157662 – Mistress Scarlet – Blueberries Under Leather Ankle Gucci Boots

Another clip from our collective series called —> CRUSHING FOR FUN <—We have the beautiful sadist Mistress Scarlet today. Professional dominatrix and disciplinarian based in Glasgow, Scotland. Dressed in leather from head to toe having her black pointy toe leather Gucci boots on, she talks on the phone with her friend. She doesn’t pay any attention whatsoever it’s happening beneath her boots. Just treading on some blueberries on the floor. She pays some attention at some point though. You can hear very well the noise of the blueberries crunching during the clip. There are some boots twisting and some heels crushing also. Almost at the end of the clip Mistress Scarlet look at the camera and start talking to you, so you can enjoy some POV as well. At the end of the clip you can see very well that all of the blueberries are completely smeared on the floor.There are some slow motions added for some nice moments and some close ups and some full body angles.
Mistress Scarlet - Blueberries Under Leather Ankle Gucci Boots
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