156044 – Superhot Lady On A Bench (FULL HD) – Marisa

time for another clip with superhot lady marisa! this one is a 100 percent must buy for foot fans and for high heel lovers. supersexy lady marisa is wearing personal golden heels in this clip and a nice body on this wonderful warm summer day. as she walks around a lil bit its time nor for relax a lil bit on a bench, enjoying the summer.but she would of course enjoy it a lot if YOU would be there as her personal foot slave. she would love to see you on all fours massaging her supersexy feet, rubbing them, licking them.or you would just have to kneel while she would press her sweaty face in your face as you can see in the 2nd half of this clip when she takes her shoes off!as for all of the brand new clips of marisa these clips are incredible hot, cuz this lady is so wonderful playful and hot! clip duration: 07.26 mins. MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!
Superhot Lady On A Bench (FULL HD) - Marisa
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