118123 – Feed my Greed #2

Welcome Slave to this ultra hot but also very dangerous Clip Series. This is Part one and three more will follow in the next days. When you have started you will not want to stop. Trust me this is highly addictive. It may will get pretty hard to get to the end but i know you can do it for me. Just look at my perfect, curvy princess body. This makes everything more easy doesnt it? And dont forget this is just the beginning. Go on stroke your cock for me but dont forget the rules little sub. I exactly know how to lure you in and spit you out at the end completly drained. You just love me and my hot body way to much as you could say no to me. I feel so fucking greedy right now and you are going to Feed My Greed. Spend your hard earnd money and worship me right now. This greedy Princess wants more and Princess gets what Princess wants. Now say YES Slave.And there we go on. I know no mercy with such horny boys like you and i am more then happy to use your weakness to my advantage. The bigger the amount the weaker and more horny you get.Drolling and begging down on the floor stroking your little loser cock. You already made it to the half just two more to go and trust me it will get even hotter.
Feed my Greed #2
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