113480 – Smoking And Elegant Sandals (FULL HD) – Lady Chantal

Heres a new clip with gorgeous lady chantal. its about smoking and arrogance and beautiful feet and high heels. also lady chantal is pure heaven for tattoo-fans! clip starts with YOU bowed down naked on all fours of course to her beautiful feet in high heel sandals! next lady chantal enlighten herself a cigarette and starts to smoke, while you go back to her feet with your eyes… but YOU have to earn the privileg to be at her royal feet…so lady chantal has an idea…you will be misused as a human ashtray… or she will blow a full load of smoke directly into your pathetic slave…how humiliating… clip duration: 05.50 mins.
Smoking And Elegant Sandals (FULL HD) - Lady Chantal
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