157813 – Quad 2

This time our other friend tried lying down in the ditch. He only covered himself with a sleeping bag so that the quad wouldn?t tear away his skin. At first, one girl rides over him just for practice ? then two and three girls try it. Only the scenes of the girls riding over the guy are shown, without the car riding on the lawn in order not to make the film boring. The girls ride over him, stopping on his body several times. They also stand on the tire to press it against his body and shake the quad. Then they drive the quad on top of his body and stand on the tire, pressing the vehicle into his body. The movie was filmed with two cameras – one was handheld and the other was mounted on a low tripod, capturing all the action really well. Time: 11.13 min. Remastered – movie from 2007.
Quad 2
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