116911 – Testing shoes for crushing slave’s money

I order my slave to bring me my shoes and his wallet. I want to try out my converse, my ankle boots and my hiking boots – which one of these will be best for crushing my slave’s hard-earned money?! I’m taking 300 Euro (worth around $370!) out of his wallet and put a 100 Euro bill under each pair of shoes. First up are the converse and I crush the first 100 Euro bill while asking the slave how long he had to work for the money … I just love how I can easily crush the money within seconds – while he had to work for it for hours! Next up are my ankle boots, they’ve quite a nice tread – and between the boot soles and the hard concrete the money doesn’t stand a chance. I’m grinding it under my shoe sole until you can’t even recognize what it was! The last 100 Euro bill is going under my hiking boots – they‘ve the most brutal sole and crush the money even easier. The pieces of his money even stick in the deep tread of the boot … and I think I’ll leave them there … and then walk away with his wallet – and the remaining money in it!
Testing shoes for crushing slave's money
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