157072 – Boyfriend Obsessed With My Toes

Why do you like my toes so much? You suck them all the time! I wake up with both of my big toes pruned because you’ve been sucking them all night. Even my sweaty asshole! It gets ravashed by your tongue. We can’t go on like this with you sucking my toes everytime we’re sitting here watching the television. I know I’ve given you permission to use my feet anyway you want, but do you always have to go after only my big toes? Can’t my soles get some attention, too? You only use them as your cum catcher after you’ve had your fill of my big toes. Well, you’ve got me curious now. I’m going to try them. Oh! They’re actually delicious, aren’t they? You can have them back now. Go on. I’ll give you a countdown and you can shoot your cum wherever you want.
Boyfriend Obsessed With My Toes
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