157619 – Cruel destruction – toycar 01

A terrible story begins. Mila visits her fan Mike. He has a large collection of metal model cars. The exhibits are so nicely arranged behind a glass. Mike loves and cares for his models, but he also loves Mila’s sexy legs and feet. He wants to give her everything because he knows how much she enjoys destroying his more expensive models. It would be exciting to see this beautiful collection break under her cruel heels, how the roof slowly bends and the windows splinter … To hear the noises under her relentless sole and to see the car fall apart in many small pieces. It will be cruel and exciting at the same time …. Mila knows what will happen today, fate chooses a victim. She wants to play … Mila turns the bottle … It’s decided. A mix of agony, pain and excitement fill Mike’s heart …Complete destruction can no longer be stopped
Cruel destruction - toycar 01
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