114805 – Sniff me like a D0g 6

This clip is heavy with non stop verbal humiliation ranting as Cynthia gets her butt sniffed and worshipped! “It’s like you’re born to sniff someone elses butt. OMG. That makes you like the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the people in the world.” She goes on comparing him to the that comes out of her butt! “You’re like , and that’s what comes out of my butt. It’s gross and you’re gross. Disgusting. I don’t even want to look at you.” And quite so, she completely avoids looking at him the entire time referring to him as ‘less than nothing’!After sniffing her pantyhose the worthless moves onto sniffing her panties, then continues sniffing right down to her bare bottom! Sticking his tongue deep into her chute! His only purpose in this life revolves around her butt! “you’re worthless and that’s just how you are. That’s who you are. Some people are born that way, some people end up that way…licking me gives you a moment of purpose.” she goes on verbally insulting him while he lies face down between her butt cheeks!”Yup, comes out of my butt. And you’re like . Squishy and gross and you stink. You stink! Disgusting!” -Cynthia
Sniff me like a D0g 6
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