157311 – Stealing You From Her Homewrecking Edge

Your girlfriend is just so plain and vanilla, its no wonder why you continue to goon to me online. When you discovered me you realized how much better your life became stroking to me on a daily basis. Each stroke makes you more addicted. Edging to my sexy body is your new addiction and something you won’t be able to stop. Staring into my eyes, feeling a rush over your body as you imagine I’m right there with you. Put your hand on your beta dick and jerk off to my big tits, stroke to knowing you don’t deserve to see my nipples and being denied turns you on even more. Every part of my body makes you weaker…. My plump ass in your face suddenly makes your balls ache….wanting to cum so hard for me but you’re not allowed. I own your orgasms. All of a sudden you have forgotten about "her"…you know that dust collecting girl you have in your life. The one you never get any sexual pleasure from. I’m what you crave, I’m what you ache for. I will easily steal you away from her. You will edge to me and become helplessly addicted to every sexy part of me. You can’t escape my seductive power and will fall deep into my trap.
Stealing You From Her Homewrecking Edge
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