156879 – I lick the student’s feet — Foot Worship

Crystal is a young and bored college student, she’s going to have a big exam shortly, and in the last few weeks she’s been on the books.Fortunately for her, today a fellow student came to visit her, as well as her personal slave!He tries to distract her a little from her studies, giving her the attention she deserves, especially at her divine feet.Crystal has never resisted pampering, they are her weakness, but she is determined to study for the exam and is not easily distracted ….At first she holds firm and stays focused, but after a while she can no longer resist the pleasure that her slave’s kisses, massages and licks cause her …So he indulges in pampering, unable to hold back the moans of pleasure.How will her exam finish now that she has failed to study everything in time?
I lick the student's feet -- Foot Worship
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