell, the sweat, absolutely gross. I don\’t bartend to wait on foot piggies like you, I bartend to collect weak foot sluts like you! Get ready, after every one of my shifts, I am inviting you over to ride your face with my sweat covered socks and feet. Sniff up slut!

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