117733 – Shoe week day 5

The last day in this series. This time Iím wearing my latex look leggings and black flats. A real dream to any submissive foot faggot like you! A last time you are allowed to lie on your chest and admire my wonderful ballerinas as you dream about licking the leather clean with your unworthy tongue and swallow all the dirt that stuck on their soles. Of course I love humiliating foot bitches like you, so I slip out of those shoes to make you go crazy as you can look at my beautiful and perfect toes. See my sexy soles and answer this question: What would you do to please me you little foot pet? I want you to buy this one like all the others. Kneel in front of me, pray to me and spoil me – Iím your owner and your goddess and after you bought every fucking clip, you are allowed to contact me to get more tasks!!!
Shoe week day 5
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