156665 – Party Blackmail-Fantasy

I was at a party yesterday and something really funny happened. I saw this guy staring at me, drooling over my feet. He just couldn’t move his eyes off them. I saw how terified he was, so I decited to approach to him. He stood there, very surprised that I came to him. I saw an oportunity to use this slut…well, he was there ready to do everything for his Goddess. So I wanted to have some fun. I invited him to a hotel room and he had to come dressed as a girl. Hahah it was so funny to look at him. At first he begged me not to do it, his wife was waiting for him and that’s when I used him. Oh he paid a lot. Not just that he was humiliated walking around dressed as a girl, he cleaned my heels and he’s paying ever since. It’s enough to remind him of that night and that I’m going to tell his wife, he just keep sending me money. Haha easy money.
Party Blackmail-Fantasy
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